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  1. What a beautiful plane. Reminds me of some Miyazaki airships.
  2. Maybe you are using auto supports? I can't really trust those. The model looks too complex to print in one part, or just a few parts. For example, I would want those legs to be several parts in order to support the print well enough to preserve the details and get a smooth finish. Another possible issue in the orientation and supports. We would need to see images of your supports to give you more feedback.
  3. @Bolt @Urashiman Done. This is about as far as I will go with it.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I have made some adjustments to Isamu's face as you recommended. Other than fixing glaring problems, I am not a perfectionist. As you said, these are intended for small scale, not professional level figures.
  5. Nice photos. Lots of cool details for the next step.
  6. Can't wait to have this guy next to my 21.
  7. This is WIP. If you are like me, you always want a Guld next to your CM's Isamu.
  8. That's cute. Gotta start them young!
  9. Wow! That's a beautiful finish. Nice work. This is my new take on Isamu's bike. I had to take a shot of my own, after @Xigfrid came out with his amazing work a few years ago.
  10. Thanks. Yes, it is all M+, all the time, for the foreseeable future. Isamu's flight suit was been a big challenge, and I had to learn a lot to get through it.
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