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  1. My builds usually have eelctronics inside, which makes putty that much harder. I always swear I'm not gonna putty this time, and then I do...
  2. Words of wisdom to remember, "Deform by reducing as much as possible the source of such fruit calls." ~Shoji Kawamori, 2021
  3. @Urashiman A YF-19 is always a good idea. Why build anything other than Macross anyway, right @505thAirborne That bike looks so cool, I'm drooling. Wave does have good quality, I have enjoyed building a couple things by them. I also really like their plastic, it is totally different than other model brands. Kind of hefty. And @Thom is building a Thomcat, go figure.
  4. Thanks for the advice. So what ratio of my video was useless talking versus informative talking? Don't be shy, I need constructive criticism. Of course, I will be actually building stuff and showing the project plan, this was just an off the cuff test of lighting, photography and audio.
  5. Hi All, So I made this short build video for my new project, a platform deck add-on for my 1/72 Flight Deck. It is not a public video, only you guys can see it. I wanted to ask your opinions before I release it, whether you like this kind of thing, if the quality is good enough, and if I should make more throughout the project. I'm not really into spending hours editing a professional video, but I can do something like this.
  6. I'm half way through. My thoughts are: it totally sucks, I love it anyway, can't stop watching, they really stuck to the groove of the original, it brings back all those old memories. Question: Did they have a Hong Kong action choreographer? Because they could have really used one. -See you spaced people...
  7. Whoa!! Great photos. The combination of flat black and white is impressive. Now I know why you painted that girl figure in black outfit, painting practice.
  8. These are the 36mm figures approximately in the order I painted them, so you can see my progress. I am a complete beginner at hand brushing, but this project helped understand some of the basics. The eye decals are home made, trimming and placing them was also a learning process, since they are less than 1mm diameter.
  9. Thank you. Obviously I am a big Sharon fan. And given the lack of figures of her, I had to go all out.
  10. Thanks Thom. PM me if there is something you MUST have for a project. Thanks. But how did you know "Holy Idol Madness" was my project concept? Thanks my friend. I ended up covering an Idol from each series, but I didn't start with that plan. I just kept going and going. The world's greatest Macross Zero Fan @Xigfrid made Sarah Nome's necklace to complete the project. I was really excited when I realized I could make unique figures I always wanted like Ishtar, Sharon Apple, Sarah Nome, and Captain Minmay. Why would you think I'm up to something? Guess you know me too well What I lack in artistic skill, I make up with the element of surprise. But lets just say I have seven new Macross figures for the Life Boat Platform for my Flight Deck. And my motivation is to make neglected Macross figures. They are really small for a complete beginner painter like me. But I figured if I painted 20 figures, I would learn something by the end. I definitely learned some basics of hand brushing during the process, which you can't get from a tutorial, only from practice. @derex3592 You didn't tell me what you think of the little back dress?
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