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  1. That's by the amazing 6jirosdc. He's been working on this for over two years. When he first started, we was using a B&W screen, till I linked him to a color LCD. His programing skills are impossible.
  2. Hikaru's taking Misa out for a joy ride, to make up for the VT-1 Fan Racer incident. Misa wont forget so easily.
  3. Thanks Gabe. But I have no aspirations for perfect figures🤣 Just fun stuff for our dioramas.
  4. Claudia and Misa are on lunch break. The boys are on their way to to see if Vanessa, Kim and Shammy need any help on the bridge.
  5. @reaper7092 That's great! We will take as many resources as you can get from this game. Now we need to find that female pilot human figure.
  6. @reaper7092 There are deck crew!! Are there any armature files?
  7. @reaper7092 Hi, I found a good use for the SDF-1 🤣
  8. For 1/48 or other scales, you can just rescale, and then test print. I dont own any 1/48 of anything, so I cant really test exact size, but it should be upscaled 150% +-5 to 10%
  9. M&M 1/72 pilots available now. Milia with Komilia is the public version based on your votes! https://www.patreon.com/arbitscalemodels
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