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  1. For those (few) who just can't live without more Alto in their lives. Please try to contain your enthusiasm.
  2. Blasphemy! Just kidding. But actually I'm not a perfectionist, I used the first uniform I found. There is no shortage of better sailor uniform 3D models online.
  3. If I might make a suggestion: It looks like your small-scale valk wings are disintegrating. I have had the same problem when scaling 3D objects down. Sometimes, for 3D Printing very thin objects, you need to "solidify" them, i.e. make them thicker. 3D Builder, Netfab and Microsoft 3D Repair fix a lot of problems, but they will not solidify an object for you. One option you can use right away is Meshmixer to "Make Solid". You can check youtube for some tutorials. It is a trial and error process to make an object solid using different "Offset" parameters, until you get a result you like which thickens, yet maintains a nice appearance. In some case you may thicken an entire model, or in other cases you may separate parts to thicken an individual part of the model giving problems. Another option is to use Blender "Solidify" Modifier as a first step before Meshmixer, to give a completely non-3d model some depth. Additionally, in whatever design software you use like Blender, you can select specific parts of a model that are too thin to print and thicken them using various techniques (such as fatten, extrude, scale). Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.
  4. Looks like your designing details for your big SDF-1?
  5. Finished up these version 2s, trying to fix some proportion problems.
  6. That's actually hilarious, since I get your joke. I'm a pretty old 70s rock fan myself.
  7. I did think you were messing with me 😆 I agree. Hair tends to come out smooth anyway and can be easily sanded. Shorter arms? I see what you're saying, I'll see what I can do, but no guarantees. Thanks. You are the official Macross cheerleader. Thanks for the feedback. Good points. I will look into them and see what I can do. These tend to improve with revisions, when I feel the need to go to the trouble. My philosophy with these 3D figures is to get an "overall" kinda accurate look, but can't be a perfectionist on the details, otherwise I would just give up. I will do whatever my skills allow. True that 👍
  8. Cool! I have the Mars 2. Best thing I learned is to use the default settings for the printer for each resin. Never had a bad print with the Mars 2 except from user error. I think you are really going to like the Elegoo 4k.
  9. They're not THAT big, are they?
  10. Thanks @Nyankodevice! I'm a big fan of your work. I do not sell the stls because many of the figures are copyrighted models, although it took a lot of work to process them, make them printable, pose them, and resculpt errors. But I do share them with friends I trust for their projects. A few of the models were made by me only using some base parts from around the net, that I may distribute at some point. The ones I made are Sara Nome, Ishtar, some of the Sharon Apple figures, Minmay School Uniform, and Minmay Captain Uniform. But I need to improve them first, as I think Minmay's head is too small.
  11. Thanks. I also use the Hi-Q eye decals. But I did not consider scaling them down. The main problem is placement. In a couple example, my figures eyes look okay when they are placed correctly. The other main problem is cutting the tiny eyes from the white decal paper with a hobby knife, the 1/48 eyes are less than 1mm wide. I printed your eyes, and the resolution is far less than the ones I made. Perhaps I can remake my decals to look more like your professional ones.
  12. No wonder I'm not getting notifications. Best of luck!
  13. How is my Max looking? Any proportions out of wack? Seems to be a common mistake.
  14. It will be a diorama model of Macross city, so no, I did not think of elevating anything. I will build all the building and have all the chatacters along the strip of buildings, kind of like my recent SDF-1 Bridge diorama.
  15. Okay, Thanks. I did some research on it. Let me know if I am getting the idea or not. Roughly speaking, I have a 3cm figure, 3cm building, and 3cm deep diorama base to work with and create the perspective. Given the size of my figures and the size of the diorama, the only forced perspective I seem to be able to achieve is a "Low Horizon" perspective, with knees aligned of foreground and background figures along orange line. I also tried a "High Perpective" shot aligning the shoulders for foreground and background figures, which doesn't look that great. I would need much larger distance between the figure and buildings to get an eye level alignment as you recommended. Am I understanding this correctly?
  16. Thanks. Deculture it is! To be honest, nothing else inspires me as much to learn new skills in our hobby.
  17. Thank you! I'm also thinking about learning how to use pastel pencils for some details. I tried different approaches with these small figures, I found that the easiest way for me is to airbrush only major areas, then hand brush the rest slowly by staining them with glazes. You can tell I had varying levels of success.
  18. I think so... I don't know what you would call it. But the idea is to display the full buildings, without making the figures ant-sized.
  19. These are some WIP images. My handmade decal eye sheet for your use. A real artist should make us a better version
  20. I started by making a few 1/48 idol figures for my Stage Diorama on the Flight Deck, but ended up trying to represent Every Single Series.
  21. I am moving this project to the Workshop because I think it belongs here better as a separate project. Questions and comments appreciated.
  22. Sorry @wm cheng. I didn't understand your initial question. Yes, the blast shield comes up, as well as the wings and elevator. Please check it out in the video below. Thanks @wmkjr (I need to reshoot the bad photography ☚ī¸)
  23. Hi Ya'll. What do you guys and gals think of this perspective? The buildings are 3.5cm high, with 1/60 scale figures in the foreground. The figures would be giants, except from this angle.
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