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  1. Damn, it looks like most of the parts in the kit aren't resin cast, but 3D printed on an FDM printer. I'm really not a fan of that method of production. FDM printed parts are a pain in the ass to sand to a smooth finish. Definitely not the kind of thing I'd like to see in a kit sold for $300.
  2. I finally got my kit yesterday! This thing is huge!! Overall, it's really impressive. But cleanup is a pain, because the points where the parts connect to the sprues are huge. Especially on the wings. The molding quality is better than I expected, but there's some parts that have sink marks caused by the parts being too thick in some areas. The most serious I've noticed are on the legs, which are new parts to this kit. The back side of them have huge alignment pegs, which caused distortion on the top surface, It'll take some work to repair it, especially where it's distorted surface detail. On the plus side, the backpack looks a lot better in this version. They slimmed it down a lot.
  3. Damn, 4 months! Then it's probably a good thing HLJ didn't get mine shipped before the shutdown. It's back in my private warehouse now, and they gave me the shipping cost back as store credit. I think I'm going to go ahead and have them ship it via fedex instead.
  4. Well... things have changed. I just got an email from HLJ, saying that effective 4/24, Japan Post is suspending shipping to the USA. However, FedEx and DHL are still available for now. So unless they manage to get my kit shipped today, I'll either be paying an extra $50 for FedEx, or waiting for EMS to reopen. https://support.hlj.com/hc/en-us/articles/900000679023-Temporary-Stoppage-of-Japan-Post-services-to-the-USA
  5. I ordered it to my private warehouse, and requested an EMS shipping quote when it came in stock. They replied with those three prices, and they were all cheaper than the prices the automatic system gave me. I think DHL was originally about Y30,000. You should send them a message and ask for an EMS quote. It may come out cheaper for you too, even if they can't ship it with EMS.
  6. HLJ got back to me last night. They gave me these three much more reasonable offers. EMS: Y7,620 FedEx: Y12,223 DHL: 13,177 They asked which one I wanted to go with, and they will be processing the shipment tomorrow.
  7. Thanks again. I submitted a request for an EMS quote over the weekend. Looking forward to hearing back, so I can get started on this thing ASAP!
  8. That sounds great, thanks! Yea, Y9840 for EMS sounds much better. And the box dimensions on HLJ show that the Strike fighter is about half the size and weight of this one. Actually, this page shows that it should only be Y8000 to ship to North America via EMS. I'd pay that in a heartbeat. https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/charge/list/ems_all_en.html
  9. The normal fighter kit is in at HLJ! But damn... the cheapest shipping option is $139 for standard airmail, and that takes 2-6 weeks to get to the US.
  10. Great idea for a thread! Mine is very much still a work in progress. And I'm not great at 3D modeling, so it's slow going. But I decided that I need to have a large scale model of the Hyperion from Legend of the Galactic Heroes in my life.
  11. Battroids would be cool. But I'm still holding out for a 1/20 normal fighter.
  12. Sorry I'm way late to the party, but here's some of Junya Ishigaki's design art for the Asuka.
  13. Well that's a mystery I can put to rest easily enough. The master was made by Cobywan, and made by his group, M-Factory. Some years later, I purchased the masters from him, and sold them under my label, Studio Kaijin. So the Studio Kaijin version came second, and it a re-issued original kit, not a recast.
  14. I use AutoCAD for my 3D modeling work. You can get a free student license of the full, current version. I also took a few semesters of AutoCAD back in high school, and the basics really haven't changed in the past 20 years. It was really just a matter of learning a few new commands to start using it for 3D modeling.
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