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  1. Hi Captain, glad to hear that you're back in business on 1/72 and especially MACROSS! I am in for one kit.
  2. I am in for every release if it is in the right scale, say 1/12..... I've recently been busy modifying the antique B-Club kit (Heavily) to match the line art.
  3. If they want to make it to the correct scale, they may have to increase the size and number of sprues required which may increase the price.
  4. https://air.ap.teacup.com/applet/tac1991/msgcate2/archive
  5. They are special items release during the Wonder Festival event. Where Kaiyodo will apply for event license from animate companies like Big West for Macross items. The license is good for one day for the modeler to sell the item during the event. Quantity of each release depends on the modeler, usually limited from a few sets to a few hundred sets.
  6. Check Starship from time to time or write to them. I got mine that way. I believe they will stock it as long as they still list it in their inventory.
  7. Original Top Gun was a very low budget movie. You can see missiles launching at the same hard point again and again.
  8. I don't care about the politics behind on casting. I only want to enjoy the movie and the story. Anyways, none of the characters in SW are not humans from earth.
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