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  1. Above photo came from an article of a finished model from a hobby magazine. I'd compared the instruction sheet for both kits at Hobby Search, the hands are and feet are not new parts.
  2. I bought the Anycubic M3, it is a LCD screen printer. Which one to buy, it all depends on where you live and which brand have better customer support. After acquiring the printer you have to decide which type of resin you're going to use. Usually there are water wash type or the IPA wash type. The resin is ultra violet ray sensitive (it cures when exposed to UV light), which means you may need to have your print station away from windows. You will also need to decide they way you gonna cure the prints, buying a wash and cure station, build your own curing station or use direct sunlight. The room temperature can affect the cure rate (exposure time) of the resin. It is usually in the 25 celcius range. The resin and IPA will emit fumes that people say are harmful so you need your print station well ventilated. The is a big bunch of youtube videos on all above mentions topic.
  3. All you need to buy is the printer. You may have to decide to buy filament printing or resin printing. I use the resin print. The software for slicing are mostly free e.g. "Lychee". The home use scanner mostly can only roughly scan the outline. I don't have a scanner. For drawing the model you can also use free CAD software e.g. "Fusion 360" from Autodesk.
  4. Just started learnibg 3D drawing and printing. Bought the deck and elevator section stl file of the famous Prometheus. Planning Redrawing most of the files and adding details. The pictures shows the printed catwalk. The width of the thin bars you can see on the grille is 0.4 mm and the gap between is 0.30 mm.
  5. Hi Captain, glad to hear that you're back in business on 1/72 and especially MACROSS! I am in for one kit.
  6. I am in for every release if it is in the right scale, say 1/12..... I've recently been busy modifying the antique B-Club kit (Heavily) to match the line art.
  7. If they want to make it to the correct scale, they may have to increase the size and number of sprues required which may increase the price.
  8. https://air.ap.teacup.com/applet/tac1991/msgcate2/archive
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