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  1. Thank you sir when is releasing wow
  2. Is Arcadia releasing the VF-5000?
  3. That would be cool if someone made them, hopefully we get a destroid defender also made.
  4. Hope they make the Defender and Phalanx
  5. Thank you, at this point I just want to learn 3D printing, thank you
  6. Thank you Anasazi37 for this write up, is it okay if I reach out to you so at least I have some guidance ? Thank you once again for all this info.
  7. Okay this might be more than what I planned as my workstation is next a window, I think filament might be better at this point, I just want to get my feet wet and learn and then move towards a resin printer once I get more experience.
  8. Thank you and recommendations on a entry level resin printer? I will checkout the software. Thank you so much
  9. Hello all, Just grabbed a gaming PC, I am looking at getting into 3D printing, is there a kit I can buy that would have the software, printer and scanner? I just started looking on amazon for a basic printer that I can learn from. Thanks in advance.
  10. wow, this is very cool, what scale is this?
  11. If anyone has a XL Helmet they would like to sell please let me know before I grab one from Evil Bay 🙂
  12. Awesome, I would get this if you made it, cant wait for the tread /beta.
  13. If not buy one extra Destroid and someone will 3D print a conversion kit lol
  14. I hope they release Sue Graham next
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