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  1. Pedro, I e-mailed you file. Let me know if it works. Jenius, is it physically broken or electronic issues? Does anyone have one of the non-audio versions that were released through Sideshow? Does it play the video?
  2. Let's see if this works. Hope it helps! 我的电影1.avi
  3. Up on HLJ. https://www.hlj.com/1-60-scale-complete-transformation-sv-51-gamma-nora-polyansky-boarding-machine-final-battle-specification-aca82158
  4. Wow! Great job on the idol miniatures! I especially like the Sharon Apple ones! Would love to have those to go with 1/60 YFs!
  5. Thank you! Order placed at HLJ. Also up at AmiAmi. Got one there too.
  6. From Wikipedia: Airwolf was painted "Phantom Gray Metallic" (DuPont Imron 5031X) on top, and a custom pearl-gray (almost white) on the bottom.
  7. Wow, that looks great! That could have been the boxart!
  8. I would have also preferred all plastic instead of cloth but the face does look better than previous release. This should look good next to the DX VF-1D and fan racer. Order placed.
  9. Severed tuna head would have been a cool accessory! Are they including the white wrap cloth for that scene? I see it in some of the photos but not on KCs site. I do like the face sculpt a lot more than the previous release. I hope the heads are compatible with the previous figure.
  10. That would be great if they make DYRL figures, but I would hope that they complete the TV line up first. I want to see Milia, Claudia, and Kakizaki.
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