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  1. I totally agree on preferring the original design. I would love to find a 3D sculptor that could capture the nuances of Mikimoto's original face designs. Then we could print these out at larger scales.
  2. These look great! Glad to see OG Macross figures getting some attention. Max's head does look larger than the others if you are going for a more realistic look. If you are aiming for a more anime look then the larger head looks fine but you may need to lengthen the legs a bit. Agreed, the old Imai 1/12 basketball player Roy figure looks way too disproportionate to the others in the series and still bugs me.
  3. Agreed 100%! If not, I would love to see a talented 3D sculptor create models with the "Mikimoto" look.
  4. Wow, these look great! That V2 school uniform looks far better than the ARII figure!
  5. Pedro, I e-mailed you file. Let me know if it works. Jenius, is it physically broken or electronic issues? Does anyone have one of the non-audio versions that were released through Sideshow? Does it play the video?
  6. Let's see if this works. Hope it helps! 我的电影1.avi
  7. Up on HLJ. https://www.hlj.com/1-60-scale-complete-transformation-sv-51-gamma-nora-polyansky-boarding-machine-final-battle-specification-aca82158
  8. Wow! Great job on the idol miniatures! I especially like the Sharon Apple ones! Would love to have those to go with 1/60 YFs!
  9. Thank you! Order placed at HLJ. Also up at AmiAmi. Got one there too.
  10. From Wikipedia: Airwolf was painted "Phantom Gray Metallic" (DuPont Imron 5031X) on top, and a custom pearl-gray (almost white) on the bottom.
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