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  1. WOW! This HMR Monster is incredible. Truly this has to be their best piece from the HMR releases. I can't believe even the soles of the feet are articulated. Check out this crazy pose! Even all the little red lights are articulated. The detail is astounding in person (to me at least). So glad I decided to spring for this one. BTW, which episode shows the Monster in battle action? I remember an ep where it comes out and crushes the deck dramatically, but I can't seem to find it. That makes no sense tho. In Ep5 they show it being hauled around by loading straps easily enough, an
  2. Thanks very much @Alphahorizon! Everything arrived quickly and safely.
  3. Mucho arigato @Alphahorizon! Everything arrived in very good order. I feel sorta guilty opening the still sealed Monster. And this will be my first Arcadia as well as my first GBP... well first official one. Gonna be a fun Saturday!
  4. @jvmacross Thanks for those. I didn't realize Yamato actually released one. Those pics clear some color questions up for me, although the tan seems too light in those pics. I forgot about the Toynami version, probably because I never seriously considered buying it (they were such crap). I know there's also a couple of really awful looking figures of him. It would be nice if Kitz would release a figure of him with the XL steak of course, but I'm not holding my breath.
  5. I thought "SDFM" was the tag for TV. Should I specify that it's TV only in the title?
  6. SDFM Kakizaki doesn't get enough love in toys. In fact, I don't even know of any at all. So I thought I'd start a thread to see if anyone else has given him some recognition, kit bashed, modified, or otherwise created their own toys and make a place to show that off and show our love for a lost but never forgotten fighter pilot and fellow extra-large steak lover! (I'd have scarfed that thing down before running off to battle... or taken it with me! ) First, does anyone have any good artwork or stills of Kaki's final valk? Also, I brought this up after seeing this post by @sh9000 o
  7. Pontus

    Macross figures

    Is that just the lighting or something, or does the fabric on that dress, particularly the top, look rough and unfinished? Are they trying to go for a rumpled fabric look or something?
  8. It did not. But it did end in pretty stupid fashion on their part. My last message listed the infractions shown in our exchange and addressed ebay directly (since I assume they will be reading it now that I've reported them). They responded with more excuses saying they felt threatened (absolutely nothing to warrant that) and in doing so clearly admitted to asking for payment outside of ebay, and refused to send me anything "because why would they send me anything with their return address on it based on my accusations..." Anyway, stay away from mfairy77. It was some fun drama tho! I
  9. @jvmacrossShipping was $35. Lol, this morning, they said they were willing to work with me if I had "settled down" and "wanted to get in the right footing" with them again. I said there's nothing to discuss, it's paid, and I no longer feel comfortable with local pickup, so please ship it as listed. Still a great deal if condition is good ("never displayed"). I don't like doing friends and family online (even here), because if there's a problem, there's no protection for anyone, and that's the entire point of paypal. I love the community here, but I don't know you. And going outsi
  10. Well... sigh. I just had a horrible dealing with a certain mfairy77 on ebay in what was going to be a great deal on an HMR Monster for $170 after getting the winning bid with no reserve. Since I live in Wisconsin, I politely asked if I could pick it up locally. They responded by asking me to pay for it outside of ebay by asking me for my paypal address to invoice me directly (a known paypal scam) sans shipping. Having done this several times in the past with no issue, I politely asked them to instead invoice me through ebay, but that if ebay had something blocking that, I was perfectly hap
  11. Idk wtf that is, but it is bad a#%!
  12. Actually, I was disappointed to find it missing the sword. I thought it came with it, but no, it's in the wallet sucking bandai extras. I'm happy with this tho. The SV is a beauty even if a pita to transform.
  13. Well, Mandarake did me right! Just got my SV-262 and VF-31J, both in great condition. The SV was still in its plastic film/bags and was entirely mint. And the VF, which Manda said had a discolored panel, somehow had a dirty thigh panel that cleaned right up (nothing else, just the one panel).
  14. Wait... the VF-1D comes with a fan racer?! That's so cool. I wish I could afford to collect the entire set of SDFM DX. I'm gonna have to pass since I already have it in HMR, but still... very tempting with that add on. Is there a 1/100 fan racer kit out there? Or better yet, a 1/285 or so since I plan on using the miniatures to build an angel bird display behind my 1/3000 SDF-1. Edit: Found one!
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