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  1. Indeed! I consider myself a practical audiophile, and I dabble in design and building speakers with a friend who does the same for their components even. I was kinda disappointed when, after years of doing demos for anyone to hear a difference between CD and hi bitrate MP3, he started saying how great LPs were. But I don't care what anyone says, the static, hum, and delicate nature of LPs are just annoying. I was doing some historical research into speaker building recently and was recommended to pay attention to anything from Floyd Toole who headed the engineering for Harmon in their heyday. There's some excellent talks of his you can find on youtube in which he describes having done countless studies on sound quality with both the public and audiophiles. If they can SEE the speaker, the coolest looking one sounds the best. If you can't see the speaker, the one with the flattest response sounds the best. I had naturally assumed that when building my speakers before even having found this; they don't look pretty, and they're not professionally engineered, but they're better than any big box store crap and they sound amazing. Cheap too. It's really not that hard to get good sound, and it certainly doesn't take thousands of dollars in equipment to get it.
  2. @Seto Kaiba, see I hadn't even considered that (that the derelict was already there, although I think it's conceivable it wasn't there for thousands of years), and am clearly not as up to the literature as you, so thank you. I guess it didn't make sense that xenos were created solely by David as I thought. I wish movie creators would be more respectful of the franchises they're taking over. The older I get, the less I want to even watch things because of this.
  3. Lol, I don't think "making sense" was really part of their thought process. I thought it made perfect sense in context. Care to discuss why you think it didn't? I'm not arguing, just trying to get a different perspective and perhaps understand their choices better. I also haven't seen it in a hot minute, so I probably need to refresh before I discuss further.
  4. Thanks, I wasn't even aware of Prey. Just looked it up and I think I have to watch that... in the Comanche dub of course! Although, I would include the original Predator as the only other part of my own head-canon of the franchise. Thus I also don't consider it part of the Alien canon. My wife and many others don't like to include Aliens3 as part of the canon, and some don't include Resurrection, and although I can understand that perspective, I really don't agree. I rather liked 3, and I don't see why it needs to be written off simply because they killed off all the characters they saved in Aliens. I happen to appreciate it when film makers aren't afraid to kill of established characters because it's more realistic than happily ever afters. Crap happens, especially with xenos around, which I feel is a stronger established characteristic than human survival. Xenos will live. You'll die. That's cannon. Resurrection, I can sorta agree with tho, as it was a bit silly. But the cast, acting, and direction were top notch even if the writing and premise were a tad sus. I came out of the theater after watching Prometheus very confused and po'd. But it was only the confusing nature of the black goo that had me so. Otherwise, the movie was well made, and I came to appreciate that it had me asking questions and consulting with others online as well as having extraneous internet media that helped fill in things. After reading some conversations online, I was hopeful for some further explanation in the next movie... THEN THEY CUT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OUT OF COVENANT!!! 🤬 WTF! I didn't catch that one in theaters, and thankfully so because at least I got to see the deleted scenes on the DVD which were THE MOST IMPORTANT PART to give closure to the confusing BS of Prometheus, as well as being the scariest part of the entire franchise that would have made it the greatest addition to the franchise since Aliens! So yeah, I totally agree that Prometheus and Covenant were crap. Crap that could have been SO F'n GREAT which just makes them so much worse. 😥
  5. I'd bet money that it was a packaging error. The blister plastic seems to hold the nose very securely and was hard to remove, and putting it back into it was a bit difficult as it has to snap quite firmly into the plastic. So my theory is that it was placed in the plastic without making sure it was snapped in all the way, then the lid was pushed on without paying attention and bent the head laser.
  6. You could try to recreate the wormhole it fell through by creating a stable plasma, but you're going to want to synchronize the carrier frequency with the time since it disappeared or else you could end up in who knows when/where. Be sure to account for your movement in the universe by moving it to the location it would have been going to be. Or you could also try to heal the split in time space by remerging the timelines in which it disappeared with your own. That's the method that works best for me (finding it). Seriously though, I repair electronics for a living and often work with small parts, and I have literally watched them fall through an invisible wormhole and disappear before only to have them pop back into existence nearby. I'm only half kidding. I have these aluminum full sheet pans that are made for commercial baking that I use when playing with my valks. They really help keep the bits from falling through wormholes as the aluminum shields the area from timespace interference.
  7. I got mine from Anime Export this weekend with no head laser damage. But it was either a minor miracle or the packages that do get damaged are getting severe pressure on the top because mine was only packed in a cardboard box with just a single layer of thin bubble wrap. And I ordered it with EMS shipping, so it certainly wasn't handled gently, and the box showed it.
  8. Awesome! I'm down for a set if you're going to offer them for sale or putting them on shapeways.
  9. I'm sure you've all seen enough DX 21s by now, but I also got an old Yamato for side by side comparison. I may end up selling one but... probably not. Got a complete collection of Orguss as well, but only what I could find with subs. 02 is out on bluray but no subs. But I don't mind SD for old anime.
  10. Btw, I just got back from Target, and they have these perfect, single cube display boxes disguised as clear bins for only $15! You can use them like a drawer as designed or set them on their side to pull out sideways like this:
  11. Yeah, that's only about half of what used to be there. Not only was it WAY too cluttered, but I figured I'll be posting a lot of pics from this cabinet so better make it pg13. Those are all Nekopara, and I honestly have no idea what possessed me to start collecting them. It started with some cheap cast offs from ebay that I quite enjoyed piecing back together and couldn't believe how... nice... they were. My favorite is a Super Sonico in her wedding tackle that was missing some bits, loose broken pieces, etc that was clearly a prototype after I looked up the actual figure... and saw the real price!!! I don't mind paying a fraction of that to fix and keep a bunch of beautiful broken plastic outa the ocean. The problem with the Nekopara stuff, and the reason I never buy cast offs to collect a set - or of anime I actually like - is cuz then I have to get ALL of it. Macross is hard enough on my wallet, and it's good to know thyself. But after getting a few of these mind meltingly cute Nekos, I found myself paying full price to complete the set/s. The 1/4 scales were $500ea! I did check out the "game" (a very loose term in this case), and... lol, this is a ridiculous series. It really seems to be catered to a type who likes to fetishize their own sexual repression. I don't want to over generalize an entire culture, but that does seem to be a strong aspect of culture in Japan. These anatomically correct yet fully clothed figures take it up a notch.
  12. The top shelf of the cabinet is for my Alien collection which didn't feel right being shelved and lit like the rest. I was hoping to find some sort of scale grate flooring that's so ubiquitous in these movies or at least some sort of space ship interior, but couldn't find anything to my liking. One day on a trip thru the hardware store I saw a 24x48 ceiling tile grate. It's not perfect, but after some cutting, melting, and flat black paint, I think it looks pretty good. I wanted it to look like the aliens had ripped apart and partially melted the flooring. I didn't quite get the melty effect that I wanted by using a lighter (the plastic kept wanting to catch fire, lol), but it works. And here's the current state of my cabinet just to get things off my bed. I have a lot of work to do to clean, organize, and set up displays. I'm gonna have to redo the aliens too. I was hoping the grating would be sturdy enough to hang valks from, but it very much isn't, especially after modifying it. My plan here is to hang much of my collection by fluorocarbon fishing line, and several 1:60 scale valks get heavy quick.
  13. Since I couldn't sleep cuz all my toys are on my bed and I have nowhere else to move them to even if I could, I pressed through the night and made a lot of progress. First I added a light strip at the top facing down and connected it directly to 12V instead of the dimmer because it needs to remain as bright as possible. More on that in a minute. I also needed a place to plug in the TV cuz the cord doesn't reach out of the cabinet, so I wired up an outlet below. Then I got to setting up the TV and became very frustrated just trying to display one picture from Google photos. I'm gonna have to set up a usb drive. I've wanted to set up a star ceiling for a long time now in my daughter's bedroom with the sky at her birth, but I needed a smaller proof of concept before diving into such a big project. Using a sheet of black corrugated plastic, I popped a short piece of fiber optic thru to see if it will work with such a short piece just pointed at a light source. Normally, a professional star ceiling runs all the fiber to a dedicated light source in a huge bundle, but that gets very expensive. It works! When I built the cabinet my intention was to be able to slide the side glass forward for ease of installing backgrounds, and that came in very handy for a test fit and final install. I put a small screw in at the top to keep it tight to the grooves in the back panel which keeps the glass from bending (same as the plastic strips of a detolf). Now for the fun part; I attached a sheet of black velvet to one side of the plastic panel. I did a test with spray adhesive which bles right thru, so I had to use strips of the 3m adhesive on the top and bottom. I put said strips on the back so that I could lay the velvet out smooth then fold it over to stretch tight and stick. As you can see, light just falls into it! Next was the arduous task of poking a bajillion tiny holes in it and filling them with various sizes of fiber optic as randomly as possible. I installed them all angling upward toward the light source and hot glued them in place. After wrestling it into place and fighting the velcro for proper position, I think it turned out rather nice. Next, I can finally start loading it up starting with my Alien collection on top.
  14. Moving on to dust abatement... I previously experimented with foam strips for the door seals (everywhere else is sealed), but this failed because it was impossible to get it to seal properly with the upright, aluminum L-bars moving about. I could probably find some whiskers instead, but with the rest being glass and simple lines, anything else is somewhat detracting from the display imho. So I thought it better to simply creat a higher internal pressure using a fan and filter its intake. No dust. Bonus that I didn't even think about until I got the TV, it's going to need some ventilation. And since the inside will be warmer, I'll never get condensation in or out, and no mold behind it (I have concrete block walls that sometimes get condensation in winter and will mold anywhere not open to air). I had a 12V axial fan and some spare furnace filters lying around. Time to make a vent in the base with a spade bit and a chisel. A little paint to seal the rough wood, and it may not look great, but it'll be covered by felt anyway. This 3m VHB tape is "used to hold aircraft parts on" as I was told. I'm not sure what that says about aircraft maintenance, but this stuff is great. It held my fan instantly and securely underneath. And this gorilla tape does a nice job of covering wire runs and keeping things sealed up. Ran the fan to the power supply output (both 12V), and WHOOSH, AIRFLOW! I carefully cut down a 25x20 filter to match the width of the cabinet opening and took off the cardboard end to reapply over the now bare end and made it whole again. Now it fits snuggly to the width of the lower cabinet. I initially thought I'd install some sort of door with a filter, but I like it open. So I decided to put it all the way in the back over the fan. Used some of the leftover foam tape to seal at the top, jammed the filter back up there, and taped the bottom to the back of the cabinet. Clean, filtered heat ventilation and a slight, positive air pressure keeping dust out. Coming up next; No one can hear you scream in SPACE!
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