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  1. If anyone has a XL Helmet they would like to sell please let me know before I grab one from Evil Bay 🙂
  2. Awesome, I would get this if you made it, cant wait for the tread /beta.
  3. If not buy one extra Destroid and someone will 3D print a conversion kit lol
  4. I hope they release Sue Graham next
  5. I hope Arcadia comes out with the other destroids
  6. private warehouse and EMS shipping paid for, can't wait to get it.
  7. I am so grateful to have the SS list and the fact that a few member's reached out to protect one another, we have a great community. This is what he emailed and I stopped at that point vladykins 159 Replied: 3 hours ago "My Paypal account has been closed for selling illegal products. That's why I opened a new account. When I receive G&S payment with my new paypal account, my account is restricted. Paypal bullshit! paypal F&F only or thanks "
  8. My friend is ready to sell his limited kits, please email him for information ( j.r.3designworks.com@gmail.com) as I am only posting the information for him on MW. Please email him for any question regarding kit information and payment. Per Builder/Seller below "Up for sale we have some 3d printed 12-inch bio fighters in all three colors. These will require some assembly, sanding, and primer before painting. What you see is what you get plus some extra parts will be included. These bio fighters will include a cockpit ball that opens and fits in the chest. These will come in white and black. All the large parts will be in white, and the torso center piece will be black as well as the shoulder joints. This figure you can post in different position without taking it apart. Some parts will need to be glued. It has option of articulation on the hands or posed up to the builder. The figure has ball joints in the legs, arms, head, and waist connection. Instructions will be provided. Price is $280 shipped for any bio fighter without sled and with sled $380 with tracking. Any issues we will replace any parts that are missing or broken. Must handle with care. only 10 of each will be made. Please email j.r.3designworks.com@gmail.com" j.r.3designworks.com@gmail.com
  9. I would get the cyclones and base painted, the Alpha's look amazing
  10. more updates, on the kit, please email builder if you have any questions 🙂
  11. Update, any questions please email builder directly, I am just posting pictures. 🙂
  12. updates Pic of posed or articulated fingers Prices per builders email to me are 300 for the Biroid and 400 with the bioroid and sled any questions please email to builder, I am only posting updated pictures.
  13. One day I want to go down there, what city do you live in?
  14. Going to have to get all three colors, hope they make the Shadow Alpha and Beta
  15. more pictures to come
  16. cool man I am looking at getting one,
  17. Message from the builder: The Bioroids are not kits per say it's a toy that you put together and can pose with articulation all around, waist, arms,wrist, legs and head. Chest opens and comes with cockpit ball. Assembly is required on the bioroids and sled.
  18. Update How many people would be interested in a hovertank that is 12" tall? It will transform.
  19. what is the prices on the transformers
  20. Please Email: j.r.3designworks.com@gmail.com for any additional information, I am just helping pass along the info. size it's going to be 12 inches tall, not selling STL files and only sell a limit of 30 PLA/resin kits. No interior but a cockpit ball and no figure. Price per bio roid is 350 without Sled 430 with Sled. Color of print will white and color of the bioroid green, blue or red.
  21. I agree it should be 1/18 but again not sure, I will ask the question 🙂
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