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  1. OMG. I've been living this nightmare for 30 years now. I'm not sure I can believe HG are finally going to get the boot. I do have a tangential question about Macross/HG/Battletech. Why have the rights holders for Fang of the Sun Dougram never sued Battletech/FASA for using a bunch of their designs in Battletech? There were about as many FSD designs as Macross mecha (and one from Crusher Joe) in the first iteration of the game ("BattleDroids") and they never became "unseen" IIRC.
  2. The Yamato Garland was cool until the shoulders disintegrated. I was planning on designing and printing 3d replacements but never got around to it. Has anyone been able to source replacement shoulders for the original Yamato edition?
  3. Hi Macross Worlders, especially the Tokyo contingent. I'm travelling to Tokyo next month and I wanted to ask if there are any current Macross exhibits, event or collectibles I should look for while I'm there. I'm mainly a fan of the 80s and 90s series - not so much Macross Delta.
  4. Hi MW gang. The news of Macross Δ has me interested again in our favorite anime franchise. I'll be watching for fansubs in the new year.
  5. Go. Tell the Spartans.... L to R. Matchbox, Takatoku? Dark Horse Miniatures (80s), New Robotech RRT, Battletech.
  6. Hey MechTech. I guess I can leave the 1/200 on the shelf and paint up these new ones. I could never source enough 1/200 Regults. Do you have a full load of Destroids for the Daedalus?
  7. In cased you missed the posts over the gaming forum, Robotech RPG Tactics has finally shipped (DEC 2014). It's called Robotech but it's only based on the good part - the 'Macross Saga'! The models have many pieces for such a small scale but build up quite nicely. Google "RRT" or Robotech RPG Tactics for pics. The first series of kits includes, the VF-1 fighter, gerwalk & battloid, Spartan, Phalanx, Tomahawk, Defender, Glaug, Regult, Missle Regult, Scout Regult, and Quel-Gulnau Recovery Pod (first time as a production model I believe).
  8. There are some very nice models stating to show up over on the Facebook group:
  9. I've started building with a Phalanx. Mostly so I can line it up with my 1/00 Matchbox "Spartan", 1/44 Takatoku Phalanx, 1/200 Dark Horse RT:RPG "Spartan", 1/285 Battletech WTF ever they called it and have five versions in a row. Pics when it happens. Palladium will sell a few of these 1/285 "kits" to Battletech players. I think it was a poor business decision to invest in the tooling for these 1/285 "kits". Plastic kit building hasn't been a popular hobby since I dunno, the 80s? They would have been better emulating a modern success like the pre-painted X-WIng. I would have dropped 10x the $$ if they had sourced the 1/200 gashapon instead of doing all the tooling
  10. I received my Robotech RPG Tactics shipment today. I now have a surfeit of mecha in 1/285 scale. https://www.google.ca/search?q=Robotech+RPG+Tactics&rlz=1C1LENP_enCA507CA507&espv=2&biw=1280&bih=595&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=JbN2VM6AKsn1iQKhh4GoBg&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ
  11. It's 2013. Everybody know Supermans origin story. Why not do something like All-Star Superman that tells a new story while paying tribute to the 80 years of super history?
  12. I've tried to e-mail Yamato USA several times about this and gotten no reply. I don't think there is any hope of replacement parts. Here is the site of failure on my Garland: Even with if it was made with better plastic it's a poorly engineered joint.
  13. I'm merely saying Enterprise is the only TV series that takes place before the "Kelvin" incident that launches the alternate timeline. But you are correct, ST 2009 negates the most interesting part of Enterprise that ties it to TOS. I agree that, for the future, the only way to enjoy Star Trek is the Captain Harlock Method .
  14. On the other hand though, a lot of fans hated Enterprise and probably never watched it long enough to see his episode. That's Ironic because Enterprise is the only Trek TV that's still in continuity in the J.J-verse
  15. A bit of thread necromancy - I opened my display case, picked up by garland and both arms fell off. It was not the swing arms that failed - it was the blocks in the wheel hubs where the arms attach. I'll post a picture when I can. I was wondering if anyone has done a 3d printed replacement for those. Clarification: Mine is the first version made by Yamato - the red one from the original MZ23 OVA. I thinks it's the same one as in VF5SS's pictures above. I'm not sure if later ones suffered from the same problems. The plastic in the should joints literally turned to powder when i picked it up. I don't know if the later versions had the same problem.
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