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  1. Does anyone know if the missile packs will fit on VF-1's? That would be awesome if so.
  2. Just got my paypal confirmation from HLJ. With shipping it came out to $333.71 CAD (¥29,868 JPY shipped and I think it was the Black Friday Price). Pricey but after seeing these pics ME SO WANT!
  3. Yeah it would. What I don't understand is why HG dosn't try to reach out to Yamato to sell VF-1s, at the very least, in North America under the Robotech license? You would think it would be a win win....Well I want to think it that and that it would be as simple as just changing the box from Macross to Robotech but it's probably not even close. Until that miracle happens though I'll just keep importing. That being said I haven't bought a valk in so long it was a no brainer purchasing the Aniversery edition. I kinda like it....but maybe I am just a sailor who has been out to sea for too many months!
  4. Ahh heck I'll buy one.......Just because I haven't bought a valk in so long now it feels strange.
  5. I still have the odd friend or two to play this with.......otherwise I am just buying into this like everyone else....NOSTALGIA! Yeah I love the palladium system. Combat can be a bit of a head ache sometimes but it's fun to play. You can play as almost anything in any setting. The only draw back is the bazzlion books you will buy. Are you thinking Palldium or Battletech?
  6. FYI Project goal was $70,000 and with 31 days to go they have raised $186K. So it's looking good so far.
  7. I would not be too concerned about it. Palladium has been making Pen and Paper RPGs for decades. If there is a delay it will be because of the book and not the figures IMO. Siembieda has a habit of over extending himself on work and micromanaging to much IMO. Also Palladium has been running crowd funding on their own website to release products for a year or two now and while they have a tendancy to be late they have always released the product. So if they are saying Dec. 2013, I wouldn't be too worried about it just don't be surpriesed if they are 6 months late. Hopefully the Kickstarter means Siembieda has his crap together though as now he has a fixed deadline he has to try and follow up on. This is from a newsletter that I get from Palladium every week. UPDATE: Robotech® RPG Tactics™ A massive undertaking like Robotech® RPG Tactics™ takes a lot of time and a lot of work by a lot of people, both at Palladium Books and at Ninja Division – not to mention Harmony Gold to review and approve art, writing, packaging and sculptures, as well as present notes about any changes. EVERYONE is putting in a great amount of time and energy to make this product line rewarding, fun and epic. * The rules for Robotech® RPG Tactics™ have been play-tested like crazy by what I believe is 80-100 people (thank you everyone!). They have been reworked, tweaked and fine tuned to the point that they are pretty much done to everyone’s satisfaction. There are still some minor tweaks and adjustments to be made, but Ninja Division and all of us believe we have a solid set of rules that captures the action and capabilities of the TV show combined with fast game play and scalability from skirmish battles to mass combat. Fun, fun, fun. * Palladium has its first draft written for most of the color text going into the 96+ page Robotech® RPG Tactics™ rule book. * Box cover art is looking nothing short of awesome. You will see it in the Kickstarter. * Interior rule book art and design elements are coming in at a rapid pace and looking excellent. You’ll see some of them in the Kickstarter. * Final sculpts for UEDF and Zentraedi forces are also coming in and getting approved. How do they look? Mouth-watering. As die-hard Robotech® fans ourselves, the game pieces have to pass muster with us as well as Harmony Gold. Dedicated to quality, the Ninja Division crew of sculptors have been working diligently to make final 1/285th scale game pieces that Robotech fans will adore. You’ll see many of these in the Kickstarter. * The Kickstarter is tentatively slated to launch next week sometime, but no promises. We want to do it right, and Ninja Division been has pounding away at it for a while now. Like I said, the scope of this undertaking is massive. Creating dynamic quality on every front takes time and a lot of hard work. There are a lot of moving pieces and a lot of people involved. Ultimately, we want an end result that makes you as excited and happy as we are about it. * The ultimate scope of Robotech® RPG Tactics. What is revealed in the Kickstarter next week is just the beginning, and focuses only on the Macross Saga. If this Kickstarter and the full launch of the game to the retail market is the success we all expect it to be, this is very much only the beginning. Palladium Books plans to do game pieces and expansions for ALL the Robotech Wars and eras: Macross Saga, Masters Saga, New Generation and Shadow Chronicles. We would even like to produce a space combat game focusing on battles between spaceships. With the right resources and support, we plan to expand Robotech® to the heights of adventure us Robotech® fans have always wanted. Game on! This and that Like I have been saying, we've been on fire in the creativity department and focused on getting the RPG products you have been waiting for finished and released. That includes launching the Kickstarter and getting Robotech® RPG Tactics™ finished and sent into manufacturing. To that end, more long days are ahead of us. Wayne and I were at the office past 10:30 PM Tuesday night, and continue to put in long hours and work weekends. It is nice having the creative energy of Chuck Walton, who has been working at the office every day this week and plans to continue to do so in the weeks ahead. Ben Rodriguez has also being coming to the office to draw, and Matthew Clements may also be using Palladium’s facilities. Meanwhile, Palladium’s freelance artists and writers continue to work on a number of projects. We have a ton of new books and projects in development, but we aren't going to talk about them until many of the long-awaited titles are in your hands. Friday evening, the Palladium crew is taking the evening off to celebrate Julius’ and my birthday. I’m looking forward to a little break with friends. On Saturday, Wayne, Alex and I will be back at work to finish up editing and layout of The Rifter® #62.
  8. FYI they have informed me before. Just pissed me off a little when I checked the forum this morning and I could not find my topic. Also I don't care if they are not obliged or not. I would have just liked a smiggen of curtesy, besides I don't think it is obvious to only post Macross to the game page. There is plenty of talk of Robotech there. I don't want to make a big deal of this guys. Just me venting my frustration.
  9. ????WTF????? If the moderators are going to move someone's topic the least they could do is TELL THEM THEY ARE DOING IT! I posted this in the gaming thread cause you know....it's a game...........ah Macross Forums....
  10. Terrible. I have almost every Rifts and Heros Unlimited book and they rarely meet their release dates, That being said they are partnered with another company so they might be forced to...we will see.
  11. Don't know... would like to have a 11x17 of it to put up on a wall though.
  12. So the Kickstarter launched for Robotech RPG tactics: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rrpgt/robotech-rpg-tacticstm It easily met it's target already. The miniatures look pretty good but it's quite expensive. $70+$30shipping to get into the game....? I could swallow the $70 but the $30 to shipping outside of the US seems a bit steep. Anyone thought of getting into this? I bought into the $140 pledget (+$30 shipping) but I still might back out to the bare minimum pledge yet. There is 32 days to go. Then again I might not....with no valks to buy my toy budget is actually starting to acumulate money! I might just go through with it for shits and giggles. Anyway..... I know everyone here is not a big fan of Robotech and/or Harmony Gold but it looks kind of cool.
  13. If that is all we got this year I would be happy. Yamato unlike Bandai seems to want my money anway.
  14. Ouch that hurt. Cheapest shipping that Hobby Fan offered to Canada was $40.....$233 total for this POS. So I preordered it anyway even though I know I getting ripped off.....man I am such a sucker for this crap.
  15. Well you all voted. And Devastator came down......awwwwww......... Devastator/Hercules is still in my office though.....
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