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  1. This topic was titled D&D 4th Edition coming in 2008. Well, Wizards of the Coast made it official at GenCon that the 4th Edition of the Dungeons & Dragons RPG is coming next year. Apparently, this new version will owe quite a bit to the SAGA edition of the Star Wars RPG. Among the claims I've read were that characters shouldn't take quite so long to come up with as they do now (upwards of an hour or more, even longer if you're making a character above 1st level). Play is supposed to be a little less cumbersome than it is now which will supposedly lessen the amount of arguing at the table over some obscure-assed rule. One person indicated that the artwork will be less of the current 'Dungeon Punk' high-fantasy drek that passes for D&D artwork, while another said that it will basically be World of Warcraft style. The new core setting will not be The World of Greyhawk. No word yet on what campaign setting will be used. My guess is that Eberron is slated to be the core setting. In a related note, RPGA's Living Greyhawk is set to blow up before the new year (so, if you're going to DragonCon, get your LG fix while you can). No word on how it will end, though my guess is that they'll do something absurd related to Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk, probably Iggwilv will come back and kick the crap out of The Circle of Eight. Or it could go out with a whimper and simply fade into nothingness until Troll Lord Games and Gary Gygax start releasing the parts of Castle Zagyg in the next year. The DragonLance license was not renewed (which is sort of old news) since its set to make WotC money with the DVD Direct-to-Video anime (starring Lucy Lawless as Goldmoon and Keifer Sutherland as Raistlin) release in December. No word on what will happen to the setting, if it will be made into another base WotC product with 4th edition. Dave Arneson's Blackmoor setting owner Zeitgeist Games got their license renewed and shall retain the D&D 3.5 core rules for the time being. In fact, ZG is set to release several supplements soon including The Temple of the Frog, Clock and Steam as well as Riders of the Hak. So, eventhough Greyhawk and DragonLance are gonna go bye-bye with WotC, Blackmoor (the oldest D&D setting) will remain as will Gary's Zagyg setting (Greyhawk in all but name).
  2. Hi there! I recently completed a minor lifegoal, and figured out a relatively clean way to run a Macross-flavoured RPG. If you'll excuse an act of flagrant act of self-promotion, this homebrew can be found here. This is based around The Mecha Hack, a minimalist ruleset itself based off 1st edition D&D. If you want to run a game, and not spend an excessive amount of time on paperwork, I can recomend it and the other "Black Hack" related games. Cheers.
  3. Apparently after the Robotech RPG Tactics debacle and subsequent loss of the Robotech/Macross IP from HG, Strange Machine Games now has the SDF-M/RT IP and has released a new RPG using their Advantage 6 (AD6) system. I have a copy and so far I like it. It isn't hard to make adjustments to run SDF Macross games, just change some terminology. An ebook copy can bought at RPG DriveThru. I'm strongly thinking of making some fan supplements for the RPG so GMs and Players can run games within other eras of the Macross canon (yes even the alternate universe of Macross II). Of course none of the RPGs mechanics or components can be published in the fan supplement except for stats and components not in the core book. Robotech RPG by SMG So what do you guys think? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Edit] General Review: I've analyzed the game after a run and mostly theory play, the game works mostly on the narrative style rather then simulation. Although there are various optional rule that allow for more simulation style play and high legality modes. The general mechanics are: Narrative > Conflict > Resolve > Narrative. Most RPGs operate or are supposed to operate in this fashion. Robotech by Palladium attempts to use a more direct direct approach to Simulation leaving the Narrative to abstract conflicts with some conflict resolution conducted with the use of skills. Much like how D&D works, the characters have stats that represent the physical and mental capabilities of the character. Skills and combat are derived off of those stats. This a stat derivative simulation where the data drives the character. When is comes to combat everything has a large number of damage points to represent the material health of an object. Although in Palladium there are some system consistency issues, largely it is ruled by the Mega Damage system and concept where a certain material cannot be damaged unless the weapon also deals mega damage. This, although not ideal, is fine for simulation of large advanced vehicles and assets. The biggest complaint with the mega damage system is number bloat for damage which tends to bog down the flow of game play. The other complaint I often hear is that Palladium is that resolution of conflict, especially in combat in where large numbers of combatants are present, aren't handled too well. The refers to swarms, as seen with tens of battle pods. This leads to numbers bloat and upkeep bog down during combat. Many shortcuts have to be created by the GM to resolve such battles. In Robotech by SMG, the system is much different. The game is described as a hybrid of narrative and simulation conflict resolution. There isn't any attribute stats to generate, as it is assumed that you are generally competent in the role you are playing. You are a hero after all. Instead of a series of derived stats there is a skill system. These skills are derived by the role the player has selected. Level of competency with in skills are regulated by a simple priority system. This ranges from Specialized, Focused, to Versatile. These skills are used for all conflict resolution. The two types of conflict are Social and Combative. The system, at first glance, seems very simple, especially to those who are used to such systems as D20 and Mega Damage systems which are very simulation based. The system is designed to handle conflict resolution at a quick pace preventing choke points where upkeep bogs things down. This accomplishes many things: allows players who aren't familiar with the system to quickly generate a character, prevent people from becoming disinterested when bog down occurs while waiting for their turn, and maintain flow of the story and game. Combat in A6 Robotech is much like how the narrative role play works. Damage is more system function oriented and complete destruction of vehicles don't always happen. It comes down to what the character is doing or how they are behaving that dictates if they parish or not. This is the narrative aspect. Where as the system damage and structure points are a set of indicators to dictate the condition of the vehicle before it can no longer engage in the conflict and limps away damaged. The combat system has a few optional rules to increase and decrease lethality and also rules to make the game more narrative or more simulation based. You can pretty much say that SMG's A6 system is a middle ground between Palladium's simulation style Mega Damage system, and Mongoose Publishing's Paranoia which is solely a narrative system. I often compare A6 Robotech (A6 being the system that Strange Machine Games [SMG] uses) to Paranoia because of the narrative element and conflict resolution. Although, Paranoia's conflict resolution is handled by the whims of the GM and dice rolls are largely superficial. A6 Robotech keeps structured elements as seen in simulation based systems and unites it with narrative role playing. I have game-mastered many games in Palladium's system and in Paranoia. I personally like how this game works. It can feel over simplified at first, but the depth is created by the players though the system of skills, traits, career, nature, and stress which all guide its narrative play. I feel the system really fits with the Macross story narrative, and beside the nomenclature difference which is easily corrected by a GM that knows the pure Macross canon, can easily run games that have a genuine Macross feel. Overall, it doesn't matter what system you use whether it is Palladium, Advantage 6 [A6], or whatever system you want to run your game in, how well your game is played is up to the GM.
  4. what is your most anticipated game and why is it Cyberpunk 2077? e3 reveal trailer 48min gameplay trailer
  5. Hello! I hope this is the correct forums...if not please delete, mods! OK, I'm spooling up a live/play-by-post Macross game on Roll20. Game Link Looking for 1-2 players to join our group. We will use Discord for voice. No Webcam required. if interested, send me a DM on Roll20 or here! Thanks!!!
  6. So the Kickstarter launched for Robotech RPG tactics: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rrpgt/robotech-rpg-tacticstm It easily met it's target already. The miniatures look pretty good but it's quite expensive. $70+$30shipping to get into the game....? I could swallow the $70 but the $30 to shipping outside of the US seems a bit steep. Anyone thought of getting into this? I bought into the $140 pledget (+$30 shipping) but I still might back out to the bare minimum pledge yet. There is 32 days to go. Then again I might not....with no valks to buy my toy budget is actually starting to acumulate money! I might just go through with it for shits and giggles. Anyway..... I know everyone here is not a big fan of Robotech and/or Harmony Gold but it looks kind of cool.
  7. Here is an interesting item I found at the recent Comic Market 91. It is an expansion for a fan made table top pen and paper tank battle simulation called "Tankhunter". This expansion adds Mecha from Macross, but also borrows some units from Southern Cross and Megazone 23, but renames some them to fit in the Macross universe. The artwork is also borrowed from various Robotech sources.
  8. I've been working on write-ups for the mecha in the Macross franchise for the Basic Roleplaying supplement BRP Mecha. I'm here to both share my work, in case there are other RPGers here that want stats for a game that isn't Palladium's Robotech or Mekton, and to have more versed fans of the franchise look over my work and provide feedback. After watching Macross Zero and reading some of what Seto Kaiba has written about how SWAG/ECA works, I've been thinking about adjusting the armor values downward for fighter and GERWALK modes, and upward for battroid mode. I'm currently focused on doing up what I'll need for to run a campaign that follows the Megaroad-01 colony fleet, which includes a non-canonical VF-4 variant. Anyways, here is my google drive folder, and here is a link to BRP Mecha
  9. Hello all! First post, long time lurker & lover of Macross/Robotech. Like many people here, I am getting ready for the new tabletop game coming out. And seeing as I have been "volunteered" by my group to be the GM, I am looking for props for scenario games. Although I have collected a fair amount of props for battles on Earth, (battle mats, terrain, 6mm scale people & cars, scale papercraft ships and buildings, etc.), I need help with a couple of props for space encounters. I've seen some AMAZING things here, (that scale Zentradai scoutship comes to mind), so I know I'm in the right place. I'm requesting some help in finding nice top-down image of the Oberth Space Destroyer to use as a flat scale replica for scenarios. (Yeah, I know there's the 200m vs 390m lengh debate; I'll cross that bridge when I get to it) I'd also like one of the Star Goose, as well. The only line art I can find is straight-on, sideview, and even directly behind, but nothing from directly overhead. Does anything like this even exist? Perhaps in the instructions of the old 1:1000 scale resin kit? I've tried downloading the papercraft version, but the .pdo file just doesn't look all that great for this sort of print. And I'm just not skilled enough to make a 1:285th scale Oberth from paper! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. I'm trying to build the VF-22 in Mekton. In M:7, Max fires 40 missiles from the VF-22. 20 from the dorsal launchers and 10 from each of the ventral launchers (5 volleys of 8 missiles). Then there's the gunpod and the large missile also stored in the bays. For the purposes of building the modular pallet system, I gave each bay 6 spaces. The 10 shot SRM pallet is 2 spaces and the gunpod is 4 spaces. I have a 4 space x10 scale nuke missile as an option, as well as a 2 shot HM-MRM pallet also 4 spaces, each of which can take the place of the gunpod. Does that sound reasonable? Suggestions? Alternately I can just make the 10 shot SRMs fixed and only worry about the remaining 4 spaces, but it seems those are part of the pallet system.
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