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  1. Its based around a very stripped down version of Dungeons and Dragons, where you roll under a stat on a D20. The intent is that you can generate a character is under five minutes, and a DM could throw together a scenario in about the same time. Mecha can attempt two actions in a turn, although if you repeat one, you have to roll your Reactor die to avoid running out of fuel. This has a degrading mechanic, i.e. roll badly and a d6 becomes a d4. Characters are treated as a combination of pilot and mecha, in a race/class sort of way. Here's a video of it in play.
  2. Thanks! Its nice to have a bit of positive feedback. (Goes to correct typo I just noticed.)
  3. Wow, its been a while since I last posted here...

  4. Hi there! I recently completed a minor lifegoal, and figured out a relatively clean way to run a Macross-flavoured RPG. If you'll excuse an act of flagrant act of self-promotion, this homebrew can be found here. This is based around The Mecha Hack, a minimalist ruleset itself based off 1st edition D&D. If you want to run a game, and not spend an excessive amount of time on paperwork, I can recomend it and the other "Black Hack" related games. Cheers.
  5. I just noticed your post, sorry. Thanks, duly noted.
  6. I got an Alto in the post yesterday. A few comments: 1) This is the most durable feeling toy I've brought since, well, a chunky monkey (well, a Jetfire, 20+ years ago). 2) Posability is decent, not great, thanks to the leg design. 3) Its likeness isn't spot on, in comparison to the CG, but I only noticed that when I deliberately went looking for flaws. It's beauty otherwise. I think what is causing the contraversy with these toys is a difference in design philosphy between Bandai and Yamato. Bandai seems to being going for "toy", whereas, from what I've observed, Yamato makes display pieces. This is a uninformed opinion though, as I have yet to get a Yammie, so please forgive the sweeping generalisation, I'm just going from what I've read here.
  7. Ah, that explains the vibe I was getting from it. Its definately more video game in style than Macross.
  8. Ditto. It puts me in mind of the old Victory Gundam or an R-type end-of-level-boss. What's the story behind it?
  9. Hi Is there a review of the 1/60 SV 51 knocking about somewhere? I can't seem to find one. Thanks. EDIT: Scratch that. Found this one on youtube. Sorry for spamming. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQTQUmjziaw
  10. Wow, toy imports, to swine flu, to zombie survival tactics. This forum is awesome
  11. I'm just going to stick this question here, even though I'm not technically a newbie. Now that Frontier has finished, is there a consensus as to which group produced the best fansubs for it? By "best" I mean the most accurate, and truthful to the source material. Thanks.
  12. Hi Does anyone know of a good website to buy from if you're living in the UK? My google-fu is weak today. Thanks
  13. I did consider that as a plan B, but I also holding out hope of someone knowing where a handy direct download of just the intro was. Thanks for taking the time to respond though, I appreciate it.
  14. I'm going to hijack this thread with a plea for help. I apologise for this, but I've got a problem which is driving me batty. I've been trying to find a clip of either of the Frontier intros, but all I can see on youtube is very badly pixellated. Can anybody point me to a good link? Thanks, and sorry for spamming.
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