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  1. The poster there is for the model kit building contest, part of a trophy and certificate box sent to hobby stores that hosted the contest in 1982
  2. That poster looks reeeealy familiar, especially that divot from the JR station clip that used to hold it up.
  3. They have been releasing issues on a regular basis, but they are not always Macross related. They have also done motorcycle dojin recently.
  4. some of the unpublished missing link designs were displayed at some of the Macross events at the Tezuka museum
  5. I work at a company that does heat treatment for injection molding tooling. The cost of producing a prototype is insignificant compared to the cost of the tooling to mass produce it. And then you have the cost of training workers and setup costs for the actual production line. You stand to loose much more than the money invested in a prototype if the product fails to sell some multiple of 10,000 units.
  6. One of these fans that made doujinshi, was Kenichi Sonoda. A large number of people working in the industry got their start in doujinshi and have the belief that it is ok to borrow content created by someone else.
  7. its a cliche to say its a culture thing, but it really is. Japan has a culture of accepting copyright infringement on a large scale. The biggest example is the twice a year(pre covid) Comic Market where half a million people cram into crowded halls to buy fan works of copyrighted characters. With the official license holders selling official goods one building away. And very few get sued. The corporations understand that this fan work enhances their brand, and allows it.
  8. so, cancelling full review, I just leave you with; avoid "The Omnivous Plus"
  9. one of the reasons I wanted to do this, was to warn some people of the non standard content in some of these issues, in case they were trying to collect them. This is actually how I got started in collecting dojinshi, I looked up the titles and showed images of the covers to dojin store staff and asked around. By most dojin standards they are pretty tame, but certain issues have had bad reactions from some other Macross fans I showed them to in IRL. So it might be helpful to warn others that might try to do what I have.
  10. Thanks for research, but it was a painted image from early 80`s. im kicking myself for not buying it at the time.
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