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  1. There is typically diecast in tomicar products (even the 500 yen ones) and I expect the same here.
  2. It’s all relative. Typical tomicar is 500 yen. The premium line is just for products with licenses like initial D and back to the future.
  3. I missed out on the Misa 1/12 figure. Now they're nowhere to be found (at reasonable pricing anyways). I did order their 1/12 Roy few weeks ago and it came with the bonus guitar to my surprise. Hopefully they'll re-issue Misa (Lisa for them) at some point.
  4. google search: Metal Build followed the 2007 release of a similar line of partly diecast action figures under Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite, which focuses on Universal Century mecha and is based on the designs and artwork of Hajime Katoki. In contrast, Metal Build has focused on other timelines than Universal Century. Metal build has more accessories like you mentioned, and also tends to be more detailed. Chogokin is usually designed with animation accuracy in mind, while metal build is stylised. Chogokin uses ratchet joints (better for longevity) while metal build is strictly friction. while some may favor MB more than chogokin, I think it’s wrong to say chogokin is the budget line. It’s a different design approach. Simpler and more anime accurate design will feel less detailed but it’s meant to be that way, not to say it’s lower quality.
  5. the colors of the track suits match the colors each character is associated with on the show (though less sure about Bouge). They also have matching colors even in concerts, which led to some very poor outfit design choices in the beginning that has improved over the years, but never all that great.
  6. thanks guys for enlightening me. I thought the Walkure girls all have their own gigs and that’s why they had the Walkure final tour last year as their final performance as a group? I recently watch the Walkure Reborn concert bluray and was quite impressed with them. Overall better singers than megumi and May’n? At least I didn’t hear any intonation issues that sometimes appear in Frontier concerts. May’n’s voice is so unique that it’s hard to compare. But maybe I should run and hide after this statement……
  7. Sorry for my ignorance, from left to right, they're Freyja, Reina, and who?
  8. it says paper craft for the tent is included.
  9. Nice work. What scale will these be in?
  10. If anyone is willing to part with the 1/60 figures of the 4 Fire Bomber members please shoot me a PM.
  11. Thank you. Switched back to the ugly black one. mine sat overnight but luckily no stress marks.
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