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  1. Bandai'd. I guess this is called the "Desetiny Gundam" now. Hope they fix it for the official release. Or maybe they will say it looks more symmetric this way.
  2. That's insane, though. Y45,650 for essentially a 1/144 scale figure. Given the pre-order shenanigans, you could get 2 of the 3 orders in?... Does the figure not come with a base? Why does the wings of light set have another sword and buster? Why not just package the effect parts in? Why is the Zeus Silhouette more than the figure? So many questions...
  3. I'll be going towards the end of Feb. Hope there will be some merch left.
  4. Apologies if this was posted before, saw this on Facebook off of X: VF-22 built by Jefuemon. https://x.com/jefuemon_ver2/status/1727251867594584547?s=20
  5. HobbyWatch says that pre-orders opened on November 1st. It could be the shops are playing it a bit cautiously. Here are some links I found: https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?gcode=FIGURE-161941 - On Sale Soon https://www.yoyakunow.com/en/robots/20397-hi-metal-r-scope-dog-red-shoulder-custom.html - Placeholder https://hobby-genki.com/en/hi-metal-r/25201-hi-metal-r-scopedog-red-shoulder-custom-armored-trooper-votoms-4573102656803.html - Available now https://anime-export.com/index.php?product=74136 - Available now https://kuramatoys.com/hi-metal-r-scopedog-red-shoulder-custom/ - available now
  6. Yup, HLJ'd again... Don't know why I bother pre-ordering from them.
  7. I think I saw that the soon to be released Alto figure does not fit in the cockpit either and you will need to make some modifications to the seat in order to close the canopy. Unfortunately, it looks like the cockpits were designed for looks, not to actually fit a "to scale" figure.
  8. Bandai has released all their manuals online. Quick tip, search using all caps, there was an issue where it would not return results with lower case names: https://manual.bandai-hobby.net/?sort=new&freeword=HAZEL
  9. I'll probably get one, but I am disappointed they could not finish the crew. Would it have killed them to include Sabine and Chopper?
  10. For folks who are considering getting the Metal Build GN-Arms, these are the quotes I got for shipping: Shipping weight 5000g Airmail International 12,450yen approx. 2 to 4 weeks EMS 13,000yen approx. 4 to 12 days FedEx International Priority 14,673 yen approx. 5 days UPS Worldwide Express Saver 23,228yen approx. 4 days DHL Express Worldwide 25,865 yen approx. 5 days
  11. Most likely Bandai switching factories in China and lack of Japanese staff overseeing production on the main land. Prior to the pandemic, they released a Tamashii Nations video touting the extreme quality control that went into every release (ha!), but with the pandemic, I am pretty sure they would want their employees travelling to China to oversee the production lines.
  12. I have not had problems with them yet. They list the quantity of an item they have on their page which is nice and they send you a confirmation that your order has been placed in the case of P-Bandai. Hopefully they will continue to be good and not turn out to be another NY. Keep in mind, NY was good at the beginning as well.
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