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  1. Very interesting find! The prototype markings on Transformers are usually stamped on with ink. They will do a a small run and all the copies will have the same number on them. It's to track which batch they are from in the prototyping process. And they are also typically made with whatever plastic the factory has on hand so they look pretty bad with the wrong plastic colours. I think you are correct. These copies were most likely made and marked for the trade shows and store displays. They used the correct colour of plastic and they have all the lettering etc. Examples of prototype Transformers:
  2. I find that Kaki price totally bizarre. Maybe my fellow collectors in Canada are just cheap, but I took forever to sell my MIB DYRL Hikaru VF-1S and Kaki VF-1A. And for Kaki I ended up selling over $100 less than I paid for it. Buyers here want to pay retail price or close to it for used copies, but it's very difficult to buy them at retail price in the first place so that doesn't make sense.
  3. Forgive my ignorance, but I thought the WWM thing only applies to characters from after Macross Plus. I have heard that we will never get a WWM release of a SDFM/DYRL/Macross Plus figures. So this being pre-order madness again is not a surprise as far as I know.
  4. Yes I missed that. I only follow this thread because all the DX VF-1 info used to be in here. Why are we creating dedicated threads per release? That does not make sense to me at all because if you have alerts set up for this thread, you will not be notified. Anyway! Sorry to bother everyone! I will go back to lurking.
  5. Yup, I'm aware of that. I've ordered those before. What I mean is that there was very little discussion in this thread about it and I cannot even access the Bandai web site anymore for SDFM/DYRL stuff because I'm not in Japan. So I had no way of knowing when you could order it. And even in the pre-order thread on this site it was barely mentioned. I just thought it was odd. Normally there are pages of discussion here whenever a new DX variant pops up. I assume there will be a lot more discussion when it's an actual character release.
  6. I'm a little shocked that I completely missed a DX pre-order. Or did I? I can't tell. I wasn't really interested in the Angels anyway, but they appear to be sold out already and I wasn't even aware they were on sale yet. And when I go to the Bandai web page to look them up, it keeps redirecting me to their international store and there is no Macross products there. That did not used to happen. They were not discussed in this thread much at all. As far as I can tell the pre-order date was not even posted here once. Are we keeping all information about ordering, including the pre-order madness date, in the pre-order pinned thread now? That seems ridiculous to me, even for this super strict forum. Or is it that nobody cares about that release so there was not much discussion? The only reason I'm bringing this up is that I'm concerned that I will miss a release I do care about from lack of info. Thank you!
  7. Since that new world wide agreement does not include SDFM, DYRL or Macross Plus I'm wondering if Bandai is focusing on the shows and movies that are included to see how that goes. To be honest I only have so much geek budget to go around and I've been relieved that there wasn't a DX Valk that I wanted for a while. But I would still like Max & Miria VF-1Js and a TV Kaki at some point.
  8. I thought it was understood that NY no longer exists. First Nin-Nin came up when you went to the NY website and now it's this: https://materialmatcha.com/ Anyway they are toast.
  9. Not sure why you care so much about other people's spending habits. But for your info, this is the second Bandai DX I've ordered from Luna Park and both times they shipped DHL and somehow avoided the border taxes. They charge quite a bit for shipping, so they may be including the taxes ahead of time like Amazon Japan and there are no surprise fees later. Or maybe they are marking down the value like AE and others. Not sure. Yes I paid the late tax for this, but I was expecting another tax assault later that did not happen so that's good. Oh, and you were also concerned about me buying the Lego UCS AT-AT earlier. Just to keep you informed I purchased it last night and I'm really looking forward to assembling it. πŸ‘
  10. The FOMO kicked in. I caved and used my N-Y refund to buy this set from Luna Park. And it's now costing me $70 CAD more...... Damn you N-Y!!! Luna Park has about the same price as the Ebay sellers I'm seeing, but I would rather buy from a store. I really wish we could get these things closer to MSRP. This figure is now my second most expensive nerd purchase after HasLab Unicron which is crazy. Now I wait to see if Luna Park actually has stock to send me. Embrace the suck!!! 😭
  11. Yup. I skipped the Falcon and the Star Destroyer UCS sets due to cost and lack of space, but I'm not skipping this one. I'm selling a few figures to help pay for it. Same thing I did for the HasLab Unicron. To make the wife happy.
  12. Believe it or not I managed to get a refund from Nippon Yassan by complaining to PayPal. Thankfully I was still within 6 months. Now to decide if I really want this armor set after all. It’s been an expensive year. Do we think this set will be easier to get for a decent price in the future like Roy? Or will the price go up?
  13. And I'm getting more and more concerned about my NY order. Still radio silence and ignored tickets. Pretty soon I'll be putting in a PayPal complaint. Edit: I just submitted my PayPal dispute. It's a shame because I have used NY for many years and appreciated them marking down my packages so I could avoid taxes. But enough is enough. I also find it hilarious that when you start the PayPal dispute process NY actually have a note on the PP page that lets you know that if you raise a dispute all your orders will be stopped while the dispute is being performed. And as everyone knows by now, your account will be closed after the dispute.
  14. I'm actually hoping we get a bit of a break for the VF-1s because it's been an expensive year. But I would still like TV Max & Miria VF-1Js and a TV Kaki.....pretty soonish.... I originally planned to get the movie Skull squad, but after getting the TV Roy and 1D I'm hooked on the TV versions now. I like the variety of colours.
  15. Yeah I once said I only want one DX valk and I now own five.
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