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  1. Thank you all for your replies. I'm a n00b with Macross collecting and was not aware of that history.
  2. Sorry but this is still not clear at all. What exactly is "bluefin". I've never heard of it. My pics above are from a North American retailer so it should be a WWM release. There isa WWM logo on the back of the box but it is not a sticker and I would guess it's on the Japanese domestic boxes as well. But I'm not sure. We are going to need to see pics of the Japanese domestic YF-21 box as well as the box being sold in other countries when it releases so we can compare and see if there are any differences. If this bluefin thing is inside the box I wouldn't know because I have not opened my VF-117EX yet. I'm thinking about selling it so I don't want to break the seal.
  3. I’m not sure what it looks like. I have the larger warning sticker on the back and there is a small Tamashii Nations Quality and a blue sticker on the front. Not sure if that is the bluefin sticker or not. The smaller blue “Macross B-02” below is a sticker as well as the small quality sticker on the left everything else is part of the box. This item came from Ages 3 And Up in Canada
  4. I am not an expert at all. But I just received a North American release of the VF-117EX and I believe the packaging is identical to the Japanese box but there is an English language sticker for the choking hazard etc. So I would guess it's the same product, they just add a sticker for local languages. I cannot comment on the actual figure because I have not owned one before.
  5. It's actually crazy fees everywhere but the U.S. Here in Canada I get to pay an extra $20 for a courier to take the package over the border and then 13% tax on the value of the item plus shipping and the $20 fee. And this is on top of the shipping fee I already paid to the store in Japan. I once paid over $90 CAD for a $30 book from HLJ because of all the shipping and taxes. This YF-21 was going to cost me $560 CAD from Amazon.com so I cancelled it after seeing the issues. For reference I bought the DX VF-1 with armor set for around $500 CAD and the Yen is way more down now. The price of the YF-21 is bonkers. When it popped up again on AE recently I almost bought it because AE does not declare full value and it would cost me way less but I have too many other geek expenses lately so I had to give up the 21 for now. I'm actually thinking about trying to find a Yamato version now or just giving up on having a friend for my YF-19 on the shelf.
  6. Thank you both for your opinions. I just canceled my Amazon.com order. Too many toys this year and the price after you convert to Canadian dollars was $560 including shipping and taxes which is just nuts. For reference I paid around $500 for the DX VF-1J with armor set. They are really pushing it with the price of the YF-21.
  7. Thank you for that. I currently only have a pre-order at Amazon U.S. and it's way too expensive. I'm thinking about cancelling that order. The HG price is way less and I almost pulled the trigger but I've spent too much on toys recently so I cannot purchase right now. What are the chances that this item will eventually be available at Mandarake? I think I bought my YF-19 FSP from Mandarake years after release. My thinking is that many people do not seem very happy with this design so I'm thinking there may be a bunch on the secondary market.
  8. If you already knew about the scale thing then why were you asking the question in the first place? Sorry for giving you such an idiot response. I’ll go back to lurking.
  9. My very limited understanding of the licensing is that it may be per scale or something. KC is 1/72 scale isn't it? TZ is 1/60. So they may both have the license at the same time. I'm not sure why more than one company can't have the license at the same time anyway. As long as they are all paying the license fees why would the license owner care? I'm pleased that TZ are eventually releasing the M&M 1Js since Bandai DX seems to be slow on that front. I'm hoping they eventually do the super packs as well. Especially for the M&M 1J valks. If I like the TZ products enough I was planning on skipping the DX versions to save some money.
  10. I might be able to offer a little bit of insight here. I only started collecting DX Macross figures after the VF-1 figures started coming out because I'm old school and I've only seen the original SDFM, DYRL and Macross Plus. I have not seen anything after that so I don't have much interest in the newer valks. But I ended up buying the WWM VF-25 first release anniversary figure because it was on sale on Amazon locally and because it has a nice colour scheme and the Skull Squadron symbol on it which appeals to me. I also think it's a beautiful valk design. But I didn't really appreciate that until that anniversary edition popped up for some reason. Anyway that figure was a gateway drug for me and I ended up buying the revivals of the VF-25F with super parts and the VF-171EX. I have not received the 171 yet and I've heard it's a pain to transform. But I'm happy with my two VF-25s and it's causing me to start paying more attention to all the new valks after those (which is why I'm in this thread). I'm trying not to because I'm out of display space and these valks are very expensive to import to Canada. And the WWM pricing for retailers outside of Japan has not been great. Anyway, what I'm saying is that I'm most likely not the only one in this situation so that may have been Bandai's evil plan. Start up WWM and then get people like me buying revivals. I'm also buying the YF-21 of course because I'm a huge fan of M+ but I'm really not happy about the crazy price they are charging in North America. I'm never able to land a purchase on pre-order madness night so I've given up and paying the piper.
  11. Thank you for the confirmation! I’m in Canada so the Yen is not nearly as good for me. I’ll be paying over $500 CAD for this thing which is about the same as I paid for the VF-1J with armour. I’m still trying to justify this purchase at all. It’s pretty high.
  12. Anyone know for sure if you need to pay up front for pre-orders at Yoyakunow? I've read their FAQ and Terms of Service and it's still not clear to me. I assume yes, but just checking. And I'm assuming that they don't tell you what the shipping cost will be until the item is in stock? Makes it really hard to comparison shop when they don't tell you the full cost with shipping up front. I have a YF-21 pre-ordered at Amazon.com but the price is high so I'm still looking for one in Japan. But this quarter is brutal with way too many releases so I need to pay later when the item is shipped. Some things to note: For any Canadians out there, Amazon.ca only recently listed the DX YF-19 reissue on their site. I had assumed it was sold out and gone but apparently not. So Amazon.ca may have a pre-order for the YF-21 in a few months. Not sure why Amazon Canada lists so much later than Amazon USA. They also listed the VF-117 reissue recently as well. Luna Park seems to have an option to pay $50 up front and the rest when they get the item in stock, which would be great for me right now, but you need to email them to do it. I did that, they said they would send me a bill for $50 to secure the preorder and then nothing happened so I gave up. You also need to be an existing customer that already bought something. Which I am. Not sure what's going on there, but I thought I would let people know. That info is a bit buried on their site and not obvious.
  13. I see it more as me paying a rental fee for having the toy for a while. I am selling online. Of course. The low balls are from online buyers. And most of them don’t even want to pay for shipping! Even if it’s less than $20! I often get shipping quotes for buyers and then never hear from them again cause the $18 was a deal-breaker. Again, the issue is that I’m not able to buy Macross SDFM/DYRL DX figures anywhere near MSRP so I’m usually paying double. Many buyers don’t understand that so they look up the MSRP and work down from there. If I were able to buy them at their actual cost without markups I would most likely be able to sell them at a profit. I don’t buy a huge amount of Macross stuff so it’s not that big of a deal. I actually started buying those VF-25 recent reissues because I can actually get them on sale on Amazon without too much fuss. I have never seen any media past Macross Plus so I never really cared about any of the newer valks. But I now have two VF-25 figures and a VF-171 on order.
  14. Wouldn’t the attic destroy your toys pretty quickly? Mine is hot enough in the summer that it would melt toys for sure. I would rather see them go to a collector, even at a loss. Anyway I’m not sure what else to say. I will put an ad up and get nothing but low ball offers for months. Eventually I get fed up and take a low offer to get it out of my house. I just don’t have the storage space and I’m more about having money in my account than dusty toy boxes in the attic. And I have the same issue with Masterpiece Transformers. Mine are always super mint and I can barely give them away. I have one up for sale right now that I paid over $200 for. It’s barely been touched and is mint in box with all the parts etc. I have it up for sale for $100 and the best offer I’ve had after 6 months is $70. So I’m hanging on to it for now. I’m wondering if some of you have not actually tried to sell anything recently? It may be worse than you think out there. Most people are barely getting by so expensive toys are pretty far down on the priority list.
  15. OK and what does this have to do with my situation? I have a wife and kids and I cannot display my toys in the shared areas of the house. Macross is not my first collecting priority so I have very limited space to display them. So sometimes some have to go to make room for others. To be clear I don’t intend to sell anything. But sometimes I need to sell to make space for something I want more. All I’m saying is that of all the things I collect, Macross depreciates the worst by far and it’s because of Bandai’s ridiculous consumer unfriendly tactics.
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