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  1. AE has always been like that for me. Sometimes their emails go into the spam folder but there is usually no email at all. I just start logging and checking around the release date.
  2. Usually that estimated delivery date is a "worst case scenario" date. It should arrive much faster than that. I'm still baffled by my Luna Park DHL delivery. I paid 3000Y back in December for shipping which was most likely EMS at the time. They did not ask for more money for the DHL shipping and on top of that it was delivered last week and I have still not received any fees at all from DHL. It's bizarre. Not sure if it was a glitch or what. The packing job sucked and the box was a bit damaged but I'm still happy because I was expecting to pay what you paid. I do feel your pain though! I've been screwed by many expensive shipping bills this year.
  3. I received mine from Luna Park a few days ago. Delivered DHL to me in Canada and there were zero extra fees or taxes. I’m wondering if I will get billed later but DHL doesn’t usually do that. I’m also wondering if Luna Park is somehow fulfilling by Amazon Japan because the delivery time and price for DHL is very similar to AJ DHL shipments. Anyway it’s bizarre but I’m really happy I seemed to have escaped the extra fees. So far.
  4. I received mine from Luna Park today in Ontario. Ordered it in December. I was shocked because I was not charged any taxes or border handling fees from DHL. That normally only happens when shipping DHL from Amazon Japan and in that case I pay the taxes to Amazon. But the bad news is that they shipped it in a DHL bag. Seriously. The only cardboard was the Bandai exclusive slip cover over the VF-1D box. No bubble wrap. So obviously every corner on the inner box was crushed. Contents seem to be fine. What is with some Japanese stores shipping in bags? My Roy was shipped in a FedEx bag.
  5. Yeah, I've mentioned it a few times on this site but the last DHL shipment I had from Japan was a $36 mook from HLJ and I ended up paying $95 total because of all the BS DHL fees and taxes. I was pissed and complained to both HLJ and DHL, not that they care. I'm still used to the $16 DHL 2 day delivery from Amazon Japan with no extra fees so this was shocking to me. So now that I have a $400 item inbound from DHL I'm really concerned about the taxes and fees. I'm really hoping that Luna Park marked the price down on the customs forms but I'm assuming they didn't. To keep things on topic: I'm really liking the colour scheme on this release because it's so different than my other DX VF-1s. Mine are all white with very little colour so this will stand out for sure. My original plan was to collect only the movie VF-1s and get the whole Skull squad, but now I'm changing my mind and going for the TV versions to get more colour. I'm really hoping they eventually do the Max & Miria VF-1Js as well as the brown Kaki VF-1A.
  6. I paid 4500Y back in Dec. for what I assumed was EMS from Luna Park. They shipped a few days ago using DHL and did not charge extra, which I think is pretty great. Except that I'm expecting the usual taxes and DHL border fees assault any minute now.
  7. Luna Park has not sent me a shipped email yet, but this morning I got a text from DHL telling me it’s on the way. I was surprised because I paid for the figure and shipping back when the preorder first went up which I assume was EMS so I was expecting an additional charge for DHL. So I’m impressed that it shipped already, but unfortunately I am most likely going to get bent over with taxes and border fees from DHL. The last item I had shipped from Japan with DHL was a $36 mook that ended up costing $95 because of the DHL fees. So I’m fearful of what a $400 CAD item is going to cost me.
  8. Well I’m still holding out hope for this figure. I bought a DX YF-19 last year to go with this. It is looking mighty lonely on my shelf at the moment. Hopefully we get some news soon!
  9. Yup, I understand how it works. But for me in Ontario it has always been the full tax amount of 13% for toys. That's what I normally pay to Amazon Japan. I have never been charged a border fee by Canada Post. Again, what I'm griping about is paying $95 for a $36 magazine from Japan, delivered by DHL. That is not reasonable and should not be acceptable. That's a 260% fee/taxes. The FedEx fee on the TV super parts was OK considering the cost of the item. I use Fedex maybe once every 3 years so I'm not going to create an account to save $10. It's not worth the email spam I will receive.
  10. The issue is that we don't know what the fees will be until it's too late. For Fedex I didn't receive the invoice with all the fees until 2 weeks or more after I received the item. Also if I'm paying $30-40 or more to someone like HLJ I'm assuming that's ALL the fees because it's already expensive. I'm used to DHL through Amazon Japan which has no more surprise fees because Amazon pays the taxes etc. on my behalf. Anyway, hopefully Japan Post shows Canada some love soon and I won't have to use couriers anymore. FYI for anyone not aware, some of the couriers like UPS have actually had class action lawsuits against them (at least in Canada) and had to pay the fees back. What they were doing is charging the full shipping amount including fees to the shipper, and then turning around and double charging the same fees to the receiver. So getting the fees twice. I ended up getting some money back from UPS because of the lawsuit. I just don't trust the couriers at all.
  11. Sorry I can’t remember which fellow Canuck I was talking to about FedEx shipping the TV Super parts a few weeks ago. We were happy at the time because FedEx didn’t charge any extra fees on delivery. Well as I suspected I got a little surprise letter in the mail with a bill for the fees. I really hope Japan Post starts shipping to Canada again soon because those courier border fees are killing me. Off topic but as an example I recently ended up paying $95 CAD for a $36 book from HLJ using DHL. It was $35 shipping paid to HLJ and then when the parcel was on the way DHL billed me another $24 in border fees. I was super pissed. It was the Transformers Generations 2021 “mook” which is essentially a thick magazine. So I paid $95 for an import magazine. Ouch.
  12. It's still there an hour later which is good. Do you know if there is also a seconf round for the 1J + armor set? I'm still looking for one at a decent price but it's probably hopeless. At the Canadian dollar is up these days so I'm not getting screwed quite as badly.
  13. My 2 cents: We know the DX YF-21 is coming at some point. So maybe people are picking up the YF-19 now to go with the 21. That's what I did last year when the 21 was first shown. I immediately started hunting for a YF-19 and got one.
  14. Me too! I was expecting import taxes. But I heard sometimes they bill you later so I'm not 100% sure we are off the hook yet.
  15. Luna Park's markup went up to crazy town and the shipping also went up from I think 5000 Yen earlier this week to 9000 Yen now for me in Ontario so it's a no-go. Right now the total shipped to Ontario is 48,800 Yen...... I'm most likely going to wait for something more reasonable on Ebay or Mandarake. I ended up getting Roy on Ebay for a not too ridiculous price. I'm also annoyed at Luna Park because they promised me 2000 Yen worth of points months ago but it's only 685 Yen showing up in my account.
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