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  1. Looking mighty fine there @Lolicon! Awesome custom work as always, don’t you stop on me now.🀩
  2. I bit the bullet and decided to try my luck with yoyaku. the odd thing to note, their stock quantity went from 6 available to 0 when i made the purchase, and i did not buy 6. I am just hopeful I don't have to call my credit card company in July for a chargeback.
  3. Quite excited to get a 171 for the first time and mine's in HLJ PW currently. The problem is I've ordered a HG YF-21 with it last September but my order isn't being processed as timely as I'd like...what the kit's now on backorder?! Has anyone managed to get one in your PW yet.
  4. Clearly someone over at 1999.co.jp made a mistake because no retailers I've dealt with will ship a Max 29 for 1,800 yen jammed in a small packet. I'm all penny pinching when it comes down to shipping charges but there is such thing as having enough room/protection for your expensive toy in an ample size box, and you pay for that.
  5. Yikes, that ain't good. Haven't bothered to open up my revivals yet but now I am curious to see how bad it is.
  6. HLJ preorder back up again for you to entertain; VF-171EX Armored Nightmare Plus EX (Alto Saotome Machine) Revival Ver. | HLJ.com 28,000 yen.
  7. The fact that the 21 comes with the struts for fold booster could be a sign for an immediate accessory pack release down the road? -DX Missile and fold booster set for YF-19/YF-21, for 18,000 yen.😁 Preorder closed before it ever opened again!
  8. dude that looks so good that it's inspiringHappy Thanksgiving to y'all in the south of the border!!
  9. yeah this new Max blue is on the redder darker side of the blue. (oh no, not the blue color debate again.😁)
  10. my my, this photo really seems to accentuate how Bandai messed up scaling down the pilot...somebody please feed kaki some more steak!
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