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  1. Wow that's awesome, just like the tv opening!
  2. Thanks very much @sqidd!! Yeah I kinda remember reaching out to you but I wasn't sure..Thanks again, I'm happy now.
  3. Has anybody accidentally preordered an extra copy of the D by any chance? Help a brother out, don't wanna pay the current scalper's price please and thanks.
  4. Hello, Up for sale is a DX SSP set for DYRL movie VF-1. In great condition, comes complete with box and manual. $Sold
  5. Item found. Please delete post, thanks🙂.
  6. On a happier note, I finally got my hands on an unopened TV Max! Talking about a payoff after months of searching literally everyday..You’d have missed it if you blinked, as popular valks get sold out real quick on Mandarake.
  7. A fellow Canadian member here getting ripped off by dhl and fedex in fees. I am hopeful though we also get EMS back soon as JPost resumed services to US as of June 1st.
  8. I have been reluctantly using DHL due to current shipping restrictions to Canada, and every time I am hit with their $20 processing plus duties which adds up quick...Lucky you south of the border, I hope Japan Post resumes EMS to Canada soon too.
  9. Threezero Berserker armor Guts just arrived. Very cool but I would have been happier if they didn’t forget a piece; Contacted Threezero CS and thankfully they’re fixing me up.
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