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  1. Threezero Berserker armor Guts just arrived. Very cool but I would have been happier if they didn’t forget a piece; Contacted Threezero CS and thankfully they’re fixing me up.
  2. Hi @Special Sauce, we on the same boat here. I am taking a chance with Nin Nin for the first time as well.. They better ship the damn thing before the PayPal's 180 day dispute window..Hopefully they make a believer outta me!
  3. All I see is them gorilla hands! I am wondering if we get a slight waist rotation with all this armor or no?
  4. I went with Nin Nin as well and it is my first purchase with them at their 3rd round price. Definitely not as confident as I was to preorder from guys like HLJ & AmiAmi, but on the last Roy release I seem to remember reading about members happy with Nin Nin...What's with Paypal exchange fees they add on anyways? BTW, do they accept preorder cancellations without much fuss??
  5. Yikes 155,000 yen would've definitely been the most I spent on a toy. Shipped to my Canadian door will be well over $2,000!
  6. Thanks for explaining that @jvmacross! Well I have an empty spot on my shelf for a VF1J grey goggle or not.
  7. I see someone mentioning that the upcoming GBP release is a "TV" version..heck, what are the differences, if any, between SDFM and DYRL? them armors lookin' all da same to me, thanks.
  8. I found Gerwalk mode only this afternoon.
  9. I wonder what pilot Bandai will include with this GBP release. I suppose the GBP is mainly for battles in the space, does that mean we will be getting Hikaru in his space suit as supposed to atmospheric suit? - That would be great for people converting their Roy 1S into Hikaru's myself included.
  10. Hello, Looking for either Bandai DX VF-1A TV Max or Arcadia VE-1 Elintseeker PF, preferably new & sealed but minty fresh in box works too! Please PM with your price if you have a spare to sell. Items to be shipped to Ontario, Canuckland. Thanks very much!
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