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  1. Looks like the survey is closed, damn I almost had it released guys.
  2. Always liked the look of the sirbine, although I am not familiar with the storyline or the anime. Might go for the upcoming MB, hoping preorder isn’t too crazy..Do you know when preorder is open for the MB version?
  3. DHL processing fee and GST in my case came out to a whopping sum of 70.49 cad.
  4. DX Armored parts for VF-1J, unopened, package damaged, 14k yen. Bandai DX Chogokin Super Dimension Fortress Macross VF-1J Compatible Armored Parts Set | Mandarake Online Shop
  5. DX Armored VF-1J combo 35k yen, unopened, package damaged https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1181017707&ref=list&keyword=Dx chogokin vf-1&lang=en
  6. Got it @jvmacross, agree with you 100%, thanks for your clarification.
  7. Hey @f-valk, with all due respect there is no need to post every other YAJ bidding because most people here already know how to browse and find what they want. Readily available information, my friend.
  8. A good comparison that comes to mind is the RX-78-02 first gundam. There are countless variations and updates of the same freaking gundam since the first appearance in 1978, but it is still the most popular model and people, myself included, never seem to get tired of it. As for the manufacturer Bandai in this case, why would they ever give up what sells the most and spend their resources to develop and give you variations instead that only cater to the otaku's/minority. It is just business. That being said, I would also like to see something different as well. I've collected all the DX vf's and I'm like, now what.
  9. Don't forget to check Mandarake for tv max as it occasionally shows up for sale, price ranging from 28(opened)-32k(unopened, package damaged) yen. I remember struggling to find max for quite some time before, as it could be rather difficult nowadays.
  10. Death and Macross taxes.😆 Only if I could ever score a toy at msrp on the night of preorder..
  11. DX VF-1S Hikaru '84 movie version @ 32,000 yen. Unopened, package damaged. Bandai Dx Chogokin Movie Version VF-1S Valkyrie (Ichijo Hikaru's Machine) | Mandarake Online Shop Get yours latecomers!
  12. C'mon people y'all know its eventual release, the question is how much freakin' longer do we gotta wait for it! With all this global anticipation, I can almost foresee PO night for dx yf-21, I'll be that miserable bastard at 302am without a toy panicking, furiously hitting 'add to cart' in vain, because I can not complete with those scalpers with the bots.
  13. No, there is another member I know of who requested an order cancellation and got his money back from nin nin.
  14. Wow a pretty penny but a bargain nonetheless considering current market for one of those! I am ok w/o the awakening but always wanted the winterfest 00. I do have a 09 and although it is quite similar to the 00 in the design and color theme, it just doesn't do it for me...I should have picked one up when it was about 600 bucks..6 years ago!
  15. I missed out on preorder night for Roy, ended up paying premium for my copies at about 26k yen. A Roy would cost you about the same a year after its release today, and it is rather easy to track one down. I feel it would be the same case for the GBP set. Anywhere between 35-37k now and will probably stay that way because of its production level being a major hero valk. btw, congrats you got money back from NY
  16. Jelly! The two Medicom RAH Eva’s I’ve missed and will never get to own🤣
  17. I think he better ship it to your door 'cause not everyone can cough up 2k, LEK or LED, not in this economy. The inflation has hit us up here in Canuckland like a b@#$%.
  18. Both but more of a fitment issue as 1D has a chest piece with flat top to compensate for the two seater design.
  19. That makes it even more optimistic for you eh @sqidd?
  20. I have been keeping my eyes on this listing for some time, but nobody seems to go for it.Odd, because it is a good deal even with all the proxy fees, shipping, and duties in. I almost bought another one but decided no because the armor parts is very specific to J and I don't see it go well with other vf variants.
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