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    Hi-Metal R

    Great news! This is a perfect size I could have it out and play with on my work desk and no doubt the 0A is imminently to be followed down the road Bandai milking the new mold.
  2. Shipment info received from LP last Friday but no movement as of yet. Oh well in the meantime.😉
  3. It hit me all of sudden that LP is nothing more than a proxy service such as FJ or Tenso with their business practice such as this. Sure, LP comes through eventually and you get your stuff wrapped in dismantled amazon box but.. a direct supplier with Bandai my a$$. God I wish I didn't have those pending preorders.
  4. Are these rare survivors from the crushed box we seen recently.😁
  5. Superglue should keep those wing pieces shut. It’s funny because normally my problem’s the opposite them using too much glue! I haven’t yet transformed into battroid but something tells me I am going to have the same flapper.😉 If so I may try some kiki or nail polish.
  6. You got it. If it was available today and I was in the market for one, It would cost me approx. $445 CAD everything in from Mandarake for their unopened, package damaged. It certainly isn’t cheap but what can I say? - VF-1S Hikaru is a must! and don’t forget the SSP.
  7. The answer is No, Mandarake does not charge such an extravagant bs amount for shipping. You are interested in a DX VF-1S Hikaru, correct? That box fits perfectly in their shipping box#12 for 5,090 yen via DHL currently. Then once the parcel makes it across the border, DHL will charge you 13% HST + $19.21 processing every. single. time.🤣
  8. Hey @Metaphor322 welcome on board! Great to see another member from GTA. As for tracking down VF-1S Hikaru, Mandarake may be your best bet in terms of $$, and yes you have to check the site religiously to snag one if it ever comes up for sale. Happy hunting!
  9. Got a Mirage in the mail today and just finished checking it out. Surprisingly I didn’t have to file down the wing tabs at all, and even the hot origami mess of the arms lined up better especially the guns now don’t drool as much...weird.
  10. I agree with ya on that point, just another repaint with the faulty design issues. The reason for my anxiety however, rather than the toy itself, is to see if LP fulfills preorders in timely manner which ultimately helps my decision for future purchases with them, that is all.
  11. BTW, has anyone heard anything from Luna Park regarding Mirage preorder fulfillment? - I know at least a handful of people got their orders with LP, myself included.
  12. Amazing! so much attention was given to details. I like how you painted the spotlight thing above the shoulders, would that be like homage to the original VF-1?
  13. I like the heat discoloration on the thrusters.
  14. Yeah any day now. BTW nothing seems to be moving as far as my orders from JP are concerned. Are businesses closed during the golden week?
  15. I pegged you as a young punk with money to burn for valks but apparently you older than me. Respect dude!
  16. Yeah I wonder what Bandai has it in store next as far as continuing with the DX VF-1 lineup..or is this line dying off now?
  17. Not so golden on our end as nothing will be moving during the festivities.😆
  18. and Yes, what an inspiring gathering it truly is.😀 Awesome collection @Lolicon!
  19. Ok so 3,500 yen over MSRP. I believe the usual suspects such as HLJ and AmiAmi will carry this, correct? - Hope it don't sell out in seconds.
  20. Repaint or not I will be up on PO night with my wallet wide open for this!😛 ‘cause it my first Durandal.
  21. You don't say, 'cause I'm in the same LP boat.
  22. I'm a coward & scared of leaving brush strokes. There are ways to counter that by layering with properly thinned paint for a few coats, but masking and airbrushing it in is a way to go for a nice even finish!
  23. Thanks for sharing!
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