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  1. Fingers crossed they can deliver a good story. I actually liked Falcon and the Winter Soldier more than some of the other Marvel D+ shows. So hopefully, they can build on that.
  2. Last few hours to back the Mos Eisley Cantina: https://hasbropulse.com/collections/haslab/products/star-wars-the-vintage-collection-mos-eisley-cantina Already comes with the bartender, the long-sought after Tonnika Sisters, and a new Greedo so far. Probably will get to the next figure unlock by the end.
  3. Most collectors were split between a soft goods skirt and a plastic molded one. It takes a lot of effort to get a soft-goods skirt to look “just right.” It wouldn’t surprise me if Hasbro decides to release a soft goods version later on, just to get another use out of the mold.
  4. . . . But she is a marked improvement over the old figure I’ve had for years now:
  5. And it’s officially funded: https://hasbropulse.com/collections/haslab/products/star-wars-the-vintage-collection-mos-eisley-cantina If you’re still on the fence, you have until July 8th to order the cantina. If past trends are any indication, they’ll probably unlock an additional tier or two before this closes. And Hasbro, that’s 4 for 4 for successful TVC HasLabs. You probably should reallocate more of your funding towards the TVC line. Just sayin’.
  6. Just gonna leave this for comparison:
  7. Kinda wish the plastic skirt was more pliable. Even with the mods I did, it’s still hard to pose out the legs. Not impossible, mind you, just limited:
  8. It doesn’t even have to be a panel-former per se. But if they changed the bellyplate ratio from 2/3 hipguard and 1/3 backpack to 3/4 hipguard and 1/4 backpack. And then had that backpack portion flip around so that its backside could become those missing ventral vents. That little change could reduce some of the backpack’s thickness and probably allow that gap between the back and backpack to be reduced a bit. And it would allow for the missing ventral VOTL vents to be shown off in Gerwalk.
  9. One comment: That Jedi named Mog is CLEARLY short for “Utter Putz Who Does NOT Deserve the Name Mog.” A freakin’ moogle shows more stones and smarts than this knucklehead.
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