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  1. But were their fries as crispy as Anakin was after the fight?
  2. Yeah, Burger Kings have been closing up here too. But I do like their Whopper and chicken fries every now and then. And maybe it’s just that particular Mickey D’s, but I’ll take their fries over most fast food franchises’ fries.
  3. So, we umm . . . adding this to the Christmas rotation? 😬
  4. Why would I worry about a puny green lightsaber when I got THIS at home:
  5. I thought the plan is that they’re re-releasing all of them? As good as Yellow’s release was, I wouldn’t mind if they made his armor just a shade or two lighter. Would allow the black Mars Base markings on his shoulder to be seen more clearly.
  6. Nah, she’s been holding a candle for him. C’mon, living in his old place, becoming a Loth-cat lady, watching old recordings he made for her, willing to risk the whole galaxy on the off-chance of rescuing him. You could argue it’s because they’re family. But she’s already an auntie, has a work mom (Hera), and the kooky uncle (Zeb). And yet, she still got that proverbial candle for Ezra. Girl’s always had issues hiding her true emotions. Plus, Ezra already met her parents before.
  7. The ideas were there for Mando Season 3 and Ahsoka. But yeah, I can agree with the underwhelming feeling. And there are moments when Bad Batch can absolutely shine (basically anything involving Crosshair). But he needs to go for broke and get back to mixing a little death and love back into the stories. #Bridger-Wren 😜
  8. LEROY!!! WHO'S THE MASTER?!!!!! What's not to love about that film: Vanity looking hot, an over the top villain or two, a catchy theme song, and more than enough cheese to fill a charcuterie board!
  9. Making a rib roast for later today. Here’s a vid of one I did two years ago (ignore the caveman grunts): IMG_3237.mov And another “chicken walker” mode to keep us slightly on topic 😅:
  10. ^^Not enough references to “Admiral Rick Hunter” (aka Scott’s three favorite words).
  11. Maybe they can make the legs skinnier and then incorporate the internal gunpods gimmick.
  12. I’m scared to ask how long it took to pull off this pose. Nice work there (and with the other shots)!
  13. “Ugh, these girls need to wear a helmet. This is the way.”
  14. Father, son, and holy combo:
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