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  1. Yeah, I thought that too. But if they ever make Bo’s ship, they better add that trio and the troop drop area. 🤪 Also, wonder if Grogu’s gonna OB (over-beskar) one of these days. For context:
  2. I suspect they’re building Bo’s connection to this cult. She doesn’t seem to be underhanded in her dealings with them. She does some hero-ing and then they fix up her armor (and give Hasbro an excuse to re-release her figure with new details). We see Grogu getting some Mando training and a little bit of his backstory. And we get to see what House of the Dragons would look like if the sers had flying jet packs! 😜
  3. Maybe he’s called Blue Jet, because he cusses like a sailor.
  4. I don’t think the shrimp in my Cup Noodle have ever been that large! 😅 Yeah, the dome on CH-33P is fairly unique. And no Hasbro or Disney figure has a matching dome. Also, it’s extremely unlikely Hasbro or Disney will ever mass produce this droid. However, I’m beyond satisfied with how well and immaculately detailed the guy’s 3D print came out. And yes, I did add the arm as my own personal custom touch.
  5. Was that the Condor thingy? EDIT: @no3Ljm beat me to the punch.
  6. Wreckage and a variable drone? 🤷🏽‍♂️
  7. The funny thing is that I just viewed him as the nerdy, bookish character that’s more into magic and old stories. Not the standard charming or high-strung royal person. Just a guy forced by his family into roles he’s not suited for. <shrugs>
  8. Just trippy to say “ natural causes” for someone who’s “only” 60 years old.
  9. Graydon too actually went from being like a useless spoony bard to actually being an interesting and useful character. Boorman had a fun charm to him and worked as the fun side character.
  10. Just realized he also played the Captain in Netflix’s Castlevania. One of the coolest, practical, and most level-headed foils to Isaac. It was a minor role, but it oozed so much charm and style. RIP.
  11. United Mando’s posing a threat? Wanting to keep folks off of Mandalore? Holds a grudge against them? Gideon’s with him and wants to pay a receipt back to Bo (wreck his home, now he wrecks hers)? 🤷🏽‍♂️
  12. I wonder if the week by week release schedule screws the pooch with some of these versus just releasing a whole season all at once. Lot easier to keep watching a show, if you can jump right into the next episode. As opposed to stewing over a bleh episode for a week and then losing motivation to keep watching.
  13. Finally took the plunge and bought this 3D printed Star Wars droid: Wound up breaking a few parts pulling the pieces off the lattice work(?). But nothing catastrophic. Oh! And I hate working with white paint.
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