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  1. Guess we know what inspired Ken’s theme:
  2. So Google’s algorithm linked me this interesting tidbit about ROTJ: https://www.sfgate.com/streaming/amp/What-happened-to-Endor-from-Star-Wars-17145105.php The idea that some restaurant’s patio deck was made from the Ewok village or a tree that some Imperial Speeder Bike crashed into is kinda amusing.
  3. If Tom Hardy can survive the first horrible even numbered Trek film, anything’s possible.
  4. The head really doesn’t have to be popped off. There’s enough space to slip it through if you adjust the bike piece a certain way. Just know that the non-helmet head can’t be used in armor mode.
  5. Yeah the port’s a little finicky. But twisting the stand peg into it will eventually cause it to insert properly. @jenius has a good video or two up on Anymoon.com showing how to do it. Range of motion is hindered with all the armor on. And it probably helps to follow along with the instruction manual. Although not as difficult as with her male counterparts, you will want to separate the crotch armor from the rest of the bike from the BOTTOM OF THE BIKE. It’s an absolute heart stopping moment with Stick, Rey, and Yellow. But a little less so with Houquet. When moving the helmet between the bike parts it helps to tilt the head downward and finagle the bike opening for the head a little wider. Also, I usually pop off the forearm armors just to get them out of the way during the transformation process. But just take your time the first time through.
  6. Sentinel showed a prototype for their Tread awhile back. Links start here. Has enough time passed that we can ask (DEMAND) that Sentinel show us colored prototype pics and tell us when preorders will start? 😜
  7. Changing gears, here’s the display set-up I went with: Seem to always be getting a “red then blue” theme going with many of my displays.
  8. Eh, even with something as niche as Mospeada, we each have our own likes and wants. Some of us really want Inbit figures; others don’t have much of an interest. Some of us prefer the Ride Armors the most; some of us value the Tread the most. Can’t expect everyone to have the same opinion. Hell, I collect Star Wars figures. But I don’t care for Hasbro’s 6 inch scale or their retro collection. If I like something in my preferred scale, great. I’ll point it out. But I’m also not afraid to call Hasbro out for all their various crappy choices or decisions (hard to find exclusives, piss poor distribution for OVER A DECADE, odd delays with Hasbro Pulse orders while other retailers already have the figure in stock).
  9. No Ride Armors, Legiosses, Treads, or Dairugger XV were mentioned either.
  10. Vintage Figures: * 332nd Clone Trooper (Ahsoka’s clone squad helmet deco); * Mandalorian Commando from Clone Wars (the Maul Mando version without the horns); * AOTC Anakin with some weird looking robe; * Heavy Assault Stormtrooper from Jedi Fallen Order; and * Stormtrooper Commander from The Force Unleashed. Last two will be released under Hasbro’s Gaming Greats line. And a Phase I Clone Trooper 4 pack.
  11. I honestly just pop the arm armors off at the struts/shock absorbers. Not sure if it relieves some of the stress on that joint, but it does make it easier to transform between bike and armor when they're out of the way. AND frees up the posing options for armor mode.
  12. Yeah, it’s an annoyance when things pop off on the Sentinel Mospeada toys (and I won’t discount the folks who’ve had that troubled joint crack on the Ride Armors). BUT if something pops off, you freak out, get annoyed, and then you just stick it back into place and go on with life. When something on the Toynami Alpha or the CM’s Ride Armor breaks, it’s just flat out broken. Maybe superglue can salvage it. But it’s always gonna be damaged from that point on. To use an analogy: if we’re handling the Sentinel stuff with kid gloves, then we’re having to handle these toys I referenced like ultra fragile museum pieces that will crumble at the slightest errant breeze.
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