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  1. Promising start. Kinda tripped me up that Omega's Still not feeling Echo's armor, and he still seems redundant with Tech there. Is he supposed to be the team's defacto droid? Also, I was hoping the credits would list Dee Bradley Baker's name multiple times instead of the one credit line he got! Lastly, I guess Anakin was successful in getting that Padme noseart removed on the Batch's ship. EDIT:
  2. What’s interesting is Max’s 1A doesn’t have that stripe at all on his legs. In regards to Milia’s 1J, I suspect the Yamato folks played it safe and smart and didn’t get too crazy with the accent colors. They went with gray for the leg stripe and white for the leg circles, the backpack circle, and the forearm triangle. Again, it’s a tricky balance when red is the main color.
  3. Well it does have one busted shoulder, but I guess that’s par for these toys after all these years! Moggy’s not holding a grudge about getting a SDF-1 with busted shoulders!
  4. Honestly, I just didn’t feel like searching for every single thread for each movie mentioned (or creating new threads for the new movies announced). I went the lazy route. Regarding the tie-ins, it was pretty nuts how they were able to perfectly time the release of the old Winter Soldier movie with the story unfolding in Agents of SHIELD way back when. In theory, it should be easier to tie the streaming shows with the films, since they don’t have to worry about timing it with network TV schedules now.
  5. As I said in an earlier post, it’s rare to find a red with blue trim scheme that works well. The bike looks good, since the blue trim is being used to accent just a few key spots. But you know red is the main color. If the mix proportions are off or if you add too much of another color, things can get really ugly really fast. . . as in the case of our VF-22 and its Jetfire nose cone mated to Thundercracker’s wings. It’s interesting to note that the 1/48 1J Max has a small red accent on its legs. But the 1/48 Milia opted for grey (instead of blue) for that same accent spot.
  6. Of all the color-schemes to place on a 22. Red and blue schemes just don't mix. Pick one or the other.
  7. I actually have that pic on my DVD box set of Macross. I thought it was a cool pic before, but now I can't unsee how odd the proportions are. Thought maybe the pic on the box set was stretched out or had better proportions. . . . nope. Oh well, guess I'll keep displaying the Hik' and Misa side of the box instead.
  8. Thanks, Shawn! No worries, it’s not like you told us that All things considered, it was a pretty smooth change-over.
  9. Looks like we lost the spoiler option on both the laptop and mobile/cell phone versions of the board. But no issues with photos: Either as attachments from our computers or devices: Or from our personal MW galleries or old attachments: And slurmty frakks crap-heads. . . censors are working.
  10. EDIT: Re-posting on the correct thread.
  11. Other than the lack of the 2-seater variants, Yammie’s 1/48 line wasn’t too shabby. I’m just surprised we didn’t see as many customs with the Version 2.0 Yamacadia 1/60’s. I suspect the economy at the time and the sticker/decal aftermarket drying up had a hand in that. Back on topic, I do handle these Valks with kid gloves (after slightly wearing out a few stickers on my custom). But it’s still impressive how clear and well these Anasazi stickers have held up through the years: Along with all the trouble I went through to panel-line these two.
  12. I see it now. Just got distracted by all the purty GBP variants in that post’s first pics.
  13. And here I thought I covered all my bases getting all the 1/48 VF-1 head variants. Didn’t know about those differences in the TV and DYRL 1A heads. Guess I should look for a Low Viz now! j/k
  14. Very nice custom. Didn’t notice it at first, but I like the subtle bird silhouette on the nose.
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