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  1. They went fast and heavy with the name drops in the first 10 to 15 minutes: * As a Knights of the Old Republic fanboy, it tickled my ears to hear the Rakata mentioned (with that kyber crystal). * Ryloth was mentioned during the ISB meeting (Rebels’ Hera Syndulla’s homeworld and location of a few Clone Wars/Bad Batch eps). * As well as the Arvala system (the location where Grogu/Baby Yoda was found. . . technically different planet but same solar system referenced). And given how anal the Imps are about memos and paperwork, I guess Bill Burr’s character in Mando wasn’t joking about TPS reports! 😅
  2. Considering how many years they have to cover, they’ve done a good job of getting the points across, understanding the characters’ shifting motivations, and displaying the decay/eroding issues with the Kingdom.
  3. So, when did we start referring to orange as “dark gold”? 🤨
  4. The best way to describe most of the Marvel output since Endgame is "disposable entertainment." It's fun for one viewing. But after that, there's really no need to revisit it or re-watch it. Even though I have yet to watch No Way Home, I can probably count on one hand the movies or series I've enjoyed completely or wanted to watch again from Phase 4. I also think the whole multiverse concept is a weak story crutch, especially when Marvel doesn't have the stones to continue any of the Netflix series' stories.
  5. Preaching to the choir. I ain’t a MOC collector, but it’s kinda annoying that you can’t see the figure inside to see if there’s any flaws, paint app issues, or any derpy eyes. Also, kinda encourages scalpers to swap and return when folks can’t see what’s inside the box.
  6. ^^Hasbro’s move to become more “green” by cutting out the plastic in their packaging. It’s been a contentious issue on some Star Wars boards, especially for folks who are MOC collectors.
  7. From the 80’s cartoon: https://hasbropulse.com/products/dungeons-dragons-cartoon-classics-scale-dungeon-master-venger Hasbro’s asking US$50 for the set. Would be cool if they released the rest of the main cast.
  8. Would you prefer an autonomous collective with supreme executive power wielded by a weekly appointed member with minor decisions approved in committee by a simple majority?
  9. The idea was already DOA the moment it didn’t relate to Wedge and the rest of the OG Rogue Squadron members.
  10. If this is the series finale, then it ended well. Kinda wish the final fight stretched a little longer, especially given the past history. But a nice ending nonetheless.
  11. I know the original poster is focusing on the DYRL SDF-1. But if you do go after the Takatoku/Matchbox 1/3000 TV version, be very wary about the shoulder joints. At this point, many of those shoulders are extremely fragile and prone to breakage. There’s even the possibility of those shoulders breaking during shipping unfortunately. So, just be very aware of that.
  12. DYRL version: you have a few options (though slightly more expensive). TV version: there’s only one “modern” option (Cosmo Fleet). Of course, there are models too (which I didn’t factor above). Even though it’s a relatively simple transformation, there are a few quirks going between the two SDF-1 modes (especially for the TV version).
  13. ^^The VF-17 is up there too on the anime magic need.
  14. <sigh>: * Hip guards are all wrong and too short. * Arms are a little too thin. * A third of the underbelly goes to the battroid backpack. This design choice seems to do no favors for Gerwalk mode (gonna be a bunch of kibble hanging off the back or covering up where the ventral boosters should go). * This “third of the underbelly” design choice ALSO adds unnecessary complications when they add the FAST pack armors. Another member posted a pic with all the issues he had with Bandai’s rendition, back on page 10. But these have been and continue to be my biggest gripes with Bandai’s prototype. I don’t mind different choices or favoring battroid over fighter. But Bandai’s choices—especially with the hip guards/underbelly—just made no damn sense.
  15. Eddington would probably spout off that they died a far nobler death, instead of rotting in some prison. While Sisko would eat some bread in front of Mikey. . . before firing off another torpedo at a Marquis planet.
  16. Maybe they should change the green to HOT PINK?
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