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  1. ^^Shouldn’t most of the bottles be next to our boy Roy?
  2. ^^Netflix is also getting rights to stream the original anime starting Oct. 21st. Would be nice if they included the movie in that deal too.
  3. After knocking out a ton of your enemies and rescuing one of your Clone pilots, this is how you land LIKE A BOSS:
  4. Would’ve prefer a few of their B-sides added to the playlist, but this was a good mix with a few surprises tossed in:
  5. Well like 99.999999999% of most video games, the X button gets spammed and mashed to death. . . much like the participants in the Squid Game! On another note, just finished Ted Lasso. Yes, it can be a bit cheesy and saccharine, but damn, is it so frakkin’ good! Really good character work there.
  6. Am I the only schmuck that thinks of the Despicable Me minions when he sees the circle, triangle, and square pinkies?
  7. Just the Macross passing through:
  8. We’re missing the most important question though: did @Totoro242 ever sell that 1/3000 SDF-1? Asking for a friend. 😉
  9. ^^Is the hood properly greased to allow one to slide across it? 😁
  10. Asked for the TV style SDF-1, and posted this comment: “The preorder process currently in place is extremely difficult. What can Bandai do to alleviate that process? I wouldn’t mind purchasing your products, but the current preorder process discourages me from expending the effort.” If we’re still talking about pre-order night madness when they’re “officially” selling to the US, then it won’t matter much.
  11. Nah, don’t think that way. It gave a lot of us a good laugh. And there’s that old saying: it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  12. Just finished Squid Game last night too. Didn’t completely feel the ending, But to summarize, you’ll definitely get hints of Battle Royale in there, but they don’t completely stick the landing.
  13. Guess I know what I'll be watching this New Year's Eve:
  14. Yeah, I wasn’t a fan of Sheridan having a SECOND ex-wife we never heard of before Season 5. And Sinclair’s archeologist girlfriend was probably gonna wind up on Zahadum (sp?), if he was still the main dude. Don’t take these as me hating on the series though. Season 3 is up there with some of my personal favorite all-time best sci-fi shows/movies. For the reboot, it’s gonna be hard as stink to replace Peter Jurasik and Andreas Katsulas though. I don’t envy the actors that have to step into those roles.
  15. Be curious to see how the story would pan out with Sinclair as the main character throughout. Give JMS credit: he somehow pulled off the original story despite a few major cast changes.
  16. Well, when two Detolfs get together and really love each other . . . . . . They make a THIRD Detolf come to life! 😅
  17. Excellent work! I like the extra effort you put in on the translucent bits on the dome.
  18. You gonna repaint an R2 unit or get the color-changing droid to add to Blue Leader’s bird? 🙂
  19. Pay a liver or a kidney. Or hope and pray that Hasbro figures out their distribution and shipping issues and figures out how to expand their website to ship to countries other than the US or the UK IN A TIMELY MANNER. <Mog’s not bitter AT ALL about the delays with his Ahsoka and Maul figures and the Razor Crest. And just waiting to hear that the Bo Katan/Kuiil wave will be delayed. >
  20. I don’t remember Faye wielding any knives. 🤨 Also this trailer doesn’t seem to show her typical smirky attitude. We can see which anime eps they’re gonna base the stories upon, but we’ll see how this all pans out.
  21. Still annoyed. Could have at least packed a blurrg as an apology. Or can I ask them for some interest for the extra time they’re holding my money and failing to meet their delivery date? I swear it’s like Hasbro actively alienates people and makes it harder to purchase their products.
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