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  1. So they are. Cheers, dude! I stand corrected. Yeah, and now that I've ordered one I'm sure it'll turn out too small to scale with the 1:10 figures...
  2. 1:10 scale? One-TENTH? 🤨 If it were 1:12 scale, like my Justice League Batmobile, my Animated Batmobile, and my R/C Tumbler, I'd have been all over this. It would've scaled with Mattel's Batman figures from The Dark Knight trilogy... It would've scaled with McFarlane's retro Batman '66 line (and Mattel's, too, for that matter)... It would even have scaled with Hot Toys' massive replica of The Bat from The Dark Knight Rises.
  3. With all due respect, the resolution and clarity are far beyond what DVD upscales are capable of: While I prefer the contrast ratio on the Japanese BDs (which were clearly struck from higher-quality prints), these Robotech Blu-rays are clearly true 1080p remasters as well. But what of the Southern Cross episodes...?
  4. This is about as heavily-weathered as I'm willing to go: I don't imagine any other areas will show nearly as much impact damage.
  5. Thankfully, Robot Kingdom often sells Target and Walmart exclusives through their Hong Kong-based Web site, so those of us outside the US don't always have to rely on the secondary market. I see they have the Target-exclusive Droids repaints available now: https://www.robotkingdom.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Droid+Animations
  6. That's precisely why I asked, see. That's how the kit was designed; those light grey parts are molded in that color, just as the two-toned yellow boxes on the hip skirts are, and the vac-metallized silver on the back of the knees, and the shiny gold of the vulcan cannons on the head... If he did paint it, he painted every part exactly the same color the kit came molded in! 🤨 It doesn't reflect the animation, or any of the video game renders, or any other Gundam reference material. It's a distinct color breakdown unique to the Perfect Grade Unleashed, intended to provide depth and detail without requiring any actual painting. That's exactly how the stock kit looks -- with all the stickers applied -- and painted versions I've seen locally don't look like that. I mean, if you're happy with the aesthetic, I suppose it doesn't matter if anything was actually painted or not... I just want to make sure you're getting what you paid for.
  7. I don't collect Dragonball merchandise, but I was somehow compelled to buy that particular set...
  8. No, you'd never get an exact color match to the original fists. I think repair is your best (if not your only) option here... Drill a hole through the center of the ball-joint, at least far enough in to provide the leverage you need to pop it out of the forearm. Drill a matching hole through the fist; there's a clear circle there where the joint snapped off, so you can center your hole in that circle to assure a proper alignment. The holes should be identical in circumference to whatever metal pin you use to secure them together, and a decent CA glue should help weld everything together. I demonstrated the approach in my last YouTube video, where I made custom ball-joints for a resin kit: It's at 14:30 (if your browser doesn't automatically take you to that point in the video).
  9. It's a bit difficult to tell from those extremely low-res pics, but it doesn't look like he painted your kit... just panel-lining and decals. Is that what you were expecting?
  10. Yeah, it's not a logical 1:72, but it's the biggest Regult I have... and it's a heck of a lot closer than the so-called 1:72 Glaug, which (by pilot scale) is closer to 1:150. And the more I look at the anime, the more I find myself coming around to your way of thinking. The Zentraedi are never depicted as 10 meters tall; they're all at least 12m when interacting with UN Spacy mecha, and much larger still when interacting with humans directly. It's just such an inconsistent mess. 🤨
  11. And I bought the first box set release with the upgrades... ...then a yellow set... ...and then I gave up trying to keep track of all the goddamn repaints they put out.
  12. Cheaper? You never mentioned the cost in your "Overlord" review, but I was shocked to discover that Magic Square charges as much for their Legends-scale Motormaster as X-Transbots is charging for their Masterpiece-scaled "Graveyard!" I mean sure, the XTB trailer was a separate $200, but still... Did you actually pay $130 for a 3P Legends?
  13. The Slave I toy originally released in 2010 was repainted in Empire Strikes Back colors for The Vintage Collection in 2013. It retailed for $69.99. The exact same toy was re-released last year (in the same Vintage Collection) and is available directly from Hasbro Pulse... ...for $157.99. "Youch," indeed.
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