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  1. You're misremembering again. Legioss are prominently featured in almost every episode! Technically, no. Being a Japanese proper noun, "Legioss" is uncountable, therefore there is no plural form. I have two Sentinel Legioss figures, with a third on the way.
  2. This is what the Tatsunoko line art dictated for mecha scale:
  3. I have no particular affinity for Ben Skywalker (or any EU Star Wars content, for that matter), but I'm more than happy to erase Ben SOLO and the Sequel Trilogy from my own "head canon" regardless. I'm still surprised by how consistently good Disney's Star Wars TV output has been thus far (Bad Batch included), given how poorly most of their films turned out...
  4. I know nothing of Homecoming, but your description immediately suggested Sam Esmail's Mr. Robot... and I see he directed Homecoming's first season, so it was an apt description indeed. Thanks for the recommendation!
  5. There isn't any stuff left to find... and probably won't be until late September. Of course, I'd be pleased as punch to be proven wrong.
  6. It's certainly the most accurate of the two... although in robot mode, you could always remove all the shellforming planet bits and basically display both at the same time...!
  7. The furniture of law enforcement is back!
  8. Hire union voice actors, like Peter Cullen and Frank Welker (not soundalikes with no acting talent). Use original models for tertiary characters, rather than recycling the secondary cast ad nauseam. If the budget doesn't allow for #1 and #2, just reduce the episode count! Three good episodes is infinitely preferable to six lousy ones. Tell the voice director to decide if they're gonna imitate G1 or not; don't leave it up to each actor to choose. If you're gonna let the actor choose anyway, at least insist on a consistent performance... Pay your actors for eac
  9. That defines Hasbro so succinctly, it ought to be on all their corporate branding.
  10. I know exactly what you mean. It's all character merchandise to me, so if I don't know the character, I don't need the merchandise. Mind you, after the disappointments of Netflix's Siege and Earthrise, the Bayverse films, and Rescue Bots Academy, I wouldn't even be a Transformers fan if it weren't for IDW.
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