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  1. Engine bells are always an open invitation to install LEDs... 😎 ...but damn, these hover sleds are huge. I'm already burned through two cans of primer on this one, and the surfaces still need work...
  2. They did not. Honestly, the only film franchise that's objectively worse, start-to-finish, is Friday the 13th.
  3. Well, The Animatrix was 2003, so... that's just about right. I wouldn't say "awful," though. Just... derivative.
  4. No, @Chronocidal just proved that's impossible. It's gotta be over 6 meters in length.
  5. I think... Yes, I can just make out a light up ahead...
  6. Actually, if history is any indication: BARTLEY = End of line.
  7. Actually, that's a common mistranslation. "Transform" is a much more accurate translation of 変形 (henkei). As to the use of the verb, however... https://tfwiki.net/wiki/Transformation#.22Transform.22_as_a_verb
  8. October 22, 2021 is the currently-scheduled release date... ...but the simultaneous HBOMax release means more people will pirate the film online than pay to watch it in a theater... ...and box-office returns probably won't be enough to guarantee the sequel gets greenlit... ...meaning a significantly long wait to see the story actually completed, if at all... ...lest we end up with another Alita: Battle Angel situation, where only the first part of the story gets filmed.
  9. Apparently, these re-released figures with Cartoon Network artwork will be Walmart-exclusives. Good luck finding MOC samples...
  10. That's got nothing to do with Evangelion. He's describing the premise of Westworld season 3. 😎
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