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  1. Ha, somehow I lost all of my subscriptions, and then I was really busy for a long time. I'm glad to see you guys continued having fun here!
  3. Maybe it was: Take our daughters and sons to work day. You know, let your kid help with the animation frames day.
  4. Below is a 1:18 Chinese made NC2 Miata, next to my Autoart NC1 Miata The Chinese made one has lots of interior detail, and the Autoart can actually retract/deploy the hard top.
  5. This is fantastic work! Thanks SH9000 You're too kind!
  6. I wish it had the correct batman suit printed on the box.
  7. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    Sick! Wow, bravo! This is the sickest thing I've seen today. So cool man!
  8. I am going to third this.
  9. Hey Sqidd, sorry about the delayed replay. I've been super busy. I own the most hated Miata of the all: The NC Miata. It is basically a shortened and lightened RX-8, and therefor it is a bit heavier than its prior iterations. Those wheel arches are stock, and that roof comes down in 13 seconds or so, using electricity. I just got her back actually, and now she has a 8.4 lb lightweight flywheel, and stage one clutch. I thought it already had a lightened flywheel, but I was wrong. So when the clutch went, I upgraded/replaced the entire clutch system. I never thought I would own a Miata, as they are not really powerful, but after having two modified WRX[s] I settled for this little house fly of a car. Telepathic and "chuckable" are some of the reasons I love this car. Light wheels, lugnuts, and lighter MisterR coilover suspension made it ever more fun. This is the first time I've driven a car with a lightened flywheel and I absolutely love it. I go on drives to no where for no reason, just for fun. Don't get me wrong, I love power, but this car is fun at any speed.
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