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  1. I didn't snap any pictures since it's nothing people haven't seen a million times before, but my DX 1J showed up yesterday. It was not a cheap piece to re-acquire and to actually ship it just made it worse. That said, when I sat down last night and opened it up, I was immensely more happy with it than I was back on its release. Maybe it's that I'm at the tail end of a SDFM rewatch, maybe it's that I now have a TV Max and know a TV Roy is on the way, or maybe I just have the bug more than I did when the DX line started, whatever the reason, I really love this piece. There's also a special kind
  2. Holding and messing with the DX releases I was, thankfully, never tempted to sell my 1/48 stuff. If anything it just reinforces how good those pieces are. Some proper hands really go a long way on them. It's a shame they Yamato didn't included with every/more release(s) since they existed anyway.
  3. The weathing on that Max is fantastic. *chef's kiss*
  4. I haven't really taken the plunge on the 1/55s, but damn if it doesn't seem like a shame to break up a complete one of these.
  5. I really liked Picard and I'm very excited to see where they take it. Those characters mean a lot to me and it meant a lot to see some of them again. I also like Disco a great deal. About my only complaint with it is that I am really enjoying all the characters and I wish it spread the love out a little more. Season 2 was a bit better in that regard. Even Lower Decks, which I was immensely skeptical about, has been a really fun ride so far. In a format that's half the size of a typical Trek episode, they are giving us some pretty solid stories and giving us time with our cast. But I'm the
  6. Pretty much how I feel about being a fan of anything these days. It feels even more bile filled than in years passed. I've found my enjoyment of these things is magnified greatly if I don't engage in discourse about it. Which, ultimately, is pretty sad, since I enjoy sharing that enthusiasm with people.
  7. HLJ still has them, if you're looking for the PF that is.
  8. Mannnnn, that came out super great. I'm excited for a set. Since I'm only doing TV DX Valks, my old DYRL Roy has plenty of hand options. It's amazing how much that helps the display of that piece.
  9. 1/48 Hands and side fillers, holy hell. I'd be interested if the 1S doesn't meet Jenius' needs. Actually, eyeballing all the 1/48 stuff.
  10. I'm such a sucker for the TV design of the SDF-1. Which version is this?
  11. I'm starting to be really glad I never threw any money at them for the TV Super Parts.
  12. Until I saw the gears painted, I didn't realize how much of a difference it makes. It's something I never thought I would care about, but I definitely do.
  13. Seeing as how my old 1/48 Roy is in desperate need of some decent hands, this is a great idea! I'll shoot ya a PM when the time comes.
  14. An adapter/replacement part so you can use the DX hands with the old Yammie 1/48?
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