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  1. I have taken a hiatus in my MP collection. Just letting things settle for a bit. I have stream lined my collection, and condensing it. We'll see what the future brings.
  2. Congratulations! I was never able to complete it. This was my dream in Masterpiece form, but I can't bring myself to buy Hound, and I think Grapple/Inferno are too small. Maybe I am being too picky. What's the best Jazz in the after market world? and Mirage? Hoist? Meh, I give up.
  3. I bought these two, two dollar magnets. I could not find the Macross' skull, so Capt. Harlock's will do. Weirdly the black color looks so much lighter on the picture. This is the panel where the European model has the blinkers [the American model has the blinkers at the front corner] . I thought they'd look bigger, but for four bucks it was worth it. Let's see how quickly they get stolen!
  4. Wow Impreza 22B. I've never seen one in black.
  5. Sorry to hear Saviant. I hope you're enjoying your ride. Sometimes I go for drives, not necessarily to a destination, but only to enjoy the ride. Sort things out, listen to music, listen to the wind, and the sound of the engine. Man and machine in glorious harmony. Have fun, and drive defensively. The VF-2SS and the 1D are two of my favorites. I also wanted the 1D badly. It was the very first Valk I ever wanted. Sadly NY stiffed me with the fast packs, but hey, one day i'll get a set. Nice display too man.
  6. I do like fat cars too, lol. Yeah, It is the Ford years. They were working with Mazda, and they instructed them to use the RX-8 platform to produce the MK3 NC Miata. As a result the NC Miata is a little bigger than the other two previous Miatas, as it runs in the shortened, lightened RX-8 platform. My car actually has interchangeable parts with the Rx-8. My Miata's wiper stalk is actually a used one from an Rx-8, since i like their intermittent wiper levels better. The new Supra shares the Z4 platform, not the ND mk4 MIata's. Amen, it is always the answer. A friend of mine also drives an MK2 NB Miata, and he adores it. He has an RX-7, a modified Mazdaspeed 3, and he mostly drives the Miata. If anything the Miata always had a bad image, as a powerless girl car, but in reality it is the most raced car in the world. Cheap to buy use, cheap to fix, and fun to drive. If you google "the most raced car in the world", the answer will be... This is correct, the Fiat 124 spyder shares the totally new Mk4 ND Miata platform. I loved my modified WRX[s] but i adore this tiny thing. It took me a long time to find the perfect one for me, but ii am so glad I waited this long. Edit in: Going back to the Valks. I have always loved that initial moment when Roy was trying to familiarize HIkaru with the VF-1 in the middle of an invasion. Then he goes and takes a boogie out, and gets separated. I wanted a Valkyrie so bad back then, and it was just impossible to get. It is amazing to live in a time when we can have 1/100, 1/60, and 1/48 finished versions of our beloved Mecha heroes. I really wish Bandai would've given us a tiny sitting Minmei for the back seat. I mean, they gave us a tiny Misa for the HMR VT-1, which was nice. I don't get it, Bandai, I don't get it!
  7. It took me over 7 years to find this exact one, with the right trim, and packages. I got it a few months ago, and it is a blast to drive. This is the "fat one", and the most disliked MX-5 in the Miata community. I changed the overlysoft and blown Blistein suspencion with MeisterR coilovers, got light rotary forged wheels & lugnuts, and beefed up the cooling tank with a racing one. I changed all it's fluids using youtube, and I just gave her an oil change and tire rotation yesterday. Not sure this qualifies as a toy, but honestly it is smallest thing on the road when I am driving >.< Ha ha, the funny thing is... If you replace the windshield and you don't change the seals which hold the front windshield cowl, you WILL get a leak over your carpets. I have only bought Manual transmission cars my entire life. Hard top was a necessary thing for me, and I love the profile of it. The MX-5 It is a fun toy, including its tiny rev happy engine. It is amazing how much speed can carry through the corners tho. always wanted one of these, and finally I got it for the right price. What I am getting trouble finding is a 1:18 scale Autoart with retractable hard top, for a fair price. These days it is easier to find a 1:1 scale, than it is to find a 1:18 scale. 😩 Going back to toys. I was able to score this fella
  8. Man these Gijoe figures are looking great! I wanna get one or two, but you know how the rabbit hole gets deep really quickly. BTW, this might be small enough to be considered a toy.
  9. Not sure I posted this on this tread. Great customs @nightmareB4macross wow! I think the Yammie 1/48 connects better to the backpack in fighter mode. the Dx has that Gap at the back. Bandai does have super small panel gaps, but when it comes to connecting the legs to the backpack, they gave up. Is it just me?
  10. I have always defended NY, but they ignored me too. Something about shipping during the pandemic, blah blah. i offered to pay more to ship it, but i was ignored. My bank had to step in and get the money back. Paypal was useless. Surprisingly Nin nin, came through with my order twice, but my bank says Nin nin is black listed.
  11. Simply amazing!
  12. This is really cool to see. Your angles are really good, and it is great to see the different scales in the same poses. I may take a few pics again. I have been away from the hobby for a while now.
  13. Interested in a 1:18 SCALE MX-5 NC Grand touring, or any other models within these years: 2006 to 2014. Thanks in advance.
  14. It looks amazing @sh9000!
  15. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    Nice one Sh9000.
  16. Ditto.
  17. My TV fast packs never came from NY and now they are ignoring me. I guess there is always a first burn. I am never using Nippon Yasan ever again.
  18. Hi there, things are very slow due to covid, so I have to let these go. http://ebay.us/dIEtJn?cmpnId=5338273189 http://ebay.us/KKq0fz?cmpnId=5338273189 and these http://ebay.us/ABkO5y?cmpnId=5338273189 http://ebay.us/aZh3YP?cmpnId=5338273189
  19. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    Massive show offs.
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