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  1. Ditto.
  2. My TV fast packs never came from NY and now they are ignoring me. I guess there is always a first burn. I am never using Nippon Yasan ever again.
  3. Hi there, things are very slow due to covid, so I have to let these go. http://ebay.us/dIEtJn?cmpnId=5338273189 http://ebay.us/KKq0fz?cmpnId=5338273189 and these http://ebay.us/ABkO5y?cmpnId=5338273189 http://ebay.us/aZh3YP?cmpnId=5338273189
  4. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    Massive show offs.
  5. Nice and low camera angle, well done.
  6. NY sent me this email: "We apologies we still cannot ship by eco sal registered to your country Please don't hesitate to send another message if you need anything else. Kind Regards Nippon-yasan.com Customer Service" After I enquired about my order, but they don't offer another option. Maybe it is the Covid thing? I don't want to cancel the order, but IDk what to do.
  7. I was able to order a DX 1D at Nin Nin. They came through with my DX TV 1S, soo I'll try them again.
  8. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    I think we must face that our collections will never be complete.
  9. I received my DX Roy from NIN NIN yesterday. It's the first time I use them, and luckily everything went well. I have had no issues with Nippon Yassan either. Is it just me or did Roy came with an extra stand?
  10. Yes, the Dr. Wu ones. Maybe i can ask @sqidd to lend me that 3d file...
  11. I wonder if a 3rd party company will ever make articulated hands for the 1/48 Yammies. Sort of like how 3rd party companies made articulated hands for all or most of the Masterpiece line. If there was such thing as articulated and transformation friendly hands for our 1/48 Yammies, that would resolve the eternal chicken hands issue. Yes i know proportions in BAttroid mode are not perfect, but in the end, nothing is.
  12. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    IIRC i got mine at BBTS . Tamashii act5 i think, which were 2 for 10 or 15 bucks.
  13. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    I personally went clear after a while, as It gives a better illusion of flying. The colored ones break the illusion imho.
  14. I just sold a new one for 362.00 at Ebay. Free shipping, which was like 50 bucks, with insurance , and signature required. Sorry @sh9000 The other two available form other sellers, were over a thousand bucks and another for over 500 bucks. Prob not the best place to look for a valk. My job slowed down a lot due to this covid19 situation, so I am letting go of some of my personal collection, and stuff i never got around opening at all, and a unicorn or two. I also have the first editions VF-0A and VF-0S(no boosters). Those had issues right? I have those two, and nothing has broken on them luckily. I have two other new ones, never opened. How do you sell these things? Explain in the description that these things will possibly? or likely break? I don't know what to ask for, and I am assuming they may break in the long run? Please help. Also a 1st edition 1/60 Yamato YF-19 new in box, which I am sure, much like mine, will become a floppy mess. Maybe sell the for cheap, with a disclaimer? Maybe buy the part from shapeways and fix it before selling? Or just include the repair part?
  15. NY has never let me down. They might not be the fastest, but they have never let me down.
  16. The way I see it, these Valks have three modes anyway. You can always have fully armored FP'd 1/48[s], GBP'd 1/60[s], and then Naked Dx[s], all in different modes, and on different shelves. Personally, I am not getting fast packs or missiles for any of my DX... Except for one TV set of DX FP[s] w/ missiles i ordered a few months ago. Pardon my immediate contradiction there, but I personally don't dress up all my valks, as i adore their naked look. I have a few complete 1/48 Yamatos, a few 1/60 Yammies and Arcadias to sit next to my Macross+ & Macross Zero valks, and now a few DX to display in all their naked glory. I may have like 8 Fps left for the Yammies 1/48, and i am only currently using one of them. Lastly i still have my re-released chuky monkeys comfortably sitting in their boxes for years on end. Only the 1S chunkey monkey has FPs and i have never put them on that 1S. I do rarely take one out to admire the old tech, and it puts a smile on my face, as I was never able to have one when i was a kid. I am currently frozen due to this covid19 situation, and it slowing my job down to a crawl. It prevents me from buying anything else at the moment. I think whatever your preference is, there are plenty of Valks today to choose from. I personally think it was a good move for Bandai to sell naked Valks, as many of us have enough missiles from previous valks to start a 3rd world war. What i do not like is how little availability of DX valks and accessories exist in the market. I do remember a time when a chunky monkey would cost you over a thousand bucks, and i don't miss it a bit. Edit in: After i wrote all this I noticed i forgot to mention the HM/HMR line. Those mostly sit eternally in formation in fighter mode. There is something about a squadron of all different valks "flying" in formation . I still don't have a 1S for this set, but i am fine with it. We don't have to have a 1S is every scale right? Right? In any case I think we are privileged enough to be able to enjoy any part of this hobby as we see fit.
  17. This picture is soooooo badass, I can’t stop looking at it.
  18. Yeap @sh9000, I just gave up on the batmobile idea altogether. I'll keep my 1/18 or 1/22 whatever it is, Keaton's Batmobile until they make a similarly sized TAS Batmobile. I am not in the position to make unnecessary non Macross, or non Star Wars related purchase. I have pretty much given up on Takara and the transformers. I may just need to find a select few 3rd party characters, that are fun to transform, look the part, and call it a day. They way things are going i might have to get rid of my chug transformers too. I gave up on Neon Genesis, and other minor collections I had. I'm just keeping Bandai's Akira bike, and my Swordfish II, outside of Macross, Transformers and Star Wars. On another note, that Jimbao oversized KO devastator looks pretty boss, and it is not horribly expensive. I wonder if any of you got it, and could tell me if it is worth getting. I have the MPP10 Weijiang Prime, and he is fabulous to say the least. Yes @tekering, I agree with the concept of having your figures inside your vehicles, but I've always liked the image of batman standing next to his horse. Just like you did with your picture, and good job in adding the logos BTW. I do like my star wars figures to fit in their vehicles, even if the vehicles are not properly sized, unfortunately. I am just trying to enjoy what i got, and I am trying to display my collection. I am trying to cut down in too many parts of my collection sitting in boxes, doing nothing. I wish Takara would have kept up with the main characters we are missing, but it takes forever to get anything to fill my G1 collection, and the prices just keep skyrocketing. It is like they lost their way or maybe the cost of making these bots is just too much these days? Anyway, that's my humble opinion, maybe i am wrong. Edit in: i think this covid19 situation has impacted some of my decisions. Before All this started, I had no Interest in selling part of my collection. I usually display things, then put them back in the box, and display others, then repeat. My job has slowed down quite a bit as a result, and i am sort of annoyed. Pardon me if I appear negative in any way. I really don't mean to be.
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