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  1. Pretty confident that the one their mothers was behind the whole thing. So many clues and Mae's actions wasn't enough to cause all that destruction. Floating Jedi aided her in some way.
  2. There was some silly stuff but whatever. I'm kind of glad that the show is set 100 years outside of stuff we're most familiar with. It lets creators who've got then own wild and crazy ideas a chance to play around without ruining things. Maybe it ends up being good. If it stinks at least no damage was done.
  3. Even with its problems I'm not hating it (yet) like I did with Ahsoka, Boba Fett and Kenobi. Those shows were sequels to better shows made before them and had really good trailers that lied to you. This show's trailer warned everyone to lower their expectations. So far that's working me. The Acolyte looks cheap, has wooden acting and writing is too simplistic but I'm not that mad at it because they didn't over hype the show.
  4. Each book the miniseries is based on took place in a new time period, new location and new characters. If a second season took place with the surviving characters from season one, I could see them using the Siege of Osaka.
  5. What did I just watch? Kid friendly designs bouncing around doing physical comedy. I understand that's for the really young kids but who is the humor for? Adult fans? Nope to them Transformers is serious business. For the little kids parents how have to take them to see this? Cringe dialog like that is going to make their experience better. Doesn't matter what the Transformers say kids will enjoy the bouncing robots. Car Keys the Movie.
  6. I had this! Got it at my grade school's book fair. Thought it was a knock off. Might have one broken part of it somewhere still.
  7. This show is really good. Last episode our English man was hardly in it. Majority of it focused on the Japanese cast and they got all the juicy dramatic scenes.
  8. Only place they could take his story is somewhere really dark. Kill off baby Yoda and goes off of a murderous revenge killing spree. Using all of his suits weapon inventive ways. But I don't think Disney would do that.
  9. Guessing the entire movie is just them in nut house the entire time while having delusions.
  10. Pretty sure there's review-bombing going on. Actual opinion among fans and casual public is likely an even split down the middle. If you seek opinion videos and articles about this show post trailer, you'll see many are focusing on a certain narrative. One that if I mentioned here would be political sounding. Which is something we try to avoid bringing to our forums. There's a large chunk of the population who doesn't care about Star Wars but if you inform them about it and frame your complaint around this touchy topic all these people will mobilize.
  11. In general, I'm not the keen on Jedi stories. I thought one of the lessons from the original trilogy and the prequels was that the way of the Jedi was wrong. Kenobi and Yoda didn't look back at the past with fondness but with regret. If only we weren't so set in our ways... that sort of thing. I think the cartoon and the fans themselves made the Jedi way as something to be idolized. When I see this trailer, I just see more boring Jedi and their misguided ways. I might have thought Ashoka and Kenobi were pretty lack luster, but I know fans of the cartoon Jedi went going crazy for it. I don't expect greatness for this show. I'm not the intended audience. Many of these Disney shows aren't spinoffs of the movies. They're spinoffs of Filoni's cartoons. If it this show is mediocre that's fine. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised by a thing or two.
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