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  1. I want to see a fictional movie about the making of a UHF Sequel. Staring Weird Al as himself and Daniel Radcliffe as Daniel Radcliffe the actor who has been hired to play him in the UHF Sequel.
  2. It looks "cheap." Like the Inquisitors look like cosplayers. Characters designed for cartoons first don't always translate well in real life. You don't want to show them in scenes where there's too much light. The cinematographer either didn't have enough time or the budget. It looks like it was meant for TV. I guess that's because it was. I see this trailer and think if only they invested more money.
  3. Unboxed it last night. Her face doesn't look that bad to me. The pink color isn't noticeable in my dark display cabinet. Place it under a light bulb and yep hot pink.
  4. Mine is being delivered today and I'm currently out.
  5. Payment request from Ami Ami. Total with DHL is about $176.
  6. I agree with everything in this article. The show is garbage. Fun to watch only because it so bad. That dark present that they are trying to reverse isn't that much different from the dark present they presented in the 1st season. Edgy stories can be interesting but Star Trek is an optimistic dream of the future. This show isn't that. https://www.thegamer.com/star-trek-picard-is-garbage/amp/
  7. It is 2022. Picard season 2 takes place in 2024. How do we develop force field technology so fast?
  8. I don't buy Jurati's murder defense. She was shown a possible end of times vision and acted on it thinking it was the only way to stop things. How many times in the other series were characters faced with a horrible choice to make but stood by their morals? They could started the season with her in mental hospital and have Picard request her to be released to his custody to do science stuff.
  9. The same Noel Lee who I believe had public outburst here. Ever look at Calibre Wings Facebook? These look like great toys but just read what he posts there.
  10. The various Inquisitors were created to be villains for the good guys in Rebels. Great bad guys are ones that are specifically designed for your hero. In Star Trek for example Q is designed to be Picard's bad guy. Q has made guest appearances in the other Star Trek shows but he works best when paired with Picard. Batman's arch enemy is the Joker and Superman has Lex Luthor. They could trade enemies but, it just wouldn't feel right. If Obi-Wan has interactions with them it just won't have a much meaning as they had with the characters from Rebels. If Obi-Wan interactions with them are violent there's no room for surprise. They're guest star villains. Their destiny is to have a beef with and be defeated by the characters from Rebels. I want Obi-Wan to face threats that are custom made for him. Not ones that were made for others.
  11. I don't have much hope for this series. I do think it's great to see him back in the role. I rather they didn't include all these cartoon characters. If you're a fan of them I guess that's cool but I want to see threats created for this story. Threats that you know could die during the show. Already know Obi-Wan is going to make through the series. Any fight he has with a cartoon character won't have much impact as both will live to fight another day. I'm afraid they'll also pull a book of Boba Fett in this show. We'll get an entire episode where Obi-Wan doesn't even show up. Instead we'll see Boba Fett and Cade Bane rescue baby Yoda from Darth Vader.
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