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  1. Got it! The fan in the Fan Racer actually moves. A couple complaints though. It should have came with 2 Hikaru figs to pilot both aircraft and a seated Minmay. They should have included a DYRL style Minmay holding hand for those who don't care for the cartoon style hands. The VF-1D looks awesome. If Bandai wants to make more non-transforming jets like the Fan Racer I'd buy all of them.
  2. Waiting US customs at DHL Ohio hub. Maybe I'll get it tomorrow.
  3. Bingo. Looks like it was stop by Customs in HK and started moving again.
  4. Anybody else's 1D from AE been put on hold by DHL? Read there's a variety of reasons fot a hold and I'll contact DHL if it doesn't move time. Interested if I'm jthe only one.
  5. I thought the same thing. When I did the pre-order AE had me select shipping. DHL was the only usable option at the time so I went with that. Looking at the 4480 price and Japan Post tracking number I assumed it had to be EMS. Just fed the tracking info to DHL and looks like they've got it. ETA by the 26th. Everything I got shipped by DHL from Japan so far arrived in 2 days. Should get it by Friday by my estimate.
  6. Waiting for AE to send me shipping cost.
  7. Roy Focker

    Macross figures

    I came today 3 days ahead of schedule. It was just before I went to work so I only had a few minutes to fondle myself. (Why does that sound so filthy?) Had run the arms under hot water to get the biceps to move. KC has been good with customer service but I felt that these figures were too fragile to handle and was going to stop collecting after this one. Only handled it for 5 minutes but the build quality and appearance seems to have improved. Build quality might have to do to increased size. Can't wait to play with myself.
  8. Roy Focker

    Macross figures

    Estimated delivery for mini-me is Saturday.
  9. It is good that they are creating several times to order them instead one specific time. Allows people a chance to get them. Down side is you can't combine items to save on shipping.
  10. Roy Focker

    Macross figures

    How's Ro...er...my articulation do I have more range of movement compared to Hikaru
  11. So this The Mummy with a Disney Pirates of the Caribbean filter.
  12. Impressive appearance for the size and laughable for the price.
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