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  1. They could have trimmed the first 3 episodes to 2 but overall I'm enjoying the pace and world building. This is a more mature psychological thriller over an exciting adventure. I hope they bring back the private security goons.
  2. Deputy inspector Karn is going to take the same path as the villain in Bridal Mask. That's a K-drama from several years ago. In it the well meaning but over his head villain slowly becomes a vicious and ruthless psychopath.
  3. You know you don't have to share every little TV spot and every single pic for this or any other series. Anything news worthy will be in the main trailers. These spots are often just re-edited footage that's already been shown.
  4. Help me figure something out. I'm watching Moulin Rouge One a Star Wars Story for the 2nd time since seeing it in the theaters. Over the course of a decade (or whatever) Le Chiffre has been forced to make the Death Star operational. Why didn't he just refuse? His wife was killed, and their daughter escaped at the start of the movie. There was nobody left for the Empire to hold hostage to force him to do anything. Prior to the start of the movie, he and his family were living in hiding. That suggests he knew his knowledge was invaluable to the project and was doing his best not to be found. Without his help would there even be a Death Star? What was stopping him from refusing complete his work and not jumping off edge to bottomless pit that's a part of nearly every Imperial facility?
  5. Maybe they're going to use the budget that going to be spent on Batgirl's post production towards replacing Ezra Miller in that Flash movie.
  6. Give me a VF-1A Mass Production Type or a VF-1J Milian Jenius.
  7. That's too many episodes for Disney's budget and it's writers to maintain quality. They lucked out with season one of the Mandalorian. Every other show could have really benefitted from having shorter seasons.
  8. I've got my only 3 framed and empty 4th frame for when I get another. Hallways are made for hanging posters.
  9. I placed an order for it. $300 was too high in my opinion but I consider all 4 of the unlocks to be worth $100. Leaving $200 for base Hiss and Driver. That's still over-priced by $100! These aren't being made in mass retail numbers and the Hiss is my default favorite Cobra vehicle. Now the kicker $22 Shipping. Come on! For a $300 purchase they can't provide free shipping?
  10. Not a big fan of a bunch guns everywhere most of those will stay in the box if I get one. I want the 4th unlock to be another figure but I'm afraid it will be a cardboard diorama.
  11. On the plus side they kept kid Luke's lines to a minimum. Kid Leia was very precocious and we all remember kid Anakin. Kid Luke seemed like a real kid cause they didn't give him much.
  12. But in Empire he thought Luke was a threat and should never be allowed to become a Jedi. It was Vader who suggested turning Luke to their side. Then it became the Emperor's idea. This series ends with Obi-Wan in a position of strength. As far as Palpatine and Vader knows he could be taking steps against and if they followed up on Reva's activities they'd learn about the kids too. While I'm at it. You'd think the final cameo would greet Obi-Wan with an apology for guessing wrong abour Anakin being the chosen one. You were only a Padawan and I asked you to teach this troubled kid to become a Jedi? My bad.
  13. Exactly it makes no sense character wise for both of them to ignore it. Obi-Wan is alive, he has video game level forces powers, he has access to a network that smuggles Jedi and force sensitives to safety = Threat.
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