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  1. Possibly the film more commented on as "much better than expected" by everyone I know than any other film, ever. I liked it, anyway. More than I expected, and I went in expecting to like it more than I expected to like it.
  2. Regult are my favourite, glad they got the treatment they deserved from the Cap, and a beautiful finish, too.
  3. I dunno, can't make my mind up between Frontier and 7 ...
  4. True, Valerian can't compare to Fifth Element, but few movies can. Takes a lot of guts to make a completely over-the-top French-style SF movie, and treat it as a serious project with all the attention to detail it deserves. Not to mention actors.
  5. Same here, maybe it works in the States but I just don't get the Chuck Norris thing (except opposite Bruce Lee). But the thing that really killed the second film for me was the replacement of their lovely amphibian with a crappy amphibian. That was tragic.
  6. I guess it's not bad, but the orange 00 is still my favourite.
  7. So far all I'm seeing are denials. http://www.slashfilm.com/hasbro-denies-disney-acquisition-rumors/
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