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  1. Possibly the film more commented on as "much better than expected" by everyone I know than any other film, ever. I liked it, anyway. More than I expected, and I went in expecting to like it more than I expected to like it.
  2. Regult are my favourite, glad they got the treatment they deserved from the Cap, and a beautiful finish, too.
  3. I dunno, can't make my mind up between Frontier and 7 ...
  4. True, Valerian can't compare to Fifth Element, but few movies can. Takes a lot of guts to make a completely over-the-top French-style SF movie, and treat it as a serious project with all the attention to detail it deserves. Not to mention actors.
  5. Same here, maybe it works in the States but I just don't get the Chuck Norris thing (except opposite Bruce Lee). But the thing that really killed the second film for me was the replacement of their lovely amphibian with a crappy amphibian. That was tragic.
  6. I guess it's not bad, but the orange 00 is still my favourite.
  7. So far all I'm seeing are denials. http://www.slashfilm.com/hasbro-denies-disney-acquisition-rumors/
  8. I had to go for Laputa because it is a superior fantasy in every respect, but almost everything else is a close second. I like Nausicaä for much the same reason as Laputa; Porco Rosso because it's cool in era, location and aeroplanes; Mononoke because of its unrelenting violence which makes it stick out from the Ghibli crowd, and Spirited Away because the artwork is IMO unbeaten in anime. Not keen of Howl's Moving Castle (because it could have been a much bigger story), somehow never been in the mood for Lupin III and I haven't felt the need to watch Ponyo. Your poll is missing a lot of the non/semi-fantasy Ghibli anime other than Kiki and Totoro, which I like to watch just for the amazing recreation of modern-day (or whatever-day) Japan.
  9. Guess I'll have to be more surreptitious when browsing MW at the office, then ...
  10. What happened to the forum display options? I can't find an option to switch off avatars or signatures. Makes it much more obvious when I'm sneaking a peek at the office.
  11. In the privacy of my head I explain away the Prometheus bug-uglies as nanotech. They start out as goo and adapt to the circumstances. You don't see the med-lab after the giant squid bursts out, but it assimilated all the wiring behind the wall panels. Honest. The Alien xenomorph metamorphosis is actually harder to deal with, unless it still works on the nanotech goo principle of its ancestors.
  12. 'struth. Man, you just offended every follower of one of the world's fastest-growing religions:Pastafarianism
  13. Well, I've seen it. I gave it a fair shake, but the original is better in every way except SFX (and even there you can't really fault it, especially for the time). Colin Farrell should have kept his Irish accent, too. I had to go home afterwards and re-watch the Arnie version right away.
  14. Well, I thought it was an okay movie but it didn't push any buttons the way Alien or Aliens did when I first saw them. http://hijinksensue.com/2012/06/18/the-fassbender-and-the-furious/
  15. My guess is that this is not going to have much connection with the xenomorphs, but concentrates on the space jockeys instead. Maybe those cylinders the ship is carrying are advanced bio weapons based on the xenomorphs? While the first ship in Alien was carrying some of the raw samples. Could be these are two different ships and two different planets. Could be they're the same and the cylinders eventually morph into those eggs. Of course, the trailer might not show the xenomorphs because that would destroy the surprise. As for the relative timeline, we'll have to wait and see - unless the 'prequel' business can be taken at face value. I don't think having humans in this, even this being the same ship, precludes it being a prequel to Alien. I'm sure The Company has pulled off harder cover-ups in its time.
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