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  1. Mr March

    YF-21 WIP

    Thank you so much for the high resolution shots. Your work is a real treasure. I always save every piece. I love the update you did, but you should save both versions, lighter and dark. You can then stage them in different scenes, depending upon the mood/atmosphere of what your going for in an individual composition. Bravo!
  2. ANother hit short film by Blizzard. These guys always know how to deliver the action, the beauty and the feels. I adore these shorts. I hope they release them some day in a collected format, either digitally or blu-ray/4K.
  3. I don't think DC and Warner Bros can ever get into a position where they can never recover. However, the poor quality of each of these films can lead to a situation in which a significant minority of the audience will avoid future films by default, based on numerous bad experiences to date. All it really takes is for DC and WB to produce one good film and the audience will get on board. I realize that some people are genuinely hating on the DC movies and want them to fail. DC AND WB are never going to sway those kinds of opinions no matter what they do. But the vast majority of the audience do
  4. Saw Suicide Squad last week and did not like it. It's not a terrible movie, but it is very disappointing. I REALLY wanted this film to be good, to be a real dark take on super hero films. To be it's own thing on its own terms. But it was just dumb, an absolute tonal mess, and had no real guts. Felt patched together, like all the people involved in the production on an executive level had a really big ideological war waged over what kind of film everyone wanted to make. There are times you can feel where Ayers wanted to go and then it was edited away. They just didn't have enough guts to stick
  5. Denis Villeneuve feels like our national treasure and I have no shame in admitting how much of a fan I am, ever since "Polytechnique". His last film, "Sicario", was an absolute masterpiece and I can't even begin to describe how excited I am to see him take on sci-fi. This looks great so far!
  6. Welcome back! Great to see more of the work.
  7. This is an incredible project! I'm very excited to see you complete this. I admire your effort and ambition. The amount of work you're doing here is staggering and worth the utmost praise. Bravo!
  8. Trailer looks great. The creators are definitely going for their own tone and style with Luke Cage, but also seems to be to the level of quality we've come to expect from the Marvel Netflix shows. Really liking it so far.
  9. Astounding work. It always amazes me how many Macross fans are out there, in all kinds of games across all kinds of genres.
  10. I didn't know that, but it makes sense. Just looking at the catalog they have on the Goodsmile website, I'm not seeing a lot of parts repetition in the figures I was interested in. But I'm most certainly satisfied with this purchase and would definitely buy more Figmas. I agree, I must be careful not to go overboard I think what's impressed me the most about the Motoko Figma in comparison to something like say - my recent Boba Fett Revoltech figure from Star Wars - is the different design compromises both companies choose. Even though their modern designs are much more refined and streamli
  11. True, but I just feel like we should have more. Perhaps it's splitting hairs, but Roid feels a little better written than Grace so far. He feels much more human and less supernatural than Grace ever did. So I'd like it if we had more about him and his motives. Makes for a much more interesting villain.
  12. I'm actually curious about this as well. However, i do fear this part of the story is being under-written at this point, so I'm hoping for more sooner rather than later. it would be nice if they avoided the problem Macross Frontier faced, which was not sufficiently providing enough detail and scope about the Macross Galaxy and Grace's own affiliations to give context to how the whole economic-political climate of the Vajra/Galaxy conflict came about.
  13. Oh, interesting. I didn't know that. I'll have to make a note. I think yo'u're right that there may be some connection just based on the similar sounding words. But perhaps it's nothing more than a small pronunciation hommage.
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