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  1. Happy you like it! Thank you! "I´ll be back" very soon. Thank you!
  2. Hi friends! It was a bit time ago I do my last post. Here updating! I´m moving to digital this time. Inspired by episode 33 from original SDFMacross series, this was an image it was turning around in my head for a long time. Here, the final work. The title "Sorry, I´m Focker" Photoshop CS6 Hope you enjoy! Feel free to share!
  3. hahaha you had me looking for that. I never saw it!
  4. Gerli, sos de Gerli?? jajaja Un poco tarde mi respuesta, pero estoy volviendo al foro. Te invito a ver mi post
  5. Hi boys! I want to share with you my works. I`d returned to painting the last year, 2014, after winning a 2nd place at a National Contest in my country. This was enough to reload batteries after 10 years without touching brushes. I love aviation art, but very specially, Macross. I focused on those less known aircrafts. Here are some of them. Many were lost trough the years. But here you have those who are still alive, new works, and some comming up. Hope you enjoy! F-203 Dragon II This one is the oldest paint that survives. It belongs to a private collector. 2004. Acrilyc on cardboard
  6. Ernst Zonda

    Max Ruiz Art

    My Macross paintings
  7. Como estan todos?! Aca desde Lanus Oeste, Buenos Aires. Saludos a todos los fans hispano parlantes!
  8. Hi Solid! I´ll take a look to my archives to see if I can help you, but I think that´s hard to find stuff. What do you need? cut outs or scale views??
  9. These are the first two paints I release for sale. First you have a Mc Nell Douglar F-203 Dragon II in flight over the ocean in a ferry mission. The price for this one is u$s220. Second, you have a duo in flight; a Northrom QF-3000 Ghost drone fighter with a F-203 Dragon II. The price is u$s 260. Both of them are acrilic on cardboard treated to whistand the humity. So this are works that will last for many years retaining the colors and their brightnes. Visit my website http://www.maxfanart.tk I`m from Argentina. The price not includes the S&H costs. If you are interested in
  10. Hi boys! I want to invite you to visit my website, Max Fan Art, dedicated to Macross art and open to anyone who want to publish art works. http://www.maxfanart.tk
  11. Hi BOYS: To clear doubts, my models are for FS 2002 (FS8), so they should work in FS9 (FS 2004), obviously when they´r finished Does anyone of you knows how to work with Gmax? Does anyone of you create models for FS?
  12. Next time i´ll post some images of my VF-1. I´m working on it. Hope you like my aircraft. Bye bye
  13. Hi boys! Here is what i promised last time. My work....
  14. Hi boys. I´m a long time visitor for Macross World and today I join the forums. I´m from Argentine, and a Macross fan since child. Now I´m 31 y.o. I stoped here for a minute because besides a Macross fan, I´m aeronautics and MS Flight Simulator 2002 fan TOO! I like to create aircraft for the sim, and with my two lifetime passions together I began to work a few years ago in my Macross/FS 2002 proyect. Following accuracy first of all. I work with G Max, a 3D design software specially created for games. It was a release with FS 2002 Pro. I want to know if I can share my work to speed up
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