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  1. Cool8or, you really have produced a great build.
  2. I don't post to these forums anymore but I'll break silence over this one. Congratulations...
  3. Berttt


  4. Unfortunately it is well down my build list. I'll get there eventually.
  5. I'm in. Selling my original Moscato issued kit was a mistake.
  6. I'm only here for the model side of things. I am not going to bother posting anymore since i can get that elsewhere.
  7. This is bullshit. It's bad enough that non Macross builds have to go in the generic anime forum, but now the workbench forum gets moved as well. I hate that if I wan't to search for one of John's build up threads when I didn't even know it existed.Way to fragment the hobby. As a user I say bin the workshop thread and let builds for the respective genres exist within the respective Models, and Toys forums. If you agree then give a shout out here in this thread. Mods please take heed.
  8. No worries. I am having a go at (my slightly varied) version of the Ghost as shown in this line art: Cheers, Brett
  9. Nice to see some inbits getting some love Well after weeks of stealing bench time here and there (usually in the wee dark hours) the QF-3000E has reached this point: Scribing on a cylindrical surface nearly drove me mad but it's done. Not a world class effort but it will do for now. I just have to finish a few small detail and it will be ready for primer. Cheers, Brett
  10. Wow that is awesome. Great work man.
  11. Mike, v2 is lookind lime a massive improvement over v1. Nice job. I am saving these pics and and will try and include thw upgrades in my v1 build. I gotta tell you that I get why this has taken so long. This kit is huuuuuge an really sucks up build time. Also which kit I is the 1/72 vf-1j? Cheers, Brett T
  12. Well well well. This is the first build that makes me think that this kit may not be all that bad. Love the pilot rescuplt btw. Judt awesome work all around. Cheers, Brett T
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