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  1. I have discussed these issues with other members all of whom have been very understanding. Neko got his kit. What had happened is I had sent out 12 kits which were lost in the mail. 12 kits may not seem like a lot but it is. They were insured but I still haven't seen a dime from the post office. I had to cover the costs out of my own pocket. I talk regularly with other members and what a lot of people don't realize is that a lot of us who make these kits do so in our spare time. I have a family and they will always come first. But I always try to keep in communication. That loss of 12 kits w
  2. ichijo, that is incorrect. I have responded to every pm you have sent me. It's not the end of October yet and I have explained to you that there have been a lot of things going on in my personal life. I had to move because my company went under, my wife had a new baby and I have basically had to start over. I have seen this explained in other threads by people that know me. It's been a hectic couple years. When you ordered this from me I explained to you that I would be going back to school in order to get my PE. I stopped taking orders because of this but you insisted. I told you up front it
  3. I did not renew my table for Wonderfest this year and I have really dialled back on new projects. Once school is done in May I will be opening the shop up again and start making new stuff. For now I have been trying to get caught up.
  4. It's on its way. A lot going on with my personal life. Wife is expecting baby number 3 and my company is sending me to school. after May things will get back to normal somewhat. Again I apologize for the delay but trying to juggle work school and family right now.
  5. I am trying to get all of these loose ends tied up. My time has been very limited as of late due to some things going on in my personal life guys. Hang in there I'm trying to wrap it all up. It's not easy juggling work, family and your hobby. I have effectively shut the shop down in order to use my limited free time to finish these outstanding projects up.
  6. Not forgetting guys. Things have been busy but I'm working as fast as I can tying up all of these projects.
  7. I think Neptune got the 2 mixed up. The zentran dropship is the one that's was available making more. These big ships are pretty involved.
  8. Let me update. The clamship is in the final stages of prototyping. I'll post some pics this weekend but I am starting pre-orders. The I still have some bioroid assault ships available. Starting another run of drop pods. Hoping to have the clamship done by Christmas, late January at the latest. No money will be taken until the kits are finished so order now! Thanks
  9. okay i was delayed but here is the list. Every Person on this list has been confirmed for either a bioroid assault ship or a reentry pod. If you're not on the list please PM me so I can add you. List is as follows: sbantonelli Bad_Syntax sierra-ii7 Felindar DarkArchon3000 Mike1975
  10. I will be posting the List tomorrow. If you do not see your name on the list and still want a kit you must pm me as soon as possible to get in on the first run. Just a friendly reminder.
  11. Okay pre-orders are now finished. If you havent pmed me yet i would get it in now. I will start PMing folks that are on the list. If you dont hear from me in the next week, let me know I may have missed you. Thanks all
  12. Upgrades are finished printing. It goes out this week. Your kit was one of the ones the post office "lost". You will be getting the upgraded parts in this kit. Again I apologize for the wait I have been getting these out as soon as I can.
  13. I worked my way through engineering school as a machinist. I have deburring tools, but thanks for the offer. I have mentioned it to form 1and they are going to fix it
  14. Still have 2 weeks left to get on the preorder list. I'll still offer these after but I would like to get the majority out in one shot
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