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  1. That would be quite the challenge to make, even as a garage kit. I've thought about it on and off over the past couple of years. On the one hand it would be mostly a bunch of panels with some detail stamped on them and some cones - easy! But then I remember all of the cut outs filled with details and metallic rootlike structures and the fact that the ship is absolutely bristling with antennas, and I'm not so sure. I'd have to finish the CG model first anyway but it would be a cool thing to try. Maybe next year? Cool! I love stories told from the perspective of the other side, especially when the author has a really good take on the alien psychology. Speaking of which, if you're a fan of the 1982 movie The Thing, there is a brilliant short story written from the alien's perspective: http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/watts_01_10/ The guy's a brilliant writer and gives his stuff away for free.
  2. It's also fun to spot those moments in the show where the animator just basically traced the line art for a scene! I've spotted a few moments like that in all three series Not exactly. I've been making props and models for a loooong time but not specifically turning my CG models into real life models until now. I was commissioned to make the Martian Fighting Machine from my CG model and I really enjoyed the challenges. Being the huge Robotech fan that I am the Bioroids seemed like a logical next step. I'll do this whether anyone else is interested or not since I think it'll be a lot of fun, but if I can make a few Southern Cross fans happy along the way that would be cool!
  3. Absolutely! That's one of the main reasons I love the alien ships in Southern Cross so much. That organic, grown look to the technology makes the invaders feel truly alien. It's one of my favourite art styles and Tatsunoko did it better than anybody. I 100% agree with you about CG art sometimes being too perfect and that rather unflattering shot of my mothership model couldn't be a better example. The pieces might be in the right place but everything is too clean and it has none of the charm of the line art. I mentioned in the description that the mothership is a work in progress and probably will be for the next year. Other projects have dragged me away and it hasn't received the attention it deserves. Your criticism is totally valid and is something that will be addressed once all the structures are complete. I decided to leave the organicizing(?) of the ship until nearer the end as (once again) the ship's line art didn't match up and just making something that agreed with the three most common perspectives and still looked right was an enormous challenge. With all of the landmarks and details in place it will then get several beauty passes, one of which will be that rounding and shaping of the hull and details. Sounds like we're all on the same page here! I'm really pleased to have found you guys That's a great way to put it! Well said!
  4. Alright! Nice to see another Bioroid Terminator! I like that you kind of went with a thinner body style. Almost wasp-like in appearance. I couldn't agree more! The Bioroids were easier to get right. Their line art was mostly consistent although there were a few judgment calls that had to be made every now and then. The Terminator on the other hand was bonkers. Like you said, huge feet, tiny helmet, arms too long. Totally form over function. And to top it off the line art was inconsistent too. My intention was to create something that could possibly be made into a costume so I started with a human CGI model at the heart of the armour but it became obvious immediately that the armour's proportions were NOT suitable for a normal human being. I experimented with using some of the line art proportions but not only were they impractical, they looked ridiculous when translated to a more realistic CGI model. Those feet... Luckily some of the animators felt the way we did about those proportions: There are a number of other shots like this where the proportions are reasonable so I ended up using them for proportion reference while relying on the line art for structure and detail. To my eye an important aspect of the armour was that it was bulky, almost like an overcoat, so I tried to keep that feeling while modelling something that could actually be worn by a person. Most areas are modelled faithfully but there was definitely more executive decision making on this than on the Bioroids or the vehicles. I hope that explains where I was coming from with the sizing decisions I had to make. If it isn't to your taste I completely understand but I still very much appreciate the feedback!
  5. Thanks for checking out my work! I always welcome honest criticism, especially from someone who knows their stuff, in this case Bioroids. I realize that was a bold statement to make but I always try be as faithful to the source material as possible and it would bother me if I made a stupid mistake (especially after shooting my mouth off about how much I care about accuracy ). Where do you feel I didn't capture something properly? Is it one thing in particular or something more general? You guys here know this stuff better than anyone. If there's something that can be improved I definitely want to hear it.
  6. Toys. However I didn't realize until a couple of days ago that I was a bit late to the party and that Mr Moscato has already produced some excellent Bioroid models. As always his work is fantastic and it may make my offerings a bit redundant. Still, if people want pre-built, finished toys then I'm happy to accommodate. Fair enough. The Michael Trim/ Jeff Wayne tripod is my favourite but I'm well aware that it's probably the least book-accurate version. My number two is this one: https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/League_of_Extraordinary_Gentlemen_Vol_2_4?file=League+of+Extraordinary+Gentlemen+Vol+2+4.JPG It ticks all of the boxes for me. It looks super alien yet still somehow Victorian and it even has the huge shield on top that the artilleryman describes crawling towards the other cylinder before it "staggered up on legs" and started causing mischief. H.G. Wells really understood how hard it would be for a tripod to move gracefully. If a four legged walker lifts a leg it's fine. - it's now a tripod and tripods are very stable. But if a tripod lifts a leg the the structure immediately starts falling so it has do what we bipeds do which is push off with that leg first to get some height and THEN move the leg. This would totally result in that jerky, milking stool movement described in the book. I've never seen any TV show, movie, or animation properly depict how a three legged walker would move although if anyone knows of something I'd love to see it. Even Spielberg's War of the Worlds gorgeous Fighting Machines messed it up. I saw a behind the scenes clip where he described wanting them to look like giraffes when they walked, which makes them look graceful and deadly but it would be impossible because giraffes need FOUR legs to walk the way they do. Oh well Interesting thought about the Fighting Machines being like Bioroids, It would certainly give them amazing control.
  7. Hi everyone, I just noticed that some of my artwork has been posted to this forum and that some people might be interested in some Southern Cross Bioroid models/figures. I'm currently in the middle of turning some of my models into real life products and was wondering if there would be any interest in Bioroids or other vehicles. I'm currently working on the Martian Fighting Machine from Jeff Wayne's version of the War of the Worlds but after that I will be looking for other projects. Being faithful to the source material is of utmost importance to me. To see what I've done so far please feel free to visit my Deviant Art page and judge the quality for yourself. I would certainly be open to a small production run if there is sufficient interest. If this is something that appeals to you please just let me know either by replying to this post or DM-ing me. Head over here for the artwork: https://www.deviantart.com/bioscythe2/gallery/71510621/robotech-sdc-southern-cross This links directly to my Southern Cross folder but the page also has pictures of the prototype model of the Martian Fighting Machine to give you an idea of the quality of models I produce. Best wishes, Bioscythe
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