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  1. Looks like this is going to be my new favourite valk if Battroid mode looks as good as fighter!
  2. Finally some SDF-1 toy love!!!
  3. This got my attention!
  4. I wish they get to make the centaur and flying addons. Wow, that is one dangerous link for the wallet.
  5. Mr. Somebody is in luck, it's in clearance basically everywhere.
  6. Man, UM looks great!! Now that is build quality. Certainly steps above that loose, cheap feeling thing KFC chucked out. Citizen Stacks was my dumbest purchase of the year by far :/
  7. Great finale. The fight against the giant mecha felt epic enough. Giving closure to some of the bad guys of previous seasons was also nice as well as how Kuvira was finaly dealt with. Kudos to the writers for pulling of the ending so well considering the medium. Very classy. For a moment at the wedding I feared that they would hamfist Mako. Now that would have been forced. That relationship ended long ago and was glad to see they left it as them being loyal friends. Before the letter writing between Korra and Asami I remember talking to my brother of what a great character Asami was. She needed no bending mojo to kick serious ass. We felt sorry she always got the short end of the stick and half joked that the only character up to her would be the Avatar (like Nick would allow THAT!). Pairing Asami with a finally matured Korra feels like justice to the character.
  8. Meanwhile in the headquarters of the Mouse: "Hahaha! They fell for it! Now that they are pointing the finger towards the NKoreans whe can move to phase two: fully buying the Spider-Man rights super cheap!!!!"
  9. Todavía me acuerdo de las risas que nos regalaba este gran maestro del humor a mi familia y a mi. Había olvidado esos momentos; ahora no los olvidaré.
  10. Hits my nostalgia buttom pretty hard the moment I see those doors. To CG looking though (sorry, I know that is the number one Internet bitching right now, but I call them like I see them). The mosquito that sucked blood from that huge marine reptile deserves a statue.
  11. Twoducks

    Hi-Metal R

    Dear lord, run wallets, run for your life!!!!
  12. And the movie will flop and everybody will say: "see? only Bay's genious can make these crap scripts sell tickets" or "see? only the curiosity of seeing how more stupid Bay can make things is what sells tickets" or...
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