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  1. Love the Orguss easter egg. That's a huge fire extinguisher. Looks like an older extinguisher where you gotta invert it or a soda acid type. How is the bridge attached to your Prometheus Deck? Edit: @wm cheng here is the thread where he worked on the Deck:
  2. wmkjr

    Uta Macross!

    Get your fill in before it goes. June 28 1500 Japan time it shuts down.
  3. The same pic used forever of that prototype. Gonna need to throw in a cupholder attachment:
  4. Arcadia could've at least made the lens green instead of red.
  5. This is the listing of the options and what limited edition items each of the listed stores offer when you order through them. I guess you gotta buy from all of them to get all the limited loot: https://v-storage.bnarts.jp/sp-site/macross_delta/
  6. It has the MMW logo so hopefully it'll be less of a headache to get.
  7. Arcadia blog about the glow paint: https://ameblo.jp/arcadiaac/entry-12369607518.html
  8. Any Spanish speakers? Maybe post this info that section too?
  9. Can try Google Translate with your phone and scan the instructions. Can get a rough idea of what needs to be done.
  10. Only hiccup was trying to type new password, 2nd time wasn't registering and showed up not matching but hit the save and it went thru. VPN on.
  11. Thanks for the heads up! Got an email notification and came here to check if it's a scam or not. No VPN.
  12. It worked! I just deleted an album. There is now a delete option under the manage album tab. Thanks again!
  13. This is the the edit album page that I split when you click on the manage album tab.
  14. I believe that was from MEP Toys for the public to download and try out. Try contacting them as they were looking for feedback https://www.facebook.com/meiccoms
  15. wmkjr

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    I wouldn't worry to much either as according to their blog via Google Translate: There are some minor corrections here as well. At the time of fighter, the place where the head beam cannon is stuck in the fast pack, It will be a shape that escapes in parallel to the rear of the aircraft.
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