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  1. Arcadia is a separate company from Bandai, which is the one you're thinking about with the YF-21. Here is the link for Arcadia and their products list: https://arcadia.ac/ The VF-5000 is still in the development stage so no info yet when it'll be sold. Wonderfest Winter 2023 in Feb would most likely have more info. As for PO, it usually is available at the regular websites like those you listed. From my experience, PO's are easier to get from Arcadia.
  2. Like the others mentioned, for home 3d printing it's either Filament (FDM) or Resin. FDM can print different materials depending on machine or upgrades. Anywhere from PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, and CF blends. Some of might need proper ventilation due to hazardous fumes produced and an enclosure. Some filament might need a dry box due to being hydroscopic. Hot ends, extruders, nozzles, belts need replacing over time. Larger build volumes available compared to resin type at the same price point. Resolution of prints may be less compared to resin printers. One thing you might want to consider is a printer with tons of community support. Some brands like Creality and Prusa have a big community base that can offer support or have tons of mods for your printer versus lesser known brands. Resin printers of the same price point are usually smaller in build size. They offer resins of various types of hardness and use. Require more post print processing. They have incredible details for prints. Usually uses a consumable clear film. The display may also have a lifespan and need replacing. Disposal of post processing material might be a hassle. I would say a quality respirator and nitrile gloves (in case of latex allergy) are required to protect your respiratory system and prevent your skin from developing an allergy to uncured resin. Slicer software is the one that slices your model you want to print layer by layer and sends it to your printer. There are various free ones as others have mentioned like Cura. There's also Prusaslicer which is a branch from SuperSlicer. There are others but I use these the most. There are many free 3d design software out there. Onshape, Fusion 360 , FreeCad, and Blender are some examples. Some free versions of paid software might have some features disabled. Each program has their own learning curve so try them out and find one you feel comfortable with.
  3. The transforming prototype looks like a Hasegawa kit they remodeled for transformation. Display base looks like it's from the kit. Edit: Nvm, if I scrolled further in the tweets he shows the process. I like how they added the prototype explanation panel to the exhibit. The designer stated the hardest part in balancing is when the Arms are spread out. They even added TREX's drawings.
  4. If I were to guess, it'd be this guy: https://twitter.com/muko037
  5. He's on it already. At least the 1/8000 version anyways.
  6. Pretty cool Houquet figure. I like the details of the textures in the clothing and gloves.
  7. This one? Photos courtesy anymoon.com
  8. 1/60 VF-1S Unpainted No paint version.
  9. wmkjr

    Macross spy valks

    VEFR-1 is the SDFM one you were describing. There was also a VF-17D with radome.
  10. wmkjr

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    What?! The Booster detaches?! PO Cancelled
  11. wmkjr

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    Fighter adapter is too chunky. PO cancelled. 😝
  12. Might've gotten a strike down. His VF library ain't up either.
  13. Thanks. The answer I what I was looking for.
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