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  1. Is the mospeada gaiden also manga strip by any chance? Wasnt quite clear on what next month's issue meant..probably model kits? Either way looking forward for some new moto love..😅
  2. Some genesis breaker news/models previews coming out in july?
  3. I hope it isn't a !$#$@% DX yf-21! Now that would make me angry! Or it could be a new series with a seventh exclamation ..😅
  4. Disney=anakin ie too pre-occupied with $$... Urgh had to use the force to sit through and watch.... Dont think i may be able to sit thru any more if it continues like this...maybe just read the re-caps next time... lazy a** writing... edit: just found out that the final episode is next week!! Ok torture will end too!
  5. The gunship was a p-bandai item from last year so i ordered it via proxy i.e fromjapan. Around november if am not mistaken.
  6. Bandai's way of getting more bang out of our bucks.. but nevertheless i can see how this gunship, in fact, can double up as a nice desktop display, due to its size, maybe with wings folded up, landed. All in a compact display box..
  7. Finally got a Gunship! Went for this, as the formania gunship, the wings well, were too featherly for my liking...I admit, expected this gunship to be bigger. Thought a wrong package got delivered instead... Comes with lighted wing engines, transparent figs and a mini mehve in tow as a complete display on the stand...
  8. hmm never noticed till the video, the square chin ends a little too soon making the the jawline seem short....overall..like a double chin/ or wearing a mask below the chin... lineart arcadia... no biggie...HMR has its quirks i suppose...
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