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  1. my comment was more on the hours he gamed in a stretch at his age...WOT(anks) was my drug the last decade and i had to stop usually after a 2 hr session. 🤣 The old geezer is way older than me squeezing in a marathon 6 hr..maybe he is getting away from his wife's erm...talking...(older women tend eh *talk* more) just based on my observation..😆🤪 I loved WOT because it can be slow paced, fast paced, tactics etc etc...and boy when you are in the zone the top kills can be so satisfying...esp if you help you are the lone tank standing and win the game but killing everyone haunting you 😂 But this helldiver2 game...no way is it slower paced from the many video's i have seen...crazy hordes of bugs after you if the team doesnt work together ... Plus the cinematics...could be passed off as an blockbuster action movie even...
  2. Owned by gramps! Some of his shots were so far away that i do wonder if its rigged at times...nah....🤣🤣🤣
  3. Man, watching clips of gameplay kept me up till 2am last night! Makings of a classic game maybe... If i was younger i would probably be sucked into gaming again... or maybe when i am older...🤣🤣 YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING...6HRS of gaming at that age??
  4. zaku HG 1/144 Zaku II Sorari (Requiem for Vengeance) Release Date: Autumn 2024 quite detailed too! panel lining heaven or hell will depend on how you look at it..
  5. all aboard the big head train....
  6. woah i like the gerwalk launch concept...cools...✨
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