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  1. They could get away with it, by not mentioning any brand names etc etc...
  2. Yup the VF-4 is a mind boggler where the arms/feet go...just like the SV262... To me, that's the magic of macross. Despite its transformation abilities, fighter mode still looks like a beautiful jet fighter... Part of kawamori's genius..
  3. Next level macross releases...includes 'gimmicks' of easter eggs found in macross... comes with Bud missile can! *pending licensor approval*
  4. Armor parts are under a 2nd PO currently, releasing in October. The first armor part releases are in September. Either way, as long as any product PO are not released yet, safe to say, any links here will help in securing a release day version.
  5. So far, am liking the separate PO thread. My tots; 1) Have a PO in progress thread which tracks PO's and link info until release day. 2) For product threads, breaking down into sub-threads can be done if required, but i rather not mix PO links discussions (commercial oriented) with product discussions (fan oriented). Due to; - Let folks who are interested in PO focus their efforts into a PO thread. (One PO thread for all brands.) - Let folks who want to discuss products/merch continue discussions uninterrupted and avoid repeated PO link questions, in the dedicated product th
  6. https://twitter.com/GwynCampbell/status/1387984188582678531?s=20 Oooooh...
  7. Also at CDJ....https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOBK-2610835
  8. since i dont have multiple accounts, i can only afford ....one like for you!
  9. Nice! Whats that in the panel corner? Removable missiles?!
  10. Just me, i wanna see the 1D release, and after the GBP release, switch to the 21!
  11. Nice find...back emblem looks weird...aztec-ish? Am not sure if there are still sticking with the battery charger pod(?), this time with an extended tail? Could be a radar detector instead?
  12. @EastwindS2k you definitely deserve more likes dude....
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