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  1. i was just thinking how cool it would be if....and here it is!
  2. aww was hoping for a longer YMCA dance move ..nice vid! dont forget TV Max in the next SDFM TV valk lineup!
  3. If its any consolation, we might be going for another round of, will the new supers fit the old 31 or vice versa questions...🤖🔄
  4. Macross re-issues for bandai are rare. Even if it looks like a rerelease, something in there differentiates it. Like the recent yf-29 full pack, which wasnt a full pack previously. Furthermore, since bandai releases 1 macross product per release, and they go by months in the year, there isnt much room to re-issues. This again may change with the HG/BW landscape, but unless there are more release slots....meh...
  5. I have a feeling the train has passed on anything related to the original 31 valks. The hot potatoes now are the 31AX valks. Don't see bandai revisiting the older delta movie just to complete bits and pieces.
  6. It has the most beautiful right tail amongst all the DX valks. 100 percent bandai perfection. Some say is so perfect they were thinking of knocking 001 percent off its tail score.
  7. Maybe its the pilot behind the vf that counts, not the vf. Or it could be a kawaii chick singing to the pilot that gives him the ultimate piloting skills to pilot a vf that he just sat into. Wait. What.
  8. Haha no pre-order madness for this one! Ohh cool...with the new 1/48 DX armor parts, these decals would look great on em if there was any.. Haha 1/48 (?) DX roy bot!!😀 I was also looking for some HG logo somewhere but didnt notice any.... This reminds me of those viral people you find at walmart photos....this would be under the macross you find at walmart...😁
  9. or rummage thru some hasegawa or bandai kits for minmay itasha decals thats a biz opportunity for custom SDFM/DYRL minmay, misa, claudia or the bride bunnies decals tho! 😁
  10. looks like it. i think i saw there was a difference decades back of a red on white kite, but you have jogged my memories again.... and kinda forgot abt the girl on the inner leg of the imai's version....vintage itasha...😅 would be nice if bandai had boxart DX versions to be released...
  11. Oh yea they did hayate’s. But hayates head unit is basically the same as the A(oops take that back...it’s not), so I might thk that to be ok, similar for chuck and the 06? Arad’s and mirages head forms however are different...maybe they did decide to drop alphabet designations but if so it’s a pity...cos that’s been a trademark macross valk concept as per number of head lasers or visor shape would determine if u are the bossman or hotshot pilot or merely an observer(radar) ..😅😆
  12. Yea the S, J, E designations...so arad would probably be 31AXS...and chuck would be 31AXE! Maybe they haven’t officially updated it yet..?
  13. hey jvm...photoshop this! https://www.walmart.com/ip/Garbage-Pail-Kids-Roy-Bot-The-Loyal-Subjects-4-Walmart-Exclusive-Collectible-Figure/732037398
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