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  1. in case anyone prefers CDJ.... B3 https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOBK-2904075 A4 https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOBK-2904076 similar pricing...
  2. like Froy said get 2 more....😁 for me though, i like battroid mode...somehow aggressive with jangly bits and not sure if nose fuselage slimmer than arcadia's for a fitter/not fat look..
  3. Would like a VF-1 VR, which had a small mention (more of a screen grab from SDFM asking what VF-1 should be next...) in one of the hobby mags previously. Candidate for a P-Bandai if so... else i would prefer a 1A CF or a 1A Kakizaki to round out the TV platoon.
  4. here we go... B4 And then A4 Any more offers coming in cheaper? Was waiting for CDJ but since amazon had it listed first...
  5. Cos the re-releases are frontier valks and bandai wanted to maximize their returns ($$) on re-releases? who knows, am speculating.......😅😆
  6. woah..doesnt look that jagged at all...crisp enuff?
  7. matt preventing plastic from yellowing? i didnt hear of that before... my cynical side opines the re-releases are matt because bandai's factory ran out of gloss or was too costly or switched to a cheaper factory ...ðŸĪŠ
  8. I used to only have over ear headphones. Probably marketing got to me with the immersion/comfort etc etc. But since i dont game as much as i used to, the headphones usually end up untouched for long periods of time. Currently i use beats flex in-ear earphones just for voice calls on the PC but its not for marathon gaming purposes as the battery wont last. I have a small room for my PC setup, at the moment i get away somewhat with acoustics boosted, having my desktop speakers and sub near walls to 'amplify'/'bounce'.
  9. Looking the amount of enemies on screen, plus all the specular lighting and what not effects, wondering more of an ultimate setup to run its maximum/ultra settings. Looks too good to run on just base/recommended. On the audio side, I hate headphones. Over time i get a headache cos of the weight over few hours of gaming. I suppose age is catching up. No to mention disintegration of rubber/foam support over time caused me to toss a many pairs over the years previously. Will see how this game fares further before attempting to upgrade/ get a new system.😅
  10. I have stopped upgrading my PC ages back. But then i see this. And it makes me itch to get a PC sufficiently ready for it. Cant even fathom the PC specs needed to run it.. and also a superb monitor and sound system to go with it...
  11. oh yeah baby! will you be applying the decals? That's certainly going to bump up the realism to model level.
  12. seti88

    Hi-Metal R

    dont be deceived.... the thinner wallet just uses credit cards instead of cash...😂
  13. seti88

    Hi-Metal R

    not forgetting macross has 4or5 head types per valk, main show valks anyway... and then there are the armor parts. and now we have the mechanic editions for DX
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