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  1. It’s still there... Thanks for the info,
  2. - VF-31 is a great design - YF-25 prophecy has a nice color scheme - VF-1S Roy (looking forward the eventual DX Chogokin release)
  3. No one reported the HLJ sale? They have the VF-2ss from Evolution toys with a huge discount! (but not sure it's a good deal)
  4. Sorry to dig this thread, but I am looking for the BP8 piece. Could you share the link to shapeways?
  5. Lots of yamato fast packs for 1/48 vf. Must be clearing off for the dx’s arrival.
  6. I have bought from Mandarake several times. Their shipping team is very reliable and the condition is usually like new - unless it is specified. Usually, they will note some damage, or so, but the condition is usually much better in person. It seems they started to charge more for shipping, since they don’t ship DX vf by sal small packet anymore. They seems to use EMS and sal parcel, which is pricier.
  7. Very good idea! How is the clearance? Does the door shut completly?
  8. It's among my favorite DX, great robot mode, and cool looking jet mode. The poor sales might impact on future elvis' paint scheme.
  9. Thanks for sharing, silicon lubricant and blowdryer seem to be very good suggestions! I might try again transforming it again.
  10. I tried with a dull knife - without any luck. I guess I was lucky and the joint loosed up a little.
  11. It’s in the box ever since... It’s a shame because I like it so much!
  12. All I have to say, just be patient and don’t force it. I used transformation videos frame by frame to be sure I was not going against the joint mechanism and I finally managed to unblock it. I pull it out and pull it in, it might help loosing out the joint.
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