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  1. re: sazabi, do we anticipate usa sites like bluefin or possibly entertainment earth to go up at a similar time as the japanese ones?
  2. hooray for the PF tomahawk, more PF destroids please...like a PF Defender, and a PF PHALANX. If arcadia is interested in making money, please for the love of all that is good in the world: PF yf-21 and PF tv SDF-1 😁
  3. lol, yes toy would be free, boxes however can be pricey
  4. anyone looking for this item? still sealed inside the unopened DHL box from amazon japan. Thought i cancelled it long ago but clearly not. I would much rather hand it to a fellow Macross/Mospeada fan than send it back to Japan.
  5. anyone order the new DX roy with NY and actually get it shipped?
  6. Thank the Lord!!!!!
  7. looking at HLJ site now, it says order stop, limited to 20 (used to be just 1). Perhaps there is hope!
  8. Kyekye, any way I can get a print of those h.ichijo stickers?
  9. late to the party buddies, is there only one version of the milia to preorder (i.e., standard version comes with tampo?), or will there be a premium version down the line?
  10. hardly post, but in the interest of our macross community --> esthertool is a TOOL, avoid at all costs imo. sent my macross items packaged in wrapping paper (i.e., the toy box was the shipping box...)
  11. so the restock of this item in April 2016, is NOT this new weathered version correct? Also, no info on ankle revisions for either of these?
  12. Super late to the party (yes that is one stand! ), but thanks chaoticyeti!
  13. That is awesome! Anyone else have one they can share?
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