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  1. We're watching MAID on Netflix right now. It's more for the wife but it's good. Edit: it's Good Times for white people, lol.
  2. Shatner at his best. Amazing how great he is doing at 90 years old. https://www.mediaite.com/tv/i-am-overwhelmed-william-shatner-hugs-jeff-bezos-gives-emotional-address-after-returning-to-earth/
  3. Just finished The Many Saints of Newark on HBO MAX. Pretty disjointed for a much hyped film, lots of opportunities lost.
  4. Blade Runner: 2049 staying within the universe of the first film that took place in a alternate 2019 was a very brave choice. It also didn't take its fans for idiots either like most of Hollywood does.
  5. I was thinking Playstation controller myself. Wondering... where is X?? LOL!
  6. I thought the ending was good. Hopefully get a second series. Also... Expect future Comic Cons filled with pink soldiers.
  7. Will Robinson hit puberty, lol. One of Netflix's best series. Great action and the SFX is superb! Can't wait!
  8. New trailer. Better than the first but that was a very low bar, still not digging it.
  9. Blew my mind seeing a 50ft human come out of it the first time.
  10. Something something YAMATO HASSHIN!! Something something YUKI!!!!!!!
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