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  1. Yeah, we'll probably be staying at the Dolphin or Swan Hotel too. I like how they have a supervised children's center, that'll give mommy and I some time to check out their spa among other things, lol.
  2. New trailer. My three old son gives me anxiety when I think of this movie!!
  3. Are you staying at a hotel? Try a AIRBNB where you can make your own dinner there, save money doing it too. I'm trying to convince my wife of that but she wants the FULL Disney World experience with resort hotel for the kids next year, lol.
  4. OK, I didn't initially see the anime influences referenced in G&K after watching it twice last month but I'm sure most Godzilla fans will have a love for anime too. EDIT: I DID NOT KNOW BRYAN CRANSTON WAS THE VOICE OF ISAMU DYSON IN MACROSS PLUS!! lol. Can't believe I'm learning that now.
  5. This is why you always wear safety glasses when practicing at any range. I was supposed to go to the NRA range in NOVA yesterday but my date had to cancel due to personal reasons. Anyways, it was gonna be an expensive date, lol.
  6. Yeah, that's how I first heard about NXIVM. Grace Park (Boomer) was also part of it too but looks like she left it early. Nicki Clyne still supports it though, ugh. Second season will be very interesting.
  7. Watching The Vow documentary on HBO Max. It's about the NXIVM cult that sucked in actresses, mainly Battlestar Galactica and Obi-Wan's Aunt Beru. Worth a watch just for the craziness.
  8. +1. I think the 1995 MK is kinda like a generational film with its soundtrack and style of the time.
  9. Show of hands. Who here actually paid money to see Mortal Kombat: Annihilation? I did and thankfully it was one dollar. Almost walked out of the theater when I realized I had nothing better to do which was the 1990s for ya, lol.
  10. Finished the series last night. Really really good. Actually better than most of the MARVEL movies IMHO, glad it kept a mature tone. That being said, gonna have to watch the Captain America sequels again. JACK BAUER WOULD BE PROUD!!
  11. Again, the original film's REPTILE was made cooler by the soundtrack alone.
  12. For recent films the ocean fight scene between Joe ('K') and Luv comes to mind. Just pure and intense cinema with a great soundtrack enhancing it in the background.
  13. Just finished watching it. It was good action with no cheese, glad it was rated R. Only thing missing was a good soundtrack that the original had. Maybe they can make up for it in the sequel
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