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  1. Yeah, Ridley Scott executive produced 2049 which probably explains why it was so good, lol. Seriously, Ridley Scott is one of my all time favorite directors but he sucks at making follow up films like he did with the ALIEN prequels. I just re-watched ALIEN and it's still so good! I'd lean that ALIEN is slightly more timeless than ALIENS is. I hope I didn't derail this thread, lol. But yeah, Ridley's schedule is filled with so many movies and I guess he's trying to complete as many as he can while he still around as he's 83 years old.
  2. I don't think Scarlett's career is ending anytime soon, maybe for action roles it is. She was really good in Marriage Story on Netflix and received a Oscar nom for it.
  3. Agreed, My wife and I were just joking about this earlier. Seriously, you could buy our whole neighborhood for $50mil. Unreal. The ones who'll probably win is the friggin' lawyers.
  4. See Corvette Summer if you hadn't yet, she was really cute and young in it. Also starred a very young, pre-Wampa mauled, Mark Hamill too. Kinda cheesy for today's audience but worth checking out to see those two in their very early roles.
  5. I wouldn't call the BLADE RUNNER films cyberpunk IMHO. I think future noir, just like the title of the 'making of' book is, fits the genre best. Cyberpunk is more hacker involved, eg Johnny Mnemonic. The anime does have cyberpunk vibe to it though and is what is working against itself. https://www.amazon.com/Future-Noir-Revised-Updated-Making/dp/0062699466/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=blade+runner+noir&qid=1627566433&sr=8-1
  6. OMG... this gonna be wild AF! Can't wait for the trailer.
  7. Ew, no. Had one. Never again. My stomach was like 🤢🤮
  8. A24 know hows to make well made and weird movies.
  9. Well made ad but probably cheaply produced as I've seen similar home made anime on Youtube. I rarely go to TACO BELL but when I do I get their Cinnabon Delights. So f'ing gooooooood!! https://www.tacobell.com/food/sides-sweets/cinnabon-delights-2-pack
  10. I didn't know Joe Keery was in it! He's awesome in Stranger Things.
  11. Agreed. Do you really really need that collectable item? I have never paid for anything from a scalper or anything heavily marked up. My money could be better spent on other important or worthwhile things like fine dining, vacations, or just keep it in my savings. Since I ended my two favorite hobbies, PC gaming and sci-fi collection, I've been saving a lot of money in my bank account and it feels great!
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