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  1. Ali is a good actor and I suspect he can only take so much crap before quitting himself.
  2. Iconic music for its day. RIP
  3. We do have young children, my daughter turned 8 while we were there and my son turns 5 before Christmas, so it was not a very relaxing trip lol. Having a stroller for my son helped a lot!! But yeah, we thought the same about EPCOT's attractions too. The food was good but way over priced. We stayed on resort at Art of Animation and we were paying between $120 to $150 a day on food alone there and at the parks! Next time we'll do AirBnB to save money on stay and food.
  4. Didn't get to GoG, too busy that day at EPCOT and it was a hot day too 🥵 I think we missed out on a lot there ☹️
  5. Took my family to WDW last week for 5 day park visit, just in time with Hurricane Ian hitting this week too! Lot to say on our experience but here are some highlights from the trip. STAR WARS GALAXY'S EDGE was amazing! Seeing the life size Millennium Falcon in person was a huge thrill! All three Star Wars rides were awesome, the updated Star Tours in 3D is my favorite of the three. Rise of the Resistance ride was yuge!! Also, my almost 5 year old son thought he was in trouble when he saw the cast members dressed as First Order officers 😹 Lightning pass was worth it as my kids were getting burnt out by the long lines. Missed out on the Avatar: Flight of Passage ride as my son was too short for it and we didn't want to wait separately. Next time!
  6. This can be really good using today's amazing VFX though story, acting and sets will still matter a lot! That being said, I'd love to see a faithful film adaptation of the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep someday.
  7. Watched it, its OK and the format is getting kinda old. MCU will never be on the grown up level that DCU has been.
  8. Since this movie is making so much money I wonder if Disney is trying to get Joseph Kosinski back to direct to direct the cancelled TRON: Legacy sequel or did they burn that bridge? LOL.
  9. It's a shame it's not The Addams Family as their whole thing was fun in the original series but I guess Wednesday is the cool one, thanks to Cristina Ricci's role back in the 1990s.
  10. Uh, no thanks. These absurd streaming prices increases is why I paused my Netflix subscription. Prime will probably be next. Disney+ ad-free streaming price increases to $11 per month in December https://www.engadget.com/disney-plus-price-increase-ad-based-service-204903273.html?fbclid=IwAR3i1jm4BNi0KBqiAr--EUodgYbzS1LZNAV3lqRIxmTJwuP8XB57CBUaPAc
  11. Heh, I remember Michael Beck saying Xanadu about killed his acting career. RIP, Olivia was beautiful inside and out.
  12. Took the family to see it today, our first time the whole family to sit in a theater so it was a good experience. My daughter loved it and can't stop talking about it, lol. My wife and I enjoyed it too. Smart quips and good action. Recommended!
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