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Found 7 results

  1. https://www.apple.com/tv-pr/news/2023/08/apple-tv-unveils-first-look-at-highly-anticipated-godzilla-and-titans-live-action-original-series-monarch-legacy-of-monsters/
  2. Please post about toys and other topics in their own threads.
  3. Batman: Hush. Batman: Soul of the Dragon. Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One. Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two. Batman Beyond: The Complete Series. The Lego Batman Movie.
  4. I have a feeling that the Clans from BattleTech would make for better antagonists for Macross than the current Macross rogues lineup because they are humanity (and for a Macross cross, they would incorporate the children of the Protoculture such as the Windermerans into their group as well) that due to interstellar distances, lack of resources on their home worlds and isolation managed to evolve into a culture completely alien from their progenitors, making them a fresh take on the human-like aliens in fiction that Macross is fond of. This would also play into the culture theme that Macross has as the Clans are biologically human (or Zolan, Zentraedi, etc in this cross ) but due to the cultural drift involved in interstellar colonization and slowness in travel due to the length needed to prepare for fold space travel , they evolved a culture that would be considered alien to mainstream culture in the New United Nations government such as the Clans' honor code (zellbringen, bidding down and issuing batchalls.... you get the idea ) being considered a violation of common sense by the rest of the NUNS but evolved due to the relative lack of resources in Clan space. Moreover, it allows for the original idea of music being a tool of culture that is used to bridge cultural/communication gaps between different groups , more similar to that in Frontier and SDF Macross rather than in 7 or Delta where the music theme is used to handwave things such as Sprita or treating Vars Syndrome. Here, music would be used to bridge the gaps between the cultures of the the New United Nations Government and the Clans but military force still has to be used to stop the Clan Invasion once enough knowledge of how the Clans work is gained from them.
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