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  1. The price is the same $300 for everything. Meeting each tier unlocks the content for everybody, regardless of when you order.
  2. Has anybody had a good experience where the plastic doesn't re-yellow after whitening? I've only tried on my Beagle Mospeadas and they looked fantastic when I whitened them but then after being in a closet for a year they were more yellow than before. I'm wondering if there's a difference if you do it without the UV light involved. I understand just hydrogen peroxide with heat will work to whiten as well but haven't tried. I have a few valks that I'm heartbroken about yellowing and would really love to get them back to beautiful. In my case the toys were originally yellowed from sunlight, so my hope would be that if kept out of the sunlight they would remain white.
  3. My Yamato VF-1S is yellowed and it breaks my heart. 😥 I thought the Bandai oversized hands were really goofy too until I tried them out and I think they look good in person. There is also a mid-sized set of hands included so if you prefer a more restrained look they got you covered.
  4. Comparison of my newly acquired Bandai DX GBP-1S with the Yamato 1/48. The Bandai armor is actually on my TV Max VF-1A, since that's the only valk in the line that I own. It's really nice that Bandai included that extra VF-1J head. My kids say they prefer the Yamato version. I'm a fan of the Bandai myself, though they went a bit overboard on the markings.
  5. I bit on the GBP-1S parts from Mandarake. Now I'm hoping Bandai will rerelease the VF-1J or the VF-1S so I have something to put them on...
  6. My Houquet was in Osaka yesterday. It arrived at my home in North Carolina, US, today. Bananas. (Amazon.co.jp, DHL) Initial thought is it looks pretty good in hand. Limbs are a little more loose than I'd like.
  7. Any reviews of the Bartley up yet?
  8. Wow, I was going to ask if they transformed, since GoLion had the legs, but I thought nah, can't be at that size and price.
  9. What's with the 30th anniversary stamp on all those 3A pics? They're about 10 years off.
  10. The crew is looking good together. (And just barely fit on the Detolf.)
  11. Mine showed up from Amazon JP today as well. I didn't expect it for another week.
  12. Carbotix pre-order up on BBTS @$700. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/172170 Can't justify that but whoever gets it will have a nice piece.
  13. I'll say that the availability of Bludd and now today's smooth preorder of Barbecue and Breaker are encouraging. Credit to Target and Hasbro for improving things. Hopefully it's the norm going forward.
  14. Up on Amazon Japan: https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/dp/B08ZZJZBSQ/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1
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