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  1. I'm a sixteen episodes in to TOS and I'm enjoying it so far. As mentioned above it's really melodramatic, everything is overacted, and yes, Shatner is certainly something else. but it's pretty fun overall. I'm definitely noticing some of the inconsistencies between episodes, mostly uniforms and props, binging episodes makes those things more noticeable. Question about uniform colors, are those dependent at all on rank or position? I ask because I've always known Spock to wear blue, but he's definitely rocking yellow in several episodes. I thought the gold arm band bits signified rank, I always thought uniform color was more open, you can wear whatever. But I also know most red-shirts are lower ranking, but there's generic crewmen that die off in other colors as well, Scotty usually rocks red but I thought he was a bit higher up in rank and had a more important position among those in engineering at least. Also, this may be one of those episode to episode consistency issues, is there a standard uniform? I know the first two episodes with Pike were technically pilots, and I read that TOS doesn't really start proper until the episode Where No Man Has Gone Before, but I've seen the uniforms switch style several times. At one point they had the deeper v-neck shirts with the black undershirt, with the more decorative gold rank banks, but then they've also had the more turtle-neck looking shirts with the solid gold rank bands on the arms, then they eventually settle in to the looser colored shirts with the black undershirt. They don't have seasonal uniforms right? They're in space, going planet to planet, that wouldn't make sense. McCoy starts settling in to short sleeve uniform shirts, which I had no idea were even a thing, I don't see anyone else wearing those, or maybe I didn't notice, can you just request short sleeve uniforms? Either way like I said I'm enjoying it, I burnt through several episodes while I built my giant, absurdly sized Playmobil Enterprise, the show has lots of little old-school "sci-fi" sounds in it that are built into the Playmobil ship, pretty neat. I do get it with the sounds though, they come often and loud, everything has to make a little sound or something, it's pretty funny.
  2. I had no idea the animated series was canon, let alone the continued continuity of TOS, guess I'll have to check that out too. Seems nearly everything Trek, the various movies included, is on Paramount+, pretty nice having almost everything on one streaming service for once. I'm nine episodes in to season 1 of TOS and it's pretty fun, the remaster does have some solid effects. Loving the updated sound, I recently updated to an Atmos system and all of this Trek stuff on Paramount+ looks and sounds fantastic.
  3. I had no idea TOS got remastered, I guess if I'm going to try to get through it it'll be that version! I have a high tolerance for camp, and really old-school sci-fi, so I think I should be able to make it, doubt I'll check out the Animated Series though. This is also why I'm interested in checking it out, a bit of morbid curiosity. I've read and heard about all of this, I gotta see it for myself at least once, it's such an important series that paved the way for so much that we enjoy today, I wanna see that old-school struggle and magic in action!
  4. Well this works. I'm enjoying SNW and will be moving onto TOS after season 1 wraps up. Not sure if I'll be doing DS9 or TNG next, both seem to get quite a few recommendations. Maybe, someday, one day, I'll check out Discovery and Picard, Picard of course well after I wrap up TNG.
  5. True, I just didn't want to have multiple, mostly empty threads containing a lot of cross info and relevancy. I started a Playmobil thread, won't bother with the other Star Trek stuff because I'll just be watching those series on my own time and keeping the discussion here to SNW.
  6. Started a new thread just for Playmobil. I don't own a single Playmobil set, until now, but they've been putting out some really cool licensed stuff lately. I went ahead and ordered my first Playmobil set, the Enterprise from Star Trek. The retail price of $500 wasn't going to happen with me, not even $400, but if it ever went back down to $300 I'd bite, lo and behold Amazon updated their price again, about $303 plus tax, I jumped at that price, looks like a really cool set! https://www.amazon.com/Playmobil-Star-U-S-S-Enterprise-NCC-1701/dp/B097Q65LD7/ref=asc_df_B097Q65LD7/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=532786061004&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=18431480882016195698&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9030801&hvtargid=pla-1396380901868&psc=1
  7. I know this thread is dedicated to this show but it appears we don't have a Star Trek toys general, or a Playmobil toys general, but Amazon dropped the price on the Playmobil Enterprise, about $300 now. https://www.amazon.com/Playmobil-Star-U-S-S-Enterprise-NCC-1701/dp/B097Q65LD7 I grabbed one, at that price I'll definitely bite, looks like a really fun display piece. Lots of bells and whistles, lots of figures, the usual price, $400+, scared me away, but $300 or so, below $300 would be ideal, works for me.
  8. Watched it last night, really enjoyed it, the boys came back and it was a lot of fun!
  9. I'm passing on the Tech-On stuff, looks cool but just not for me. Venom looks fantastic! Gotta get Carnage at some point too right? Also Gideon is an easy pre-order, I liked Squid Games but those are a pass for me. Best Bandai reveal was that the MonsterArts Monster Hunter line isn't dead! I fully expected Diablos or Tigrex next, but the super bubbly Mizutsune is a welcome addition, works for me!
  10. After season 1 of SNW ends I'll probably go back and watch TOS, then move onto TNG or DS9, I've heard nothing but good things. Lol yeah I've read this before, just jump to season 3, 1 and 2 were a bit uneven, a little rough around the edges.
  11. My girlfriend likes the stories and animation but finds most episodes to be a bit too violent at times. I like the excess myself, Death is right in the title!
  12. Who would want this without a trailer? Is there a deluxe version or something that comes with a trailer?
  13. I thought it was a solid finale, but a really uneven season. Like with Boba, they brought this amazing legacy character back, and had zero idea what to do with them, also like with Boba, this show never justified it's existence.
  14. Shredder's Revenge is easily one of my favorite games of the year so far, it's so damn good! From the makers of Streets of Rage 4 I knew it would be something special, I think I like Turtles more then SoR4 if I'm being honest. The game is fantastic, 6 player coop, solid length, great gameplay, an extended move set beyond the old 90s games, unlockables, it's just such a full, solid package at a great price point. I have Gamepass but absolutely bought a copy myself as well, two actually, one for Series X and one for Switch, it's such a good game, the devs absolutely earned and deserve my money. I ordered the vinyl soundtrack too, I'm a bit bummed I didn't grab the really big edition for Series X when I had the chance, it's such a great little beatem up.
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