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  1. Yup that base is fancier, the original release just came with the basic clear Figma stand. Fully agreed, awesome figures, I missed out on the old Max Factory figures way back in the day so I was hyped to grab all these newer Figma releases, Guyver 3 is fantastic!
  2. Nice for those that missed out, I have the original release, this appears to come with a bonus head and that's about it.
  3. Digital Foundry on Youtube has been chronicling the updates for all versions, from what I've seen the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X both have a far more stable frame rate then launch, they've got it locked pretty well. Still runs terrible on the base PS4 and Xbox One. The game is a TON of fun, really well made through and through, a gem of a game too be sure and it's on GamePass which is awesome, highly recommended. I'd grab a Series S if you're not feeling a Series X and dropping $500+. The Series S is a great little budget console, coupled with GamePass there's a lot of fun gaming to be had at a solid price. As kajnrig mentioned, Hi-Fi Rush was a nice little surprise release, announced then dropped the next day I believe, really well done little game.
  4. CP2077 had shades of a solid, intriguing story in it here and there, agreed Silverhand is the best part. But yeah, the side content in CP2077 is where the narrative really shines, there's several fairly long side quests that were absolute bangers, great story and characters, fun mission designs, that's honestly the case with lots of open world games these days though. I wrapped up Hogwarts Legacy at about 67 hours, I have a ton of side stuff left but probably won't bother, I got the big side stuff done, I'm not doing dozens more Merlin Trials and combat challenges. Main story was meh, the side story involving Sebastien was easily the best narrative in the game, and considering how poorly handled the morality of using the unforgiveable curses is, Sebastien's story should've been the main one. There should've been consequences and more character interaction and fallout from using the big three but oh well, sequel will handle that I'm sure.
  5. This looks so awesome I'm legitimately excited, I grew up with MMPR so this is absolutely my jam! I love that they're addressing the passing of Thuy/Trini in-canon, such a sad turn of events, she was taken so soon. Love, love, love having Zack and Billy back! Especially considering what David Yost dealt with years ago on set, I'm glad he's returned, he is THE blue ranger for me, always has been, always will be. No Jason makes sense, he's got legal troubles, main thing I'm wondering is what about the passing of the best ranger, the iconic Tommy? RIP JDF, Tommy was a complete badass, best ranger, rangers even, I see a Green Ranger in a lot of these shots, I'm wondering if it's his son? Will they have Tommy passing in continuity? Bummer either way, after all these years we have so many of the original cast back, Rita is the big bad, Alpha 5 is back, no Tommy is a stinger for sure, once again though, RIP JDF, he was such a lovely guy in person, always loved his fans and this fandom, he was a great guy.
  6. I read a rumor, to be take with a massive grain of salt, Gunn was interested in Gustin for his new DCU as the new movie Flash. I'd enjoy that, Flash has been inconsistent for years now and has probably gone on too long, but Grant has been a pretty excellent Barry/Flash IMO. Hell, Ezra Flash already met Grant Flash in the big CW Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.
  7. I definitely first saw him on Oz, then The Wire, such a phenomenal actor, crazy range, he could do drama or comedy. Most recently these days I know him as Sylens in the Playstation Horizon video game series, and Charon in the John Wick films, such a great performer. RIP Lance, gone far, far too soon. Grabbed the clip, totally hilarious, he's the only guest that ever scared and made Eric himself nervous.
  8. Finally caught the hour long Attack on Titan final season's first episode, and damn, that was intense. I've enjoyed the ride from the beginning, AOT will certainly go down as one of my favorite anime ever, I've read the manga so I know the ending that's coming, they didn't stick the landing but I enjoyed it all the way through. That newest episode is gorgeous, and brutal, really good beginning of the end.
  9. I heard the first two seasons were really rough but this newest one is pretty good right? Either way, I'll probably take the suggestions and stick to DS9 for now, Picard much later. Yeah I guess I might not rock the boat and just move onto DS9. TNG was fantastic though, Picard is awesome, I loved the cast and crew, I'm just all up on Picard, but I'll probably stick to aired order and get around to Picard eventually. DS9 it is, I've heard mixed things about Voyager but I'll probably move onto that next.
  10. Tking22

    Hi-Metal R

    The Regults were really well done, and I loved the Glaug. I still have my Monster, zero chance I was getting rid of that big boy.
  11. Tking22

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm a little bummed I sold most of my Hi-Metal R stuff off over the last several years, I figured the line was dead and I needed the space, so away it went. It all went to good homes, I sold everything here on MW, but still, I had a lot of cool stuff, Regults, all the valkyrie releases, several Regult missile sets, I kept the "good" stuff but all the cannon fodder 1As and enemy mecha are long gone. Oh well, I'm hoping we keep getting more interesting valks in the R line, VF-0s are a step in the right direction, SV-51 would be nice, a modern 19 would be cool too, VF-11 is my holy grail. I never bit on the 0D, and I sold my Yamato 0S long ago, I'm glad I got another chance at these valks even if they're in a different scale. On topic, even with a slight color difference that 0D looks fantastic! I'm in for the Max 0S as well, a 0A seems a no brainer at this point, I'd be in for at least one.
  12. I finished TNG last weekend and am excited to start on some new Trek, will probably do DS9 but I'm pretty interested jumping into season 1 of this because I'm still high on Picard lol.
  13. We're so close to the finish line I just want the damn figure in hand so I can decide if the wait was worth it or not, the lack of early in-hand reviews is still jarring too. Even D Amazing, Mezco's biggest fanboy, hasn't gotten one in hand yet, crazy.
  14. Has anyone gotten shipping info for 89 Batman yet? Mine is paid but there's been zero progress beyond that, no new notifications or anything.
  15. Maybe they'll do a new Flash too one day. I have the original release, I looked about two months ago and saw the prices were pretty steep, he seems to be one of the other pieces a number of folks are missing for their One:12 Justice League.
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