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  1. XL Roci is up at BBTS, I grabbed one there. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/193407
  2. Agreed, Cena is killing it in this roll. He's still not the greatest actor, but this is clearly a roll made for him. I've seen one or two of his garbage "Marine" movies, the serious action stuff just doesn't work, he doesn't pull it off, but this? He's fantastic in this roll, me and my buddy are already planning to go as Peacemaker and Vigilante for Halloween this year, like many others I'm sure.
  3. So I guess it's official Slave I is being phased out? Boba referred to his ship as Firespray right? That's like Han calling the Falcon "Corellian Light Freighter", Not the biggest deal with this show though, I'm entertained but it's beyond middling, and really dumb at times, Boba comes off as a bit of an idiot most of the time. I still really don't think his revival and this entire show are justified yet, I feel The Mandalorian already used up a lot of what could've made up the story of this show, a mostly helmeted, lightly speaking badass in Mando armor, making his way in the galaxy like his father before him...
  4. Damn I'm in for an XL Roci, the only Eaglemoss ship I have is the XL Orville and it's pretty nice. Once BBTS puts it up I'll grab one there, add it to my Pile of Loot.
  5. Yeah that seems the gist, it's still cool to "bag" on Xbox and Microsoft for whatever reason, I know Sony has bought more small studios that already made games for them like you mentioned, but I have a strong feeling most "gamers' complaining about this would be head over heels if Sony made this same purchase. It's really odd to me how for so many people Sony was apparently the "good guy", for the gamers, they're not and never were, they're a business like anyone else and just want your money just like everyone else. I say good for Microsoft, as you mentioned their weakness has always been a lack of exclusives, seems a moot point now. For me, as someone subscribed to GamePass, I'm pretty ecstatic, that awesome service will get better, it was already announced a number of CoD and other big name titles are coming to GamePass, Diablo IV on GamePass day one will be pretty great. Let's be real here, if Microsoft wasn't going to make this purchase, someone else was, I say it's better that it's Microsoft then, say, EA or Tencent.
  6. Yup that's what it is, looks like a tank-top, like a mascot wearing a Sonic costume instead of being Sonic himself. It's a bit odd, your Photoshopped version looks better even if it's not "correct", the flesh colored arms are sort of horrifying.
  7. Got my Sonic set in, pretty neat little set, it's got a lot of charm, I like it. The Sonic minifig is a bit odd looking, but is still probably the best way to do that character in a set like this.
  8. Yeah I really enjoyed The Expanse beginning to end, just a fantastic sci-fi series through and through, I push it on everyone I can, it was an incredible ride. I liked the finale, bit of a bummer though, it's clear without knowledge of the books that there is more story, there was even a throwaway line about the missing proto-molecule, and that whole side-story about the "dog" creatures was a somewhat cruel taste of what we won't get to follow up on. I also added a one week trial of Showtime to my Hulu so I could catch Dexter's final season, not bad, a better finale then the first time, but still not perfect. That's not even what I loved and binged while I had Showtime, I got through Dexter's last season in about five days, took my time, I binged another Showtime original, which I highly, highly, highly recommend, Yellowjackets. Hot damn is that show fantastic, I've read some of the reviews and posts about, figured since I had Showtime I might as well check it out, very glad I did, I watched the whole season in two days! Yellowjackets may be my favorite new series of 2021, it was really, really good, highly recommended, if you have Hulu you can add a one week Showtime trial for free, do it, check out Yellowjackets. It's already been renewed for another season, not surprising, it's really good, it's Lord of the Flies but with a girl's highschool soccer team in the 90s, with a few supernatural elements thrown in here and there. It's got some great performances, it's just a bit slow at times, but pretty killer nonetheless. You get some flash forward bits in the flashbacks that show just how insane things got with the survivors, 19 months in the Canadian wilderness will lead anyone to do some crazy crap, it gets pretty intense.
  9. I know, I'm just pissy and want some progress on 89 Batman. Nosferatu looks cool, again, glad others got a second shot at this guy.
  10. I loved this movie, but for me personally the best moment was seeing Pete's lawyer, Charlie Cox absolutely owned that roll, his Daredevil/Matt made for the best of the Netflix MCU shows.
  11. That was also a very, very, very stylized version of Batman, meant to be over the top in every way. It was also at the end of Batman's career, who knows what his early, let alone first, Batmobile looked like. Miller Batman is specifically Miller Batman, always edgy and over the top, for better or worse. Count me in as loving the new Batmobile, it very much screams Year One like the director intended, technically year two for Twilight Batman, but it's still clearly the first Batmobile, the style and over the topness will surely come with time.
  12. It's finally happening! It's been talked about for years, and there it finally is, and it looks fantastic! Agreed, Bob's Burgers has been consistently funny since episode 1, it's almost shocking how much better it is then the rest of the animated schlock on FOX. I'm also a big fan of Archer, the little Bob's/Archer crossover was hilarious, H. Jon Benjamin just has that voice, I've loved his voice since Home Videos, he's hilarious.
  13. One12Day huh? Maybe they'll announce the status of 89 Batman, or announce a cancellation, or something, damn, any news or progress would be nice.
  14. I'm a bit baffled here, I just watched a review for Takara MP Cliffjumper, and yet, the figure isn't even announced yet? How are these prototypes getting out so easily, and early? I guess I must've missed something, apparently several of these prototypes are out and in the wild already, that's crazy. Figure is ugly as sin, but I'm sure it'll make plenty of other folks happy :).
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