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  1. Every time I see this thread get bumped I hope beyond hope that it's a TV Kaki 1A announcement, oh well, one day...
  2. Caught four episodes and hot damn, it's frakking fantastic! Easily a 9/10 for me, Walton Goggins steals every scene he's in, as you'd expect, but everything else is just so good. Solid performances, excellent visuals, it's brutal and violent, but then also very funny and handles the dark humor well, the tone is exactly spot on for the Fallout game series. I'm beyond impressed, I didn't expect the show to turn out this good, the trailers looked good, but that's not a difficult task to accomplish, lots of trailers look good for crappy shows and movies. Within the Fallout game continuity and universe I've found a few little things that don't perfectly line up, but I also believe since Bethesda is heading this they're going to downplay Fallout New Vegas and it's events and continuity as that was Obsidian. New Vegas was pretty much inarguably the best of the new Fallout games, superior to 3 and 4 in every way, but Bethesda has always treated it as a red-headed stepchild, oh well. Highly recommended, I'm going to an IFL game tonight but I'm eager to get home and watch more, it's just really good, I'm hooked to the TV every episode.
  3. I liked the first one, even though I find the idea of a Joker origin to be an oxymoron, it was a well shot film with great performances and it was entertaining. I'll definitely check this out in theaters when it drops, I just hope Harley isn't a part of Joker's mind and she's not real the whole time, that'd be a bummer/copout.
  4. If ThreeZero are re-issuing the 1-3 Labors and Griffin I may sell off my Side Labor collection and buy in on the core three. I'll might skip Griffin, and I don't care about the transport units, I just really like the core 3 and in a larger, more detailed scale, they look pretty good. Reminds me of back in the day when I had three of the Yamato Labors, good times.
  5. I'm glad it's successful, I want more movies, and Monarch season 2, season 1 was a huge surprise.
  6. Pre-ordered Shimo, I doubt Bandai will make a Shimo or Scar King, the way they already half-assed their Kong and Godzilla is quite telling, I think they're going minimum effort on New Empire.
  7. Yeah Godzilla fans are eating good these days, I love these American Godzilla movies, they feel like Showa films but with insane budgets, I like both American and Japanese Godzilla. I like to think and feel, Minus One delivered, I also like kaiju action and giant monkey punching other giant monkey, Legendary Godzilla delivers. I'll be taking my cousin's various kids to see this next weekend, me and five damn children, whatever they're good kids, then Raising Canes afterward!
  8. Definitely in for the Turtles collab, easy pass on whatever that new overpriced Takara MP is.
  9. I'm hyped to see it, and honestly, I like having Kong in these, it feels more like a kaiju superhero movie then a more somber, serious movie like Minus One. If you're going to be bombastic, stupid and over the top, go for it, include the monkey! I highly doubt Bandai will make a Shimo and/or Scar King, but it appears Hiya will, their Shimo looks really good!
  10. I love The Boys, it's a great show, and I'd love to collect these and a full lineup of The Seven, but these prices are insane. Coupled with the lack of accessories on most of these and it's a pass, I get Mafex is gonna Mafex, but these prices are insane.
  11. I'm still trying to churn through FFVII Rebirth, not gonna lie, it's a slog lol. Think of a modern Ubisoft game, but with a pretty, expensive FFVII skin on it, it's that. For every moment that I find charming and fun, for every great scene and character interaction, there's about a half dozen half-baked, half-assed mini-games that you've gotta do. It's too much of a good thing, but honestly, it's not even always a good thing, these mini-games are tedious, obtrusive, and overall, just uninteresting. The game is padded to the gills, there's so many mini-games and little nonsense games that just eat up time, the open world is already filled with massive check lists of things to do, but on top of that there's just crappy little mini-games everywhere, it's really rough, and totally ruins the pacing. Worst of all many of them are necessary for side story and objective progression, and in several cases, main story progression, it's a huge bummer. I gotta say, as someone that grew up with FFVII when it first dropped in the US, and loves the original game and now all this extended stuff, this is a 7/10 at best for me, and that's being quite generous, I really just want to wrap the game up, I'm at 76 hours and I'm barely in Cosmo Canyon, I'm ready to be done and move on. The charm lasted about 20 solid hours, then I was in it for the story, which kind of sucks lol, and then I was in it for the characters, now I just wanna be done, it's overstayed it's welcome, I wanna move onto Cyberpunk DLC.
  12. Looks awesome, the hype is real! All episodes day one is great too, wish we could get Invincible like that instead of the BS release schedule we've been getting.
  13. Finally going to see this Saturday night with some friends, I'm excited, we're going after we hit Roadkill Grill here in Vegas, best BBQ in town!
  14. I got to check out my buddies Hiya Ghidorah yesterday and I'm even less impressed and even more glad I didn't preorder. It's not a terrible figure, but it's not the holy grail, MonsterArts crushing figure I think many had hoped it would be. It's not movie accurate, the sculpt or colors, the neck articulation is somewhat fixed and just really limited overall, not anywhere near as poseable as the MonsterArts, and the wings are kind of a mess, yeah they're articulated and I'd say better overall then the MonsterArts giant, heavy static wings, but they're so segmented they look awful most of the time and they're flimsy and clumsy to manipulate. He also has some QC issues, paint, one of the heads haw a lower jaw that's fixed and stuck in a crappy position, it's just not what he was hoping for. Overall, it's still far cheaper then the MonsterArts, and between the two I'd probably recommend new buyers to grab the Hiya, but I'm still glad I personally own the MonsterArts first release, neither of the super gold versions look good because that color scheme just isn't accurate to anything, it's more an homage color to older Ghidorahs. The MonsterArts is a better sculpt overall IMO, and as plain as the original release is, the colors are better then the odd brown used throughout the Hiya. Now there's a gold release coming that's cheaper and I just don't know what to think, how is it cheaper but it comes with more then the first release? Whatever, I'm in for Hiya's Evolved purple Godzilla, and I'm sure they'll do Shimo and Skar King too, which I'll grab both, I have a feeling Bandai has zero intention of doing new sculpts for this movie, they already showed their absolutely ass looking Godzilla for this movie and it's the same sculpt from years ago, same with Kong but I really like that figure, hopefully they fixed some of the QC on this new release.
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