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  1. I slogged through all of Jupiter's Legacy and, yeah, it's getting bad reviews because it's bad, not some silly agenda. It's boring, derivative, and uninteresting. The show also looks like crap, the wigs, makeup, costumes and special effects are all awful, the show looks CW cheap most of the time. The pacing is awful, the origin of how the original six Union members get their powers is terrible, it's stretched out over every single episode, that crap could've and should've been condensed to one episode. The current timeline story suffers because of this, it's a drag, at the end of the firs
  2. I'll definitely check this out but I'm going in expecting very little. Honestly, after the final season crap the bed I'm pretty baffled ANY spin-off series, let alone several, are even still happening.
  3. BBTS notified me my ThreeZero Unit 1 is getting ready to release, I've got Unit 2 pre-ordered as well, absolutely grabbing Unit 00 too. The Metal Builds are nice figures, but I hate the aesthetic, they're too busy, I'm so glad ThreeZero got into the game, their Evas are pretty much exactly what I was looking for in a modern, high-end Eva figure.
  4. Hot damn! Finally! She's the last piece I need for my Mezco One:12 Justice League, I think I'm going to pass on the new Supes, I'm fine with the original release. Also, when in the hell is 89 Batman coming out?!
  5. Oh I definitely agree, there absolutely should've been a tournament, I expected one, and it seems basically everyone else that watched this did too, I just personally wasn't too bummed it didn't happen. I blame the marketing, it definitely seemed like we were getting the original MK1 tournament, but nope. Agreed on Cole too, There were a number of odd disappointments, but I liked it enough I hope we get a sequel with the big 9/10 tournament from the first game, with some Johnny Cage.
  6. I liked how he looked. He's looked far more reptilian then he's been another generic palette-swap ninja in green. He was really only a palette-swap ninja for the first three games, when they still used sprites, and still palette-swapped characters. Reptile has been reptilian for the majority of the games, usually a reptile-like person/monster thing, in various forms of ninja-like clothing. But he's also been a straight-up reptile person like he was in this, no clothes, I liked it.
  7. I've seen it twice now, and I really enjoy it, it's not without disappointments, but I liked it overall. It was announced long, long ago Cole would be the new, main, original character, it's a bummer, but I was ready for that. It's the same thing the garbage Resident Evil movies did, all the actual main characters are in the film but relegated to the background while some new, totally random nobody comes in and does all the cool stuff, and is stronger, and has plot armor, and does everything the actual main characters are supposed to do. My issue with Cole was what I had already figured from t
  8. Yup, there's a new demo out so giant vampire waifu hype is back at full steam.
  9. Man that looks fantastic, I'm hyped for Friday, MK has always been my go-to fighting game. Pretty awesome levels of authenticity too with the proper nationalities for Bi-Han and Hanzo, Bi-Han is Chinese, Lin-Kuei clan, Hanzo is Japanese, Shirai-Ryu clan, they weren't both made Japanese like in the fan-made MK:Legacy series, and like some people have always presumed. Small details like that make me smile, they even mentioned they don't speak each other's languages. I'm excited because this looks like a fantastic MK movie, but also, there's a lot of much needed representation in this film,
  10. You should check it out, it's fantastic, the final episode is this Friday. I'm in for US Agent, Falcon and Winter Soldier did a fantastic job with John Walker, he's a very compelling and relatable character. I'm still gonna pass on Bucky and Sam's default outfits, but I'm absolutely in whenever Bandai announces Sam in his Captain America suit.
  11. I think I need MP Skids. Not because I like the character, and I even set myself to not buy anything MP after season 1, but because he just looks like the Hasui MPs of old. The shot of him with the Datsuns won me over, he looks really good, and the price is right.
  12. Looks pretty much the same as the one from the Classic Batcave set to me, and I've got that set so this is a pass for me. I finally ordered my Discovery, I'm excited to check it out, I'm also pretty surprised it's stayed in stock as long as it has since it released. With double VIP points going again, I'm glad I waited to grab it, the Lunar Lander is on the way too.
  13. He's really shown himself to be a pretty solid actor with DP. On the surface it's absurd, it's easily one of the weirdest comic properties turned live action, Guardians of the Galaxy looks like The Brady Bunch in comparison, but that's just DP, it's frakking out there. DP is also one of the finest live action DC films or shows period. It's better written, acted, paced, and has a better, more engaging story with better characters then the vast majority of comic turned live action properties out there, DC, Marvel or otherwise. I push this show on everyone I can, it's absolutely brilliant.
  14. Holy crap really? This is totally awesome! I had no idea this was coming, this announcement just made my day! SoR4 is hands down, one of my favorite brawlers of all time, it's such a fantastic game that carried the legacy of the previous games very well, it was magnificent! I'm so in, I've got 80+ hours on my Switch, and another 50+ on Xbox, I'll definitely be grabbing this on both, the hype is real.
  15. Nope, not playing anyone, I really thoroughly enjoyed this film, it's definitely one of my favorite kaiju films ever. I'm bummed we apparently won't be getting anymore MonsterVerse films, seems they had plenty of room to stretch. We could've gotten Rodan, a Mothra film, War of the Gargantuas would've been an interesting film to reboot.
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