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  1. I'm really excited for this release! I immediately preordered two of these. What I'm really curious about is to see what Tenjin comes up with for the box art. We'll definitely see a missile Regult release down the road and, judging by the parts breakdown, they've at least left open the possibility of a scout version. The finished height is listed at 225mm or about 8.9 inches. I'll have to open up my Bandai kit and The Cap's version to see how it will compare in size. This is a very big surprise to see Hasegawa venturing into the territory of enemy vehicles. The GBP armor release was already a big surprise. Maybe we'll see an N-ger, Q-Rau, or Glaug sometime in the future???
  2. @MechTech Your armored car looks good so far! It's almost like an SD version of what I imagine most of those would look like. I guess it's the giant turret in proportion to the small car body. The way you machined the missile attachment piece is very impressive. Looks great! @derex3592 The Titanic is looking good! I don't know how you guys manage all those repetitive little details on big ship builds. That would drive me crazy! @pengbuzz Thanks for the snippet of history regarding my all time favorite jet, the Tomcat. @Urashiman Like you, I'm always doing multiple builds at once. It's more time efficient but sometimes it can be a little bit of trouble keeping track of all the parts. As far as my workbench, just working on an old 1/72 variable Bandai Valk and a Hasegawa black aces Valk in the same scale. Masking canopies is not my fave but, hey, it has to be done!
  3. @Urashiman Nice variety of kits you got on the workbench there! Looks to be the X-29 you're working on there. Also, great recovery on the F-5B. I would have just put it away out of frustration. I admire your perseverance!
  4. I agree with @jvmacross I like the 40th logo much better and it features an original series valk.
  5. You built this in a weekend!?!? That's impressive! She looks great!
  6. I didn't know there was a fifth ninja turtle! Which Renaissance artist is he named after? He's got some wolverine style cat claws.
  7. @Shawn wow you must have a math degree! Sometimes, it's hard to reconcile these crazy prices we see with these releases, but damn, they're the same old prices. We only forgot to adjust for inflation.
  8. @Ignacio Ocamica I can't get over the size of that thing! It's a gargantuan beast!
  9. Looks like the armored valk has reached "Order Stop" status at HLJ. .
  10. @Ignacio Ocamica That is an amazing level of detail on those! Can't wait to see how it looks painted with all those details brought to life!
  11. I would imagine the hands, forearms, and elbow area would also show significant signs of wear. It wouldn't be as pronounced as on the feet but significant nonetheless. Those feet look great!
  12. I think @wm cheng means this one: http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/dragonii.htm It's the plane Roy flies during the unification wars.
  13. @Froy From your picture, I think I much prefer the Bandai armor color to the Yamato one. Wow what a difference!
  14. Whoa! What is this thing being hoisted above the Valk? I've never seen something like that.
  15. Gabe Q

    Box Art Library

    That Black Aces kit box top is getting cut out and framed on day one! I like the 72nd scale picture better but this one will be big enough to have a nice presence on the wall. Tenjin did a great job once again!
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