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  1. It looks like a modified Hasegawa Vf-1 Battroid kit. Looks pretty cool.
  2. Hopefully, you can bring back a truckload of vintage kits to sell at this year's convention.
  3. @arbit You just keep getting better and better! Those figures look great! They're getting more natural looking in their poses and you're absolutely nailing the likenesses!
  4. She's really coming along! Great work on those HUD panels. I'm not sure people realize how involved this whole project is.
  5. The caution sign on the ejection controls is hilarious, "Make sure your @$$ is firmly strapped into seat before ejecting. Have a great trip." This is canon, right guys? I think I saw this in the line art somewhere! @Palantirion Much respect to you for all the hard work and dedication to this restoration. It looks like quite the project! @jenius is a great guy and I'm glad you're helping him out with this.
  6. I guess the book is selling well and a follow-up book is being considered. I'm still waiting on mine to ship. Order status says I'll get it around March 8th.
  7. Those look great. I'm still waiting on my book. I ordered mine through Amazon Japan.
  8. @Big s Ok, thanks. That makes me feel a bit better about the whole situation.
  9. @Shawn I still haven't gotten mine in either. I'm no hurry but it'll be terrible if I get stuck with a set of decals with no kit to put them on.
  10. Hey, you guys found my backlog of kits! Nice!
  11. Not only does the yellow return quickly, the treatment also weakens the plastic as well. Of course, that's only what I've heard.
  12. I'm in the same boat. The decal sheet landed in my private warehouse but the kit didn't. I figure not as many people ordered the decals as the kit so there was no problem completing that part of the order. I hope they get some more stock soon.
  13. Gabe Q

    1/55's revisited

    So cool! But I'm not knowledgeable enough to play.
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