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  1. What is this!!! This is the most amazing thing I've seen in years!
  2. I have the 1/55 TV armor and I think it's too lightly colored. The Arcadia TV armor I think is colored just right. Of the two Hasegawa armors, I think the one on the left is the perfect shade. I mixed a custom color after much, much experimentation. I wasn't happy with the Hasegawa color callouts for the TV armor. Anyway, I hope this helps.
  3. Yeah the battroid has the removable insignia plates on the fast packs. Also, the micro missiles are showing in the fast packs as well. The super fighter does not have these options.
  4. She's really coming along now. Almost done.
  5. Still masking and painting the little details. I hope I can get 'er done soon.
  6. @peter you're ambitious! It's always a learning experience at the bench. Working on these older kits is a challenge but it is worth the effort. From my own experience, I tend to abandon the older kits more frequently. With the unusable decals, poor fit, and cruder engineering, it's a real challenge to follow through and finish. I'm not saying you'll abandon the build but just encouraging you keep going we'll be watching.
  7. The boxart for the low viz has been posted: https://twitter.com/hobby_magazine/status/1382838670260989960?s=20
  8. @electric indigo always good to see what you're working on. A little more progress on my super gerwalk. Masking the last little details then it's on to final assembly.
  9. Armor only release -->Current price of existing VF-1J release goes up in resale market Bundle Armor/Valk release --> existing VF-1J release goes down in resale market Am I missing something here?
  10. @Chronocidal great work on that print! I can't wait to see her all done! @pengbuzz it looks like you're in the final stretch for that F-14 build. Glad to see you got the canopy all sorted out. I just put a flat coat on the last few pieces of my super gerwalk build. It's still early so I may post a follow up pic when I'm all done later.
  11. This seems like it's not the first time they reissued them. Maybe the third time or so? Also, check out the Crusher Joe tank! Looks pretty cool.
  12. Would those decals even be usable after all these years? They must be decades old.
  13. The decal set doesn't include the honeycomb pattern. http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/models/hasegawa/haseoptiondecals/Has_ModelGraphic_Option.jpg
  14. That looks great! How did you do the honeycomb pattern?
  15. Looking good so far! Are you gonna build one of them gear up?
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