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  1. This looks very promising. Does anyone know the scale of this?
  2. Looking forward to seeing this build. Loving what I see so far. 😊
  3. I would love to see some model re-issues, ideally a couple of new molds too. Plus would love to see any new books released of SDFM. Maybe a new art book with some of the model box art from the 80s. Realistically I’ll be happy with anything. 😊
  4. @pengbuzz I can’t believe you started that sculpt with wood. That is awesome! Looking great.
  5. Hey All, Does anyone know where I may find hi-res scans of the Arii and Imai box art? I have some of the models but they have text and extras on them, I’d prefer the clean versions if possible. I’d like to use them to make myself some desktop wallpaper. Thanks.
  6. That’s beautiful. Looking forward to seeing it completed.
  7. Can’t wait to see this guy assembled. Looking good!
  8. You weren’t. Was my number 1 request. 😊
  9. I really like your colour choice. Great compromise between some of the box art examples. Hope you don’t mind but I’ll probably use your formula. 😊
  10. I would love to see these cel shaded models from other angles and lighting scenarios and see if they still hold up. I’d love to try to do one of my kits in the cel shade style but am concerned that it can only be viewed from a specific angle and lighting scenario.
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