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  1. Wow! Great work so far guys! You're working so fast, too!
  2. This seems like a great topic: Optimal dimensions of a storage shelf/cabinet in order to maximize storage of Macross related goods. Nice collection there! I'm at the point where I'm running out of room for all my junk and am starting to think a couple of walls of storage shelves are necessary. 2' by 20" seems as good as any other starting point.
  3. I don't like the Yamato orange there. It's almost a dull neon orange. Thanks for posting that!
  4. The tweet thread by Mr. K above has someone asking him whether the markings are tampo and he replies 'no'.
  5. Wow! Not only was that an impressive build but it was entertaining too. Great showmanship.
  6. Thanks, guys! I just ordered the paint. I've had the assembly kit for a while now and I feel that I'm getting close to the skill level where I can build it properly and do it justice.
  7. Looking great! I'm gonna need a set! Awesome work so far! BTW, @Goodman Models I enjoyed listening to you when you were a regular on the podcast.
  8. I can't believe it's been 21 years since the release of these. Time flies! And we're just barely getting the GBP armor and Regult!
  9. Maybe Hasegawa will repop an Angel Bird in either scale and pack in a resin Fan Racer as a limited edition release. I can really see them doing that. It's a tiny plane and they do limited release resin pack ins from time to time.
  10. Nice! Thanks for the heads up! I will definitely order a copy.
  11. That's awesome in scale w/ the Transformers.
  12. @MechTech Your Crusher Joe fighter looks amazing! I refuse to believe you didn't paint that. It looks really well done with just that matt coat. Keep up the great work!
  13. This seam looks tricky. I can't imagine cleaning this up as many times as @Podtastic will have to. Plus, all the other seams on the legs look time consuming too. I've got two on the way from hlj and will put them at the top of the pile. Can't wait to compare this to the Capn's version of the Regult.
  14. It's already on "order stop" status. I'll keep checking. I'm looking at these and it seems like I want all the volumes. Looks really cool.
  15. Also, see if you can spot Godzilla!
  16. Great idea! I think I have an old 1/72 kit that I can use. I'll put it in the build queue.
  17. That is awesome! I think the color scheme is perfect. We really need to see this on a vintage kit!
  18. Looks like somebody bought it already. Shows as sold out. I wonder if they could have asked more for it or if that's a pretty accurate market price.
  19. Leg Skeleton Minifigure, Body Part : 6266
  20. Awesome boxart! Tenjin hits another home run! That poor CF in the foreground is about to get it! I really like the angle he chose with the thrusters firing forward.
  21. @MechTech Your work is astoundingly good! My jaw dropped more than usual this time though. You always challenge yourself to try something new and persevere when it doesn't go well at first. You are the #1 modeler!
  22. @Bolt Really great work! You're so industrious with multiple builds! Any chance you could let us know where you got the spiderbug?
  23. @renegadeleader1 Thanks for the recommendation! I'm gonna check it out.
  24. I just finished reading Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. It's quite the page turner.
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