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Found 6 results

  1. First up Macross build for 2023. The VF-19A Excalibur! This kit is the 2020 re-re-release by Hasegawa. The kit itself is identical to the other VF-19/YF-19 releases with a unique decal set. I originally planned to build this as SV-440 from the VF-19 Master Files but over the few years I've now had the kit, the Macross VF-X2 scheme grew on me. The build itself will be fairly straight forward with only some minor changes and detailing to make it less of a lazy recolor and more fitting to my tastes. For those not initiated... This VF-19A debuted in the Playstation game Macross VF-X2 Digital Missions. The new story follows the 727th Independent Squadron, the VF-X Ravens' missions a year after Macross 7. This unit was piloted by the Alpha Squadron's newly appointed leader, Aegis Focker. VF-X mission standby... VF-X mission standby... Good luck! Reference images:
  2. Well, with the last thread now sent to the abyss....er, the Hall, I figure it's time to start off a new one. In the spirit of that I'm starting off the new one with some blank line art for people to color like the first thread was. In this case, it's my newly-finished VF-1 family featuring all four basic models, as well as a few tweaked details. Cockpit interiors, crew, and weapons will come in later upgrades.
  3. 3D-Brainx

    YF-21 WIP

    Hello all! As I promised, I hereby start my wip thread for the YF-21. There is not much done yet, but the general shape is finished (no arms and legs), I0ll start with some details by sections and I'll then focus on legs and arms. Hope this doesn't take as long to finish as my vf-1 Cheers!
  4. Not a total success just yet. It still needs a lot of work but I just got my prototype for my stow-able 1/48 DYRL articulated hands. I have to work on some tolerance issues and missing parts from the printer. But it seems like it's getting there. Hopefully it'll be done soon, but it looks like I got another round of prototyping...
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