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  1. 3D-Brainx


    Nice! What are those small red and grey squares? is that rigged?
  2. 3D-Brainx


    Fantastic work mate! It's a pity this forum has so low visibility, there is great talent here!
  3. Thanks! I think that with the new forum the images uploaded are the full resolution ones. Check the bottom left corner and see if you have a "full size" option. If its not there let me know and I'll upload a zip file.
  4. Hey Guys, thanks for the comments! I'll take those references! Thanks a lot. Your 19 is amazing. Lots of details and the fact it can actually transform is amazing. We should, though we use different softwares. And my model is not very animatable haha.
  5. Thanks for the comments! So..., after 5 years..., I'm done. I'm finally done. Here are some final renders including Gerwalk mode. Well, I'm not 100% done because I'm going to model a scene for this, maybe New Edwards in the back. I need to look for some reference images. But I'm working on it. There are some non Macross thing that I'm working on right now, so it might take some time, but I'm doing the YF-19 next to pair it up with the 21.
  6. 3D-Brainx


    It looks great! Nice work
  7. Hi Guys, just wanted to drop a quick render of the cockpit. there's still a lot of work to do.
  8. Hello Guys! I'm done with fighter mode, but didn't render any new images since I just added a few more decals here and there and removed some parts from the arms and legs that where protruding out. I'll render some final images once I'm done with the cockpit. I'm also almost done with gerwalk, I'll upload some images when I'm done. Just to keep the thread going, here's the gunpod! As always, find attached the high resolution images. YF-21 Gunpod.zip
  9. 3D-Brainx


    That looks amazing. Is it going to transform?
  10. 3D-Brainx

    Hi-Metal R

    I was thinking the same! Bandai needs to DX the VF-1ex
  11. I'll eventually do it, yes. I plan to model a not so detailed cockpit for the 21. Besides the canopy and the bottom bay doors, is there any other difference between the 21/22?
  12. Thanks Guys! Yes, I do save everything just in case. Anyone wants to place a bet on how long it takes me to finish the legs?
  13. So, every time I get back to this I somehow end up redoing everything. I'm never fully satisfied with the result. So, again, and for the third or forth time, I redid all textures and materials. It's been two years since my last update on this, and a lot has change since then. But, I think this is it, I'm just the legs away from finishing and I'm liking this result. It's more clean and accurate in terms of colors. Hope you Guys like it, let me know what you think! Hi-res images in the zip file. YF-21.zip
  14. I thought that's what simulators where for. I mean, Alto trained on a simulator and then jump right into a vf-25 (top tech at that time), no vf-1 for him, and Hayate at least used that crane robot, so he has that advantage at least. I just find it odd that they used a 60 year old model for trining.
  15. In my opinion, Bandai had something to do with Hayate and Mirage training with a vf-1, it makes no sense otherwise (they should be using yf-30/31 or vf-31a or at least a 171, why would they train with an over 60 year old model, even if it is upgraded). In my opinion it was just to give Bandai an excuse to make a dx vf-1 toy. Do they give an explanation on the show? I don't remember.
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