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  1. In my fantasy re-edit of M2 to shoehorn it into the current continuity, M2 takes place in a system remarkably similar to our solar system, but is surrounded by dense fold faults. The only ships capable of traversing the faults are old school Zentradi cap ships with the original fold quartz still in their engines. Unfortunately, they are in very short supply there. Retrofitted ships and Earth built ships use fold carbon. This "downgrade" made it possible to make fold jumps in the shipping lanes, but as was discovered in the later part of the 2050's not so much through fold faults. Thus the "lost colony" was cut off from the galaxy network and had to rely on existing tech and their own ingenuity to defend themselves from rogue Zentradi fleets who were able to travers the briar patch surrounding their system. Then the Mardook arrived and all hell broke loose. In my fantasy edit, the Mardook are SA microns who woke from their PD mind control and chose to use mind control on their Zentradi soldiers to keep them from turning on their commanders. Over time the arrogance of the PC commanders turned into a cult that believed their culture was superior to all others and went on to conquer the systems they encountered. Their tech is superior to the Zentradi and the humans because they have direct access PC technology and knowledge. Allusions to a potential link between the two continuities came in Delta, when Mikumo transformed into the Star Singer and her body had curiously familiar markings, similar to Ishtar and the other emulators in Mac2.
  2. Most MacGuffins don't really need to be explained once they are revealed to be irrelevant to the story...
  3. Frontier addressed this very thing. The high school setting for the series had a flight training school as part of the curriculum. A trade school of sorts for pilots. Imagine graduating from high school with your pilot's wings and then going on to train in the military.
  4. Damn, now I have to break out those DVD's and try this! Very cool, thanks for sharing.
  5. A lot will depend on how they do it. If they spend the money on quality dubs they could end up on streaming services like Netflix. My plan would be to do quality dubs, translate the songs and re-record them just for the series. But that is me.... There are several tunes that are pretty timeless (thank you Ms. Kano )
  6. Animego's release was the best outside of Japan. The audio was sourced from BW and they went to a lot of effort to remaster it from the limited source material they had. The HG dub was an awful mess and in many ways an insult to Macross fans. Getting Mari to reprise her role in the dub really didn't work as well as they thought. Her accent is still pretty strong which became a bit distracting. As it was, I saw the first disc and that was more than enough to send me running back to my Japanese subtitled version.
  7. Fingers and toes crossed brother! I've been wanting that ever since I saw what they could do in CGI with Mac 0.
  8. May'n turned out to be a fitting successor to Mari Ijima in the Macross Idol lore. Junna is a very close second, IMHO.
  9. I realize these are all "canon" (if such a thing can be applied to Macross), but what about the SWX fighters?
  10. They also hold licenses on several live action imports that they distribute. Before acquiring the rights for SDFM from Tatsunoko, they were/are an import distributor of licensed foreign works. How many of the original licensing agreements they still have is an open question.
  11. True, it was very tricky to try to add the series into the main continuity before MF introduced fold faults and how fold quartz is able to cut through them. Though I would think 10-15 minutes would do it, as a prologue would have to be added and the reaction of the M2 NUNS to seeing the federal NUNS task force arriving in their system.
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