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  1. here is what I am using as the greater overall references for the yf-29: & yf-30...:
  2. Done with the AZ-130 Panzerzorene... back to the drawing board for the FZ-109A (and F) Elgerzorene...
  3. I have not yet done up a YF-29 or the YF-30.... but those are eventually coming down the pipe... hope the views help!
  4. and from the help comes the VF-14B Vampire!
  5. Rough Scale sizes (please note most of these are rough and I have not worked on them yet....)
  6. Currently I am working on refining the VF-14 (M7 version), making out the FZ-109 A/F, the AZ-130, FBz-99 and the VF-19 Variants... (A is almost done, as well as the E's wings... my guess is I'll do most of the Main fighters, re-do the Macross 7 (with City 7 possibly)...
  7. No currently I have no plans for those.
  8. So here are some updates.... We've been working on the VF-14, VF-17 and VF-171.
  9. SO I've been slowly working on many things with my Buddy Byron... and made some progress on the VF-5000G Star Mirage... it still has some work to be done (the bottom is still light on details... but I was looking at her next to the VF-9 Cutlass... and I realized I need to thin out the Cutlass' wings!!! Either way, enjoy the pics for now!
  10. I am interested in trying to get my hands on the VF-14 vampire transformable resin model that is well out of print as well as I heard there was a good VF-17 (fighter) kit out there... I am also very interested in the Moscato / Neptune Models ES-11B Cat's eye kit out there! thanks!
  11. Gidiot

    V-BR-2 ...

    ok... calling her done: I decided she was to be bigger than the VF-4. I think she's at least a 2 seater [one facing forward and one facing back ward]. Top: Bottom: Front: Back: and Side:
  12. Gidiot

    V-BR-2 ...

    Ok... so I modified that lateral thruster back to just being a vent.... and shortened up the wings so they weren't too wide! (I've included a top view of the "too wide" as well as the reduced size comparing it to the VBR-2's closest relative the VF-4:
  13. Gidiot

    V-BR-2 ...

    well here it is with thrusters... I think I'm going to change to a vent on the exterior side... but wanted to get people's opinions... so:
  14. Gidiot

    V-BR-2 ...

    I was asked to try my modeling skill at making the VBR-2... I've started it. I know some parts are still needing work, but I think she's a good start! if you see anything or have suggestions... like what should go between the two Engines? small directional thrusters? or left flat and blank?
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